Mom-con – Ch. 31

Chapter 31

I had another hot and heavy dream about mom that I had to wash my underwear for. I just don’t get why I keep thinking of her that way in my dreams. It’s a good thing I was a man of culture and could understand that dreams and fiction do not make for reality. It’s just if mom wasn’t mom, but some older woman who fell in love with me… oh that’d be perfect. I mean… wouldn’t it be?

I guess that’s why there is an audience for that kind of mother and son stuff people find online all the time, because your mom is going to love you. If your mom is also hot, and she can’t get enough of you it’s even better isn’t it?

No way. I read Oedipus Rex… I could never do that. Something bad always happens when such relationships are practiced. Even more so in this world where there are crazily powered cultivators who can treat mortals like ants. I still hope I can find out the solution to the curse though, I still want to get married and experience intimacy with someone. When I first switched places with that other guy it was mainly because he had a beautiful fiance… if I had known all this would happen I probably would have taken my chances in my previous life.

Mom had been acting strange when it regards that though, but I really wanted to ignore it. I’m not even sure what to think about her giving me a bath, telling me she would have my children or what she did when I made a joke about almost taking off my pants. I know I can’t ignore it, but I really want to because Mom is literally all I have in this world.

The door opens and Elder Liu comes in. Her eyes went to a corner of the room and I could tell there was movement, but I didn’t know what.

“Dong Chen, how are you this morning?” she asked.

“I’m… fine…”

It felt strange, but I felt I lost something after that movement. It’s not like I could tell what a cultivator would do, anyway.

“That’s good to hear, now I have brought you breakfast.”

Elder Liu directed some servants to put food on the table. It was more than the usual and the smell more fragrant.

“We hired some mortal cooks who specialized in food tastes,” Elder Liu said. “I hope the food makes you happier.”

“Oh, thank you…” I wasn’t sure why, but it just felt odd.

“I have a question for you, Dong Chen,” Elder Liu’s voice became serious. “What do you think of your mother? What I mean by that is whether you have other feelings for her besides that of a mother.”

Feelings for her besides that of a mother? I’m not sure what she’s getting at? I mean I would question it myself considering I have been having those strange dreams, however that might be because I wasn’t originally Dong Chen and my original mother was someone very different from Risless. My original mother wasn’t a blonde-haired cultivator with extreme powers and beauty.

“Is it important that I answer this truthfully?”

“Yes,” Elder Liu said.

“I’ve been having some dreams about my mom that could be beyond what a normal son should have,” I told her. “Other than that no. No matter how beautiful she is, she’s my mother and I can’t do anything like that. I’ll just have to go on the rest of my life knowing she’s my mom.”

“I see,” Elder Liu said. “You are a young man with good self-control.”

“Thanks…” I guess…

I continued eating for a few more bites as Elder Liu sat there. She was quiet and didn’t seem to know what to say. Something was bothering her, but she wouldn’t let her face show emotion, so I could only tell through a slight feeling that reverberated in the room.

“Is something bothering you Elder Liu?”

“No!” Suddenly her eyes rose to meet mine. “No… nothing! I was just thinking about the curse and it’s solution and how difficult it was. I’m hoping you can get your mother to open up to you about it soon, as I’ve exhausted every avenue of trying to get her to just tell you.”

“I see.” I was a bit startled at this. “I’m glad you’re trying and thank you Elder Liu.”

Elder Liu gave a slight bow which was incredible when considering the fact I’m a mortal while she’s a top level cultivator. She stood up and left the room as I continued eating breakfast. I was going to browse through the books once again after eating.

“I don’t think a cultivator should bow to a mortal,” I tell her. “There might be misunderstandings.”

“Not to worry,” Elder Liu said. “I simply felt like my efforts were bearing fruit. I shall take my leave for now.”

“Thank you,” I said.

It was back to the books for now. There isn’t much else to do anyway. Mom will come and pick me up later as usual.

Risless had finished giving lessons to her disciples as Elder Liu showed up with her morning report.

“I’ve removed the flower as you requested,” Elder Liu said. “He had those dreams about you, but he has self-control and does not think of them as anything more than dreams.”

Risless looked disappointed when she heard that, and Elder Liu noted that reaction. Risless wanted to be with Dong Chen, but found it difficult to say it out loud, and Elder Liu understood that about her. She had known Risless since she took her first steps and looked after her. There was very little about Risless that Elder Liu did not know.

“He had those dreams of me and thought nothing of it?” Risless questioned.

“He stated he cannot do anything with you because you are his mother, not that he found you repulsive,” Elder Liu said. “If you suggested to him that such a thing was possible, he might change his mind.”

“How could I suggest…” Risless felt her face blush. “I can’t…”

“Just try,” Elder Liu said. “You’re the Sect Leader. You’re the most beautiful woman in your generation. Your son is trying to have a relationship with you. Push yourself and defy the heavens. It’s not a bad thing if we can figure out what would happen if you followed the theory of the progenitor. At least future generations will know what happened. Do not let anyone know about this, however, as the other Sects will use it at as a reason to attack us.”

“I… I know if something like this were to come up… yes… we can’t tell others… but… he’s my son…”

Risless was hesitant to say anymore. She mulled about, unable to determine what she should do next.

“You should talk to him, he’s level headed and someone who can accept things if they are facts,” Elder Liu said. “Tell him about the solution.”

Risless stared out into the distance as she mulled it over. There were many issues with it, but if she had asked herself whether she wanted to go beyond the normal mother and son relationship, the truth was she did. There was a powerful urge to be with him, and there was a powerful urge to possess him only for herself.

That powerful urge had caused her to make mistakes in the past where she tried to control his actions. She had killed a disciple who approached him before making everyone in the Sect wary of going near him. Then she also forced him to stay in a room.

“I will talk to him,” Risless said. “I have to talk to him because he is my son, but I don’t understand why I have feelings for him I shouldn’t.”

“It’s part of the Fate’s cultivation technique,” Elder Liu said. “You’ll have those emotions towards him as your Yin energy wants the Yang that you stored in him to grow. Since he didn’t consummate it in a marriage before the death of his father, that energy remains and becomes even more alluring.”

“Elder Liu, if I am going to do something like that I do not want to be wrong,” Risless now said. “If I am wrong and I do something like that with my son there might be consequences in our relationship that can never be taken back, especially if the curse is gone. I have felt some fluctuations underground by the Progenitor. I feel as though they might calculate everything that has happened so far.”

“Calculating?” Elder Liu was shocked by this.

“They call me.” Risless took a breath. “They’re calling me to speak with them. While I have been hesitant to tell Dong Chen about the solution, I have also been hoping that there might be other calculations involved. My emotions fluctuate wildly to where I have lost control of myself several times, and I’m not sure who I will be tomorrow.”

“Then let’s go see them,” Elder Liu said. “If such a solution is avoidable, then we must know of the possibilities.”


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