Mom-con – Ch. 27

Chapter 27

That evening Risless came and opened the door. She had come to see me, and I’m assuming it’s because of the conversation between her and Elder Liu. Mom came in with a calm face, though I could tell she was nervous as she carried a tray with tea on it.

“Hi mom,” I said.

“Good evening, son,” she said as she sat across from me. “I brought some tea to drink while we chat.”

With her hand, she heated the tea and brewed it. The abilities of cultivators are amazing after all. There is no way things are that convenient, even with technology. I do however miss the internet.

“Mom, can I ask you?”

“As long as it’s something mommy isn’t afraid of answering, I will answer it.”

At least she is not using the word ‘mommy’ for every ‘I’ anymore. That’s a start, so maybe she can take me seriously.

“I just want to know what it was like for you to grow up,” I said. “Who are my grandparents on your side? Father grew up an orphan before he met you as a poor man and had his fate changed, but I know nothing about you at all.”

Genuinely, I was curious on how this person named Risless grew up. I was curious about all the cultivators and their mindset. Reading about them in novels differs from hearing how they think in person. Authors write novels about cultivation, but no one in my homeworld is actually a cultivator.

“My Father, your grandfather was the son of the previous Sect Master,” Risless said. “He ended up marrying with a disciple from our sect to consummate the marriage, but while he died early, your grandmother lived for centuries after before finally letting me develop in her womb and giving birth.”

“Delaying birth is possible like that?” I learned something new every day. “So grandfather is long gone but is grandmother around then?”

“No, your grandmother isn’t around,” Risless said. “My mother died when I was four years old. When it was found that I had the Fate of Extreme Beauty and your Great Grandmother went into hibernation, enemies of the Blossoming Flowers Sect kidnapped my mother and demanded that I be handed over so they can study my Fate. Elder Liu wouldn’t let them, and so my mother was killed.”

“Wait! There are two things I want to know about from what you just said. First there is hibernation and second, why did you just let your mother die like that?”

“Grandma wasn’t a strong cultivator, and so she was always weak. The Sect Master arranged for him to be married to her because she wanted her to have a place in the Sect. See, she was the Sect Master’s sister, but since Cultivators live far longer than mortals even when he was centuries older than your grandfather, they looked like an ordinary married couple when together. Mother kept me in the womb for so long, because my grandmother asked her not to give birth until she was going into hibernation as she felt it too strange to have her grandchild from someone older than her.”

What? Wait? So Grandma was older than Great Grandma? What the heck?

“There are a lot of strange things in the world of cultivation that mortals are not used too,” Mom said. “I didn’t want you to be so confused when you just started getting to know me. Great Grandma and the other five are all still alive deep underground in the sect, but visiting their shrine is not permitted except under extraordinary circumstances.”

“It’s like that, huh?” I could only gasp.

Mom suddenly came forward and hugged me. Her body was more relaxed.

“I’m glad,” mom said. “I’m glad we can talk like this, son. After everything I did and all the mistakes I made since bringing you here, I’m happy you can talk to me like this. Can you forgive me?”

“I already have,” I tell her and hug back. “I already have, but please don’t do that to me again. You’re supposed to be my mom and I’m sure there are expectations you have for me and things you want, but I’m also my own person and I’ve already grown up. If I were still a child, then teaching me your values would work as a child does not think for themselves. Even if I’m not a cultivator, I still have a mind.”

“Thank you son,” she said.

I felt her arms around me and I felt her large chest which gave me a reaction… I’m not supposed to have a reaction like this for my mom but I didn’t think pushing myself out of her embrace right now was appropriate so I just let it continue.

“You know son, if you keep getting hard whenever mommy touches you then mommy might get the wrong idea.”

I immediately push out and turn away from her. “I’m sorry!”

Mom giggled.

“It’s fine, son, you’re not the only man who lusts after me.” Her voice was playful. “I will always be your mother no matter what happens and whenever you have problems, you can come to me.”

That brings to mind something else I remembered her saying when she was emotional. I guess I should tease her a bit since she’s teasing me.

“Mom, do you remember what you told me when we were in the Red Wood Sect?” I now asked.

“What I told you?” Mom was trying to recall. “I told you many things, and I was desperate to get you to cooperate. I don’t remember everything I told you.”

“You don’t remember what you said? You said you’d do everything for me, mom.”

“I said that, and I would do anything for you,” Mom said. “If you want me to step down from being a Sect Master and leave with you, I will. The curse compromises my position and it would be better for the Sect not to take care of me. If you want revenge on everyone involved with that bloody night of your wedding them I will kill them all. Tracking them is not a problem, as I’m sure even though the reports show the Shi family acted on their own they wouldn’t do so without some other backing. I will dig deeper and find them if that is your wish.”

Wow… mom… you’re really going all out.

“It was none of those things mom, it was something else.”

“Something else, son? Please tell me. If it’s something I can do, I’ll do it.”

This is going to be a fun little thing to tease her with. Desperation makes people say things they rarely mean. Besides, joking around with someone often means you can get closer to them.

I turned to her slowly.

“Mom, remember when you said you’d give me children? Well, since you’re the only one I can touch, I really want children. It made me happy when you told me that. I want to have children ore than anything else in the world.”

Mom’s eyes were wide open. Her smile became strange.

“Son… really? You really mean that?”

Wait… what? No… wait? She’s supposed to be flustered and blushing.

“Son… if you want children with mommy… I would be happy! I have always wanted another child. A child with you son… a child with you would be a dream come true for me. I wanted to have a child with someone I loved but it was impossible to fall in love with just any mortal so I settled with your father. You son though, I love you so much. I would love to have a child with you. I’ll lock the door, no one will see what we do tonight. Come, son… enter mommy…”

In an instant she closed the distance between us and I was in her arms, wrapped up and unable to escape. I felt the organ in between my legs stand up straight with mom’s touch.



This is wrong!

Why is my mom so open to this?

“Stop mom! Stop!” I suddenly yelled. “Stop, this is too sudden! Stop!”

“What’s wrong, son? Didn’t you want this with mommy? Because you see, mommy really wants this too!”

I felt her hands undoing my pants.

“A child with my son… a child with my son… I will have a child with my son…”

It was a joke, but this is going too far.

“Stop mom! I mean it! I was joking! I was joking!”

“You were joking?” Mom immediately stopped and walked a few steps back.

I was as hard as a diamond. Mom’s body even under those clothes left a lethal impression on me. I already couldn’t be a husband to anyone, but now I was more certain that my body really wants a mom.

“I’m sorry…” she said. “I was joking too. I didn’t mean everything I said. It’s just if you want to joke like that, I can joke that way too.”

Mom had a creepy smile. This woman is definitely dangerous. I guess I can’t one up her that way.

“Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to tease you that way. I just felt that being able to joke with you would bring us closer.”

Mom came forward and hugged me.

“It’s fine son, I understand.” She let go. “I’m going to leave you for tonight son, if you want to leave the room with me tomorrow let Elder Liu know when she brings breakfast. I would like if you were to go around the Sect with me. I like your company.”

“I will let her know if I’m up for it, thanks mom.”

I get into bed and close my eyes, but I can’t sleep. Mom is definitely dangerous, yet she loves me. Was she really joking? It’s better if I act as though she was just joking…


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