Mom-con – Ch. 85

Chapter 85

I waited in my room and went to bed. The two bodyguards were outside the door and would let Josephine inside. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I heard her coming from the outside and the mature woman entered my room. She had on a cloak which she removed, revealing a very thin nightgown that was practically see through.

Um… okay… she’s definitely coming onto me…

“Madam Josephine,” I said. “Is this how you slept with your sons in the past?”

Josephine smiled as she walked up to me. She pushed me on the bed and the stared into my eyes. Then she hugged me.

“I did when they were babies and wanted to suckle,” she said. “As your mother figure, you need to suckle from me as well, right?”

“Yes,” I said.

She bared her breast, and I suckled. Sweet milk came out, warming my mouth as my tongue tickled her.

“You… You… you naughty boy!” Josephine said. “You really are taking advantage of me, aren’t you?”

I immediately stop and draw back.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I said. “I was just doing what I thought I should do!”

“A child doesn’t use his tongue like that,” Josephine said. “Children just suck, they don’t think about stimulating while they suckle.”

“I’m innocent,” I said. “I deeply apologize for this humiliation.”

I stood up and bowed down to her.

Was this a trap set by her trying to get me to make the move first? Politically if I put the move on her first, then negotiations would be more difficult for the Blossoming Flowers. From her current actions, it’s quite obvious that she wants me. She’s trying to trap me with some situation where I make the first move and thus must take responsibility. If she finds out that I’m a universal dual cultivator that would play to the advantage of her clan, wouldn’t it?

So the best move now was to leave.

“Not that you need to apologize,” Josephine said. “I just require that you take responsibility if you take liberties on me beyond the motherly love I wish to give you.”

Oh, nice way to put it.

“I apologize, Josephine, but I never had an intention of anything beyond simply accepting the comfort you will give me in place of my mother. For offending you in a way I did not know I will take my leave and return to my Sect.”

I bowed once more and left towards the door.

Seeing that Dong Chen didn’t take the bait she laid carefully for him where the hint was obvious and strong, Josephine panicked on the inside. Dong Chen walked toward the door and didn’t spare another glance at her. This should be unheard of.

He doesn’t see me as a woman? He really doesn’t see me as a woman?

No, he can’t leave! He mustn’t leave! Dong Chen has that allure! There is something with him! I need him with me. I can’t let him go! I can’t let him go!

Josephine immediately appeared in front of the door where Dong Chen was about to exit. Dong Chen’s hand reached out and cupped her breasts as he was going to push it open. On her breast, his hand appeared small and child like due them being very large. Milk squirted out.

“I’m sorry!” Dong Chen said. “I didn’t know you would appear right in front of me like that. I had only intended to leave quietly and no longer bother you. Please let me go!”

Dong Chen was pleading.

Is he acting? He doesn’t look like he’s acting. He’s too young to be an actor that can fool me… or is he?

“Please Matriarch Josephine,” Dong Chen said. “Let me pass and return home before any more misunderstandings happen. I have troubled you too much.”

No, forget it. If he is acting, there is no way to get what I want without forcing it. I want him.

Both of Josephine’s arms grabbed Dong Chen’s shoulders, and she lifted him and carried him to the bed. Dong Chen seemed calm as his heartbeat didn’t really go higher, which allowed Josephine to understand that Dong Chen really was acting. For a young mortal he was remarkable… or was there something hidden about it?

“Let’s not play anymore games,” Josephine said. “I know you’re acting. I sense you can help me get a successor and there is a strange attraction that I have to you, so I suspect you’re compatible with me for dual cultivation.”

“Compatible?” Dong Chen asked.

“Drop the act,” Josephine said. “I’ll request you to have it done with me. If you want a spiritual contract, I’ll sign one as well, but help me make a child that can be my successor.”

Dong chen took a breath.

“Okay, let’s make a contract.”

After the contract was signed, Josephine took me in her arms and rode me. It didn’t take long before I seeded the fertile womb of hers, and I could tell she had conceived a daughter. The experience was surreal.

This was a woman who had dangerous curves from the wide hips and a thick chest. She was the very definition of a mother I’d like to f*** and every part of her from her curly black hair and light brown skin screamed “f*** me hard” as she bounced up and down on top of me like there wasn’t a tomorrow. The vision of those large mounds flopping up and down were burned into my memory and something I doubt I would ever forget.

“Thank you,” Josephine said. “You are definitely someone who is a perfect Dual Cultivator for me. Not only do I sense that the child I will have will be a cultivator, but I feel as though I’m on the verge of breaking through. If we can do it a few more times, I’m sure—”

“We can,” I said. “As long as it’s you that requests it, I’ll be more than willing.”

Josephine’s face then scrunched up.

“Tell me what your real purpose in coming to my Clan was,” Josephine said. “It couldn’t have been that innocent idea of wanting to have me fill the void as your mother.”

“Why did you agree to it?” I asked. “It definitely was a strange request.”

“The Blossoming Flowers are one of the Four Great Sects,” Josephine said. “When they ask for a favor we listen, and we listen because any of the Four Great Sects owing a favor can mean being saved when there is a disaster that can destroy us.”

That made sense. The powerful owing a favor to the weak could always be revealed as a trump card.

“So you saw me as an opportunity for the Blossoming Flowers to owe your clan a favor,” I asked.

“Yes, I hoped that they could take care of my children after I had passed on far into the future. I do not recruit cultivators as easily as the large Sect, and most who join me are second tier since my resources aren’t as high. However, since you have helped me with a successor, I feel I owe you a favor. Also, I am close to breaking through to the next realm.”

“If you owe me a favor, then let’s keep dual cultivating,” I said.

“You want to continue dual cultivating?” Josephine was a bit surprised. “Have you been smitten by me? I thought you wanted to leave because you weren’t comfortable.”

“I want to help you reach the Pinnacle,” I said. “I can do that with you, but I want you to be an ally of the Blossoming Flowers, and I want you to spend time with Sana as well.”

“Sana? The second Sect Master?” Josephine was confused. “I don’t understand.”

“Well… keep an open mind and spend at least one night with her,” I said. “In the future, and it doesn’t have to be right away.”

“Very well, I can do that,” Josephine said. “Since you’re agreeing to dual cultivate, let’s continue where we left off. There are so many other positions I want to show you.”

A devilish smile appeared on Josephine’s face as she pushed me down onto the bed. Her arms skillfully maneuvered themselves around me as she seemed to prepare to continue what we were doing. I believe I had accomplished my mission and I would only need to return home to report. I’ll do that only after Josephine reaches the end of what she needs.

We spent that night exploring. The body of a mature woman who was still beautiful is something many people may never understand.

As the morning came, Josephine looked at me with a smile on her face.

“I wish you could be my husband and keep me feeling this way forever,” Josephine said. “I’m sure the Blossoming Flowers knew I’d pick up on you, and so they sent you here because of that. Still, Dong Chen… you’re the most memorable man I’ve ever been with. You made me feel greater than anyone else and you’ve helped me greatly.”

“You’re welcome,” I said.

“I… I love you, Dong Chen!”


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