Mom-con – Ch. 23

Chapter 23

“Have you cleared the hallway and told all the guards to stay away from Dong Chen’s room?” Risless asked Elder Liu.

“Yes, and I’ve prepared to do as we did the last month. The key will be out of his reach until the morning time when he can once again open the door. No one will be in the way of the evil spirit.”

“Thank you, Elder Liu.”

Risless watched as they once again prepared for the full moon, where the evil spirit from the curse would once again attack Dong Chen. It was a spirit that they could not get rid of by normal means, and Elder Liu had told Risless not to challenge it. The evil spirit was something the Progenitor told them about. The progenitor was a dragon woman who understood the Fate of Extreme Beauty and founded the sect.

“After this full moon you should gradually reintroduce yourself back to Dong Chen and make no mention of what happened before.”

“Yes, Elder Liu,” Risless said. “Thank you, Elder Liu.”

Food was once again brought to Dong Chen by Elder Liu that evening, and she once again placed the key on the ceiling. Dong Chen didn’t fight, he ate his meal then went to bed. She once again assured him the evil spirit could not get through the door since the room an artifact of deep origins surrounded it.

Dong Chen then went to bed saying he will wait for morning as before. Elder Liu calmly left the room. Her clone put the key to the ceiling as before, and she retired to her home when night came. Within the Sect grounds, Elder Liu had a large mansion with many maid servants. There were many things she felt comfortable with.

“Elder Liu, we have prepared as dinner have all the requests you made for procuring artwork from the nearby market,” the head maid said to her.

The head maid was an outstanding disciple within the Sect that Elder Liu had taken as an apprentice.

“Thank you,” Elder Liu said. “The rest of you take the night off and do not leave this mansion until morning. No one is to go out when the Evil spirit walks for your own safety.”

The servants bowed to her, as did the head maid before retiring for the night. The full moon rose into the sky and yin energy poured downward towards all of them in the sect. Many of them cultivated in their rooms, letting the moonlight and Yin energy into their meridians.

There was a shrieking sound at night. The forlorn voice kept screaming near where Dong Chen was inside the room.

“Dong Chen! Dong Chen! Come out, Dong Chen!”

The evil spirit had returned and will always return under a full moon. There was no escaping that curse until Dong Chen or Risless died. That was the rule made if he could not complete the ritual before his father died.

I was in the room hearing the banging on the door. The only difference between this time and the last was I was more mentally prepared this time. The key was on the ceiling, so even if I wanted to open the door and let the spirit kill me, I couldn’t. I was also fine with dying. I had convinced myself that there was no reason to hope for the future unless something changes, and there was no sign of things in my life changing.

“Dong Chen!” The voice kept shrieking behind the door. “Dong Cheeeen! I waaant youuuu!”

Maybe I want you too. The key though is out of reach. Elder Liu seems to know that I wanted to end everything because I was sick of this imprisonment. It was not a nice imprisonment. Considering the circumstances, if I could have lived with my mother from birth instead, wouldn’t it have been nice to be the only male growing up in a sect where there are only beautiful women?

If I could touch them, I’d have been able to use my status as the Sect Master’s son. I mean there were elves, dragon women, succubi… so many beautiful females here that I could only imagine back home and it’s not fair. Even Jade my fiance couldn’t compare to the lowliest young cultivator I’ve seen here.

My mom had an air about her that felt superior to all the other cultivators. She’s definitely the Queen of beauty and someone this world can’t look upon.

“Dong Chen! I WAAANT yOOOUUU!”

This evil spirit is now more annoying. I guess the second time isn’t nearly as bad as the first time. I’ll just ignore it and try to sleep. I put in some sound blockers in my ear, Elder Liu gave me some earlier today so I can try to pass through the night without issue. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I opened my eyes and there was mom in front of me in her long robes and her mask on, smiling at me. She winked at me with those beautiful eyes of hers as I looked down on her.

Wait, I was looking down on her?

I see my rod in between the two large mounds of her chest, only she’s still wearing the robes that cover her from head to toe. Her hands are on each side of the mounds pressing it to apply pressure and she’s bobbing up and down against me.

Mom? No, this has to be a dream again. I’ve had so many of these dreams lately that I’ve gotten used to it. It seems every night I’m dreaming of doing something with my mom, but she always has clothes on. I guess I can’t imagine her without clothes because she covers everything up.

The first night was in the mouth under the blanket, the second night I got a butt job. It was always some part of her body rubbing up against me. Since it was a dream, I might as well enjoy it, so I thrust up and down as mom moans happily until I release all of it onto her face and mask.

“Son… I’ve always wanted this…” she said.

This dream…

I wake up, and my underwear has stickiness all over it.

I have to wash my pants. Seriously, what can I do to stop these dreams?

She’s my mom. I can’t do anything like this with my mom. Still, what if I told her I was sexually attracted to her? What if I told her I wanted to do it with her? How would she react? I mean, considering the fact I can’t touch anyone and how she once told me perhaps accidentally that maybe she would let me do everything with her I would normally do with a wife she might let me… maybe…

“Mommy loves you so much!” Dream mom said. “Mommy wants you to stay healthy and keep giving mommy more! Mommy wants lots and lots!”

These dreams are so vivid I’m not even sure about life anymore. I always thought if mom were not my mom and she still felt that way towards me… wouldn’t that kind of life be perfect? She wants to be a mom as well, so if she had children then…

What am I thinking?

This is a dream, but this dream is too much.

I woke up. It was morning. I got some water in my room and washed my undergarments. No one was going to open the door because the key was in here with me and the key had already dropped to the ground.

I didn’t touch the key. I would not touch the key. I hear banging on the door.

“Dong Chen, it’s Elder Liu.”

Elder Liu came by in the morning, as usual. Some servants usually follow her to bring breakfast. My mom was still nowhere to be seen. I know it’s kind of embarrassing to think that way about my mom, but I can’t really help it when she’s the only woman I’ve felt contact with since what happened with Jade. She’s also the only one who has touched me where only a lover should touch me.

It’s hard to get that out of my mind. I won’t do anything with my mom. It’s kind of like the person who reads a novel with incest online but never actually wants to practice it in actual life. Fantasizing about it is fun and makes for pleasant conversation if you find someone open minded to talk about it with someone.

“Dong Chen? Are you fine? There is no need to be afraid. It’s morning now, and the spirit is gone.”

Elder Liu tried to call me again. I wonder perhaps if she might think I’m still asleep.

I don’t have to answer, do I? I mean this is the next phase of my plan. The part where I force them into admitting the things they’re not willing to admit to me. She said if I died that there would be no issue with mom and she would just be a little sad.


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