Mom-con – Ch. 71

Chapter 71

Xisleth was sitting there waiting for Elder Liu. She was a very young-looking girl, someone perhaps in her early teenage years despite being a full grown woman. When Elder Liu saw her, she smiled.

“It’s been a long time Sect Master,” Elder Liu said while bowing. “I am glad I got to see you in person again before I died.”

“It has indeed been many years since I started hibernation,” Xisleth smiled. “Is Dong Chen now ready to see me?”

“He is,” Elder Liu said. “Come with me.”

They walked along the long corridors while catching up. There were many things the two friends could reminisce about, but overall they just didn’t know what else to do besides talk to each other about the past and what Xisleth had missed.

“You’ve grown so old over this time,” Xisleth said. “I don’t feel great seeing you this way.”

“It’s fine, and I don’t mind,” Elder Liu said. “When I was a little girl, you gave me so much, and it was my pleasure to help raise your grand daughter. Now, I can see your great grandson and he is a very interesting boy.”

“He is, isn’t he?” Xisleth said. “Willing to be defiant as long as he has cards yet still not fully overstepping his bounds. From the descriptions I had from HouXiang peaking in and watching with her spiritual form, it’s as if he naturally knows what he can get away with and what he can’t.”

“That is one way of describing him.”

“I can’t wait to meet him.” Xisleth had a devious smile. “I really can’t wait!”

She jumped up and down excitedly, mask and all.

I waited in the room until Elder Liu returned with a girl with a mask on. She was only up to my abdomen despite being considered a full adult.

“Great grandmother?”

“No, don’t call me that,” Xisleth said. “Call me Xi!”

Xi? No, wait? Wasn’t there a type of ethics in this world? Propriety? My great grandmother is a freakin’ loli!

I swallow a large gulp of saliva as I think about what I’m seeing in front of me. Loli great grandmother with her big smile.

“Well, I’ll be going,” Elder Liu said. “I’m sure there are many things you wish to speak with Dong Chen, your great grandson about.”

Elder Liu winked and walked out.

Elder Liu… winked.

Wait… what?

This is out of character for her.

Xisleth giggled as she climbed into my lap and gave me close eye contact. She had beautiful blue eyes just like mom. Should I just call her Xi?

“I don’t know why you didn’t inherit our blond hair and blue eyes… but brown eyes and black hair is fine too,” Xisleth said. “Now I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

Her small hands undo my pants and pull it down, revealing the one eyed snake. The same small hands go up and down the snake to make it rise.

“Little Dong,” she said.

Okay! That sounded wrong! I know my surname here is… Dong.. but calling me Little Dong while holding my do… forget it. I don’t even have the energy to be surprised right now. This is my great grandmother here.

“Umm… Grandma… Um…”

“Call me Xi,” she said teasingly. “I’m much younger looking than you and also much smaller after all. You should treat me like a young girl you want to ravage instead.”

“Wait… Grandma?”

“CALL ME XI!” She snapped. “I have little experience, okay! If it were not for the one time to conceive your grandpa, I would have zero experience! Since humans get too attached to the ones, they love I was told I should detach myself from your great grandpa once I conceived, but once I had your grandpa, they told me to stay away so I sent my best friend to look after him but she got pregnant by him! After that I told her not to have a child until I went into hibernation… do you know why?”

There was anguish in her eyes. Xisleth was very perturbed by this.

“I’ll tell you why! When your grandpa died… it devastated me… but that’s the life of a mortal. When your grandma died thousands of years later and had Risless after I went into hibernation, I didn’t see it, but I also didn’t get to see Risless my grand daughter grow up. I would have been happy knowing she wouldn’t die but now it’s you… you…”

Xisleth hugged me while sitting in my lap. She buried her face in my chest. Tears streamed down under her mask. This was… grandma who had gotten too attached to others.

“Why do humans have this issue while the others don’t?” I asked her.

“Humans are the most prominent race in the world,” Xisleth said. “We are prominent because we value familial bonds and relationships more than others. So you need to value me as I dual cultivate with you. Come Little Dong, let me taste your yang stick.”

I mean… I couldn’t refuse… even if she was my great grandma, she was so small. It felt like the FBI should book me, even though she is way older than the countries I lived in previously before coming to this world.

Xisleth’s little mouth opened, and I stuck it in. While I don’t consider myself very large… especially compared to those males brought home by Iora… it was a tight fit into Xi’s mouth. Her lips stretched over it and she enthusiastically went up and down to where I could feel it slipping down her throat.

Xi didn’t seem to have any problems breathing and proceeded slowly at first. She looked up at my eyes and then started going faster and faster. The pacing went quicker, and the friction made from it all pushed that feeling one get before climax further.

Within a few more seconds she was furiously sucking and going at it up and down. I don’t think a sight like this would be allowed. A video like this would send me straight to jail in my previous world. I had to remind myself she is an adult. She is older than me, a lot older than me.

She is my friggin’ great grandmother!

What kind of relationship is this?

My mind is just mush right now as Xi goes harder and harder until I can’t hold it in anymore.

Screw it, I’m going to get it all out!

Streams seem to come out, I feel it leaving my snake and going down her throat. The gulping sounds that come as she swallows it. She retracts her head and the cool air touches where my wet snake remains in full view to her.

“Little Dong,” she said. “I know I’m not as experienced as the others, but I’m glad I could get this out of you.”

“I…” I couldn’t say anything more.

What was I supposed to tell her? Oh hey grandma, that was great! I loved it grandma; I want you to swallow more grandma. Even though your eyes were pretty, I’m most attracted to your tiny and cute butt grandma… wait… what?

Calm down!

Calm the F*** Down!


“Xi, I like your butt,” I said. “It’s a cute and small butt.”

What did I say?

“Oh? My little Dong likes the butt of his great grandmother? How nice!”

She turned around and I see that tiny butt sticking in the air. It then presses into me and she rubs it up and down. Her hands land on my thighs as she holds on and motions, grinding right into me.

I don’t even know how to make sense. It feels like she’s uneven in what she wants to do.

No… calm down.

I take several deep breaths.


“Xi, can we stop for a bit and talk?”

“Talk? You said you liked my butt so I’m rubbing and servicing you,” Xi said. “Isn’t that what young men want a beautiful girl for?”

“Grandma, listen to me right now,” I said in between the grinds.

It felt good.

“I can listen to you after,” she said. “I want one more helping of the white stuff that makes me feel stronger.”

With that, Xi began rubbing me harder with her behind and it felt good. I saw her going back and forth and figured I needed to be more assertive. Gora had me grab her horns, so I grabbed Xi’s hips and began thrusting right in between the buns. The clothes prevent penetration, but it still felt heavenly.

There was a theory I remember reading that sex is mostly friction, and after friction the rest was psychological. I had to admit that psychologically, this thrusting in between the two small buns really did it for me. They were tiny, and I felt like I was violating forbidden fruit. No, I was violating forbidden fruit since these buns belonged to my great grandmother.

Several minutes went by until I felt it coming out, but before any of it wasted Xi turned around and instantly had her small mouth enveloping the head of the snake swallowing that second load.

I was tired and panting after that.

“Can we talk now?” I ask.


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