Mom-con – Ch. 37

Chapter 37

“It can be hidden,” Elder Liu said. “Cultivators can hide pregnancy and can even delay development of the unborn child.”

Elder Liu had finally spoken after a long silence, but there were other things had to ask because I wanted to be sure. This world wasn’t the same as Earth. Inbred children often had defects and other problems. Almost everyone sings about Alabama whenever something like this is brought up.

“What I want to know more about is if there will be defects with the children, like would they have deformities or be cursed?” Inbreeding in the modern world can produce disabled children. “If something like that were to occur, I could not forgive myself.”

I can’t even believe the fact I’m considering having a child with my mother. I didn’t know my instinct to reproduce was that high.

“Cultivators of her level can ensure the child will not only be healthy but also strong,” Elder Liu said. “They might not ensure that the child will have a talent for cultivation, but female cultivators have never given birth to an unhealthy or deformed baby. There is no history ever recorded with that.”

Sounds legit to me. The thought of just accepting this seemed to take a weight off my chest. I felt mom was teasing me, but I guess she was really willing to do that. Perhaps it was just the curse that made her bizarre, since if I died she would drop into madness.

When I considered the fact that my lifespan was still that of a mortal while Mom would normally live for thousands of years… I realized mom couldn’t really live on without a solution. Yet the question was whether I loved my mom..

Even if she treated me wrong, I would still love her because she is my mom. Loving her as more than just mom however was something I couldn’t quite wrap my head around just yet.

“Elder Liu, I want you to tell me the truth. If I have a child with my mom, is that the forbidden solution that you’re both not willing to say to me?”

It’s probably something like this. What else could mom be so embarrassed to talk to me about? The clues are all there, and the intuition I have leads to that conclusion. What else could mom be more embarrassed about after constantly hinting towards that direction?

“Yes,” Elder Liu said without resisting.

“Then that’s a good solution and I’m more than willing to do it.”

Elder Liu took two looks at me. She tilted her head in slight confusion, then looked at me again. A few moments later she looked around the room as though she didn’t know what to say or how to react.

“You are that willing?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Isn’t my mother the most beautiful woman in her generation?’

I think it’s weird, but if I want to stop being a virgin; I guess I’m willing to do it with my own mom to make it happen. If that’s the solution and afterwards I can touch other women then there are many sect disciples that might become my bride afterward.

“It goes deeper than that,” Elder Liu said. “It isn’t enough to have a child with her. You must deeply love her as a woman. To simply be willing to have a physical relationship with your own mother, I thought such things terrified mortals.”

I am terrified.

“Why would I be terrified?”

“Your actions made the Sect Master think you abhorred such a thing. You made a joke about it to her and made her embarassed, and you avoided her whenever she seemed to want close physical contact.”

“That’s easily explainable,” I said. “I wasn’t sure that was the extent of her intent. How can a son make a move on his mother that way? I came out of her womb and she is my parent. If she wants me to re-enter her womb that is one thing, but if I can’t go back unless invited. The womb is no longer my home after all.”

I really can’t believe I’m saying things like this… the womb is no longer my home, but I’ll go back if invited…

“Would you love your mom enough to spend the rest of your life with her as your woman?” Elder Liu asked. “You can still marry other women and have concubines, but once you’re with someone like your mother, you may not want to be with anyone else. Every man who has slept or conceived with a previous Sect master never went with another woman.”

“If she can bewitch me that way, then I don’t mind… but if I’m free to find others as well, even better. Mom shouldn’t be jealous once we complete the solution, right?”

“I can’t say for sure,” Elder Liu said. “In the long history of the Blossoming Flowers Sect you are the first case in which you could not complete the ritual to do away with the Sect Master’s mental instability. The instability will disappear, but whether she is jealous is something that even I won’t know.”

“I see… I guess that would make sense. I’m still willing to do it.”

Yeah… that’s right. I’m willing to do it with my mom. She isn’t even that much older than me, and the cultivation makes her look young. I’ll probably become an old man and if we walk around and they’d think I was her parent instead. Yeah, that would indeed be funny.

Still… can’t believe I’m willing to do this after reading Oedipus Rex. I won’t be gorging out my eyes though.

“If only the Sect Master could have been direct with you sooner,” Elder Liu said. “For now, the Sect Master is in seclusion and no one can bother her. We don’t know when she will come out, just that she went in after what happened with you last night. She forced herself on you and I had thought I would need to come and plead with you to overlook it but I didn’t know you would instead tell me you would further it.”

“Like I said, I didn’t know that was an option. I thought all the advances were just bizarre behavior from the curse.”

I thought they were bizarre, but I couldn’t help but get hard whenever my mom was close. Not only that, but even though she knew it didn’t seem to bother her… but I couldn’t just come out and say it either. It must have been hard for her as well. If I had a daughter, I probably wouldn’t be able to say anything like that to her even if it solved a curse… FBI would probably pick me up and take me to jail like some guy named Chris.

I don’t even know who Chris is.

“Some of it is,” Elder Liu said. “A lot of it however comes from what her Predecessors told her within the Ancestral Chamber yesterday before she came to you.They told her that going through with the solution or even just interact with you in intimate ways because of the Yang energy in your body, there might be unexpected benefits for the both of you.”

“Unexpected benefits?”

“That broken bed, a mortal like you shouldn’t have been able to smash it like that within one night, especially without tools.”

“I did kick it into the ceiling.” Now that I think about it, that was strange last night. “Have I become a cultivator?”

“You’re at the very lowest level,” Elder Liu said. “It seems the only way you can cultivate is by exchanging your Yang with the Yin from someone with the Fate of Extreme Beauty. You can only increase it by dual cultivating.”

“Dual cultivating?”

“Whenever you exchange body fluids with another cultivator of the opposite gender that is compatible with you, you will dual cultivate. Most cultivators remain single until they find a suitable partner… many never marry because of that while some will bed many others but never find one.”

Sounds like a wild life to me. That means though… mom is compatible with me?

It’s like this world wants to force that kind of relationship between my mother and I and there is no way to escape that fate. First the curse, now the compatibility… Dong Chen… maybe he just wanted to escape the fate of doing it with his mother.

“There are just so many weird rules,” I had to say.

“That’s the world of cultivation, and only those born with the Fate for it can take part.” Elder Liu stood up to leave. “For now, it is better for you to stay inside this room. The Sect Master is in Seclusion and no one knows when she will come out. It wouldn’t do to have someone touch you accidentally and have the curse become a problem once more. Will you at least agree to that?”

“I’ll stay in,” I said. “I just hope she comes out soon so we can talk about this. Not that I don’t love her, but to be honest, I also need time to process all this. Having your own mother as a lover isn’t something I can easily do, even if I’m able to talk about it like this causally. There will be difficulty to it at the beginning, such as whether I can hold her like a woman, but I’m more than willing to try.”

Elder Liu said nothing else. With a calm face, she left and locked the door.


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