Mom-con – Ch. 36

Chapter 36

I can’t believe my mom did that… I can’t believe I didn’t see the hints. Mom definitely has a son complex. She has lustful and sexual feelings for me… she tried to act it out last night. What makes this worse is that I had just been studying Oedipus Rex before coming to this world. The play by Sophocles about a man who was cursed to kill his father and marry his mother and did everything he could to prevent it from happening.

Well, not everything.

If he chose never to get married, then he would never had married his mother, but somehow he didn’t care and thought he beat fate. The mystery behind it tells me that one can’t beat fate. Still, how old was Jacosta when she had Oedipus? She had Oedipus’ children, so she must have been thirteen or fourteen… how old were the Greeks when they married off their daughters for the first time?

What makes this worse was that I am naturally also someone who has an attraction to degeneracy. When I read Oedipus Rex, I naturally wanted to know if there was any other literature about a son going after his mother, so I went online to look things up.

Eventually I found a novel about some guy who was named after a city Odysseus and Achilles fought against. It was a strange novel about him having two moms. One elf, one human and the way they became his moms was strange.

Those moms, however, went after him… like really went after him…

The Elf was first, then the human mother. He constantly resisted at first, but eventually he had to give in… mostly because he realized it was the only way to make his mom’s happy.

I couldn’t believe I read all of it… in fact it was eventually banned in the country it originated from, but some degenerate kept it translated on his website. That degenerate was dude from Australia whose name I can’t remember right now. What was even worse was there was another degenerate who wrote a fanfiction that focused almost entirely on the human mom who was the biological mom?

The funniest things from that were the comments. There was some guy who went by Superboy8338, who seemed to love milfs and so he read it keeping track of every chapter where there was a sex scene where he would post a ‘totally saving this’ picture. There was another guy named Troll who seemed to enjoy playing games with questionable characters… then there was Kat… who never said much and was a kind of mysterious.

They’re all degenerates… I bet they would love hearing the story about how my real mom actually sucked me off… I can’t believe I read those novels. It makes me lose faith in humanity.

I can’t say this situation is the same… I only have one mom here.

Still… if I have to do it with my mom… if my mom wants to do it with me… should I really be so obstinate and keep holding out against it?

In fiction… the protagonist holding out angers the fan base and community the most… doesn’t that mean I’m the protagonist of this story if this is really a story?

Stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life, does it?

I’m having an existential crisis here… I’m not even sure if this is real. I switched places with some guy who wanted to live a life where he could explore love with other men and then now I have a mom who… does those things with me…

All night long I kept ruminating as I no longer had a bed to sleep in after kicking it up to the ceiling than watching it break apart as it hit the floor again. It was so hard to put everything together, I never thought I could ever lose my virginity yet the person I could definitely lose it too without the curse affecting me was my mom… I mean… If I wanted to lose it I could right? Mom is willing, right?

This… this whole thing is giving me a mother complex…

I just can’t stop thinking about her. Even under those robes the shape of her body doesn’t lose out to young girls, yet she has the chest of a mature woman… Her eyes are beautiful and blue in contrast to my brown… and her long blonde hair…

Is she really my mom? Our phenotypes are so different. Black hair and brown eyes might be dominant among genetics, but if I were seen with her anywhere in the modern world no one would suspect her of being my mom.

I mean… she doesn’t look at all like my previous mom… I don’t think it’s weird that I’m attracted to her but for her to be attracted to me and want to do those things with me makes me think she’s the one with complications.

The sunlight came in through the translucent ceiling and I hear a knock at the door. It was Elder Liu, and she had my breakfast as usual.

“Dong Chen,” she whispered. “We need to talk and I need to explain some things to you.”

“My mom wants me to do inappropriate things with her, doesn’t she?”

Elder Liu placed the breakfast on the table as I sat down to eat. Elder Liu looked at the destroyed bed, my reddened eyes and my somewhat difficult breathing.

“I’ll change your bed while you eat,” she said.

In the blink of an eye the broken bed was removed and a new one took its place, clean with beautiful sheets. I read in one book that cultivators can use interspatial rings that can store many items within. I can see Elder Liu has such a ring on her hand.

“You didn’t answer my question.” I spoke in between bites of food. “I asked if my mom lusts after me and you’re here now to talk to me about it.”

“Yes,” Elder Liu said. “What happened last night can be blamed on the instability of the curse and the Yin energy from the moon that clouded her senses and judgement.”

“So you’re telling me the reason she did that was only because she had clouded judgment?”


Elder Liu looked like a stone wall. There was more to it, I can sense it. I don’t give a damn if you’re a cultivator that’s lived thousands of years. I’m a degenerate too, maybe not the same as those people who love degeneracy, but we claim degeneracy don’t care for bull ****!

“You’re lying and we’ve been over this before. Don’t lie to me. Something else is up and it’s not just the moon clouding her judgement. Are you going to make me point out other bizarre instances that happened in the sunlight?”

Elder Liu sighed upon hearing that.

“I wish you could just show us some face,” Elder Liu said with a smile. “It’s obvious we cannot keep any pretense with you.”

“So tell me… if I wanted to do it with my mom… If I really wanted to have children with her, would she be willing too? Also, can she hide it? Can we actually hide it?”

I’m not even sure if it’s love or lust… I guess the shock has subsided, but in a way I’ve always been turned on by my mom in this world. I can’t deny the fact that my body reacts no matter how wrong it might be. It’s just with all the pretense of a mother and son relationship, I could never figure it out beyond that.

I don’t care anymore.

Mom is hot.

Therefore, I want to pound mom!

There, I said it! At least I can admit it to myself!

Isn’t it what we say in the world? Don’t we always say to be true to our own feelings? The modern world would tell us to be true to our feelings, but if I have an Oedipus Complex, they would shun me for being true to myself.

Elder Liu tilted her head as though she was having a troublesome time processing everything. It was as though she wanted to ask me if I’m indeed acknowledging that I have a mother complex. I don’t care… I’m cursed anyway, right? I’m backed into a corner of what I might want in life.

Honestly… if I lose my mother… I’ve lost everything a second time and in this second life. If mom wants that from me then I should at least do my best to make her happy… even if 99.9% of the world finds this love disgusting at least the 0.1% of my brothers will believe in me… Superboy8338 if you are still the degenerate you are I hope you would look favorably upon me in spirit.

I don’t even know why I care about the opinions of these random people on the internet.

Elder Liu continued to look at me in shock as those thoughts kept running through my mind.


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