Mom-con – Ch. 92

Chapter 92

“Do it, Dong Chen,” HouXiang said. “You’ve mostly slept with each of us one by one. You should try doing it with them and if you do them this favor, they will also ally with us. Also, if you know the location of Madam Etero, you can force her to do your bidding.”

“Force her to do my bidding? Isn’t that slavery?”

“It could be,” HouXiang said. “If you don’t wish to force her to do your bidding with your abilities as the Universal Dual Cultivator, then she will continue to be a thorn in the side opposing you and trying to kill you. She is jealous of any power that can threaten her and which does not belong to her.”

“Any power? Then why didn’t she attack the Blossoming Flowers Sect?” I had to question this.

“She has,” Yamato said. “The plot to kill you with the Shi clan was done by one of her underlings. It didn’t succeed, but ultimately it was to drive Risless insane so you’d never consummate with her.”

“Wait, you knew?” I was a bit shocked.

“All of us knew,” Sunder answered. “All of us knew because Madam Etero knew, but we didn’t know the minute details of where you were or what you were doing. Spies only confirmed that they holed you up in your room and Risless was going on a rampage every night. Hou Jian was one of our spies who ran into a plot by another Sect to control Risless and played along. Things happen however and she was inflicted with a poison so we left her for dead.”

“She was quite the excellent spy, even had Dong Chen here in love with her,” HouXiang said.

“Wait? You knew, and you didn’t tell me?”

“There was no need to tell you when she would be compelled to do whatever you told her anyway,” HouXiang laughed. “Your ability is quite heaven defying. You’d be a lady killer if you really wanted to be. No woman can resist you, Dong Chen.”

“Even those forbidden from being with you can’t resist you,” Sunder said. “So will you take the deal? Impregnate both our wives at the same time and we’ll give you the location of Madam Etero.”

“How do you know her location?” HouXiang asked. “I’ve tried to track her for many years when I was active and couldn’t find a clue.”

“We know her location because there is only one place she can be,” Sunder said. “She cannot leave her home for long because every moment out of it ages her greatly. While she still has millions of years left, she desires to continue living forever and staying there lengthens her time.”

“Millions of years left and is still trying to delay her aging?” I questioned. “That almost seems absurd.”

“Those who are used to living a long time only want to live longer,” HouXiang said. “The hibernation for those of us with the Fate of Extreme Beauty is what Madam Etero Envies and why she permitted our Sect to survive so she could try to glean that secret from the heavens.”

“Wait, couldn’t I also cause her to live longer just by… doing that… with her?”

“You could,” HouXiang confirmed. “It’d be an amicable relationship if you both could get along, but she fears you and wants to keep control of the continent. The fact you can order her because of her being female means that she cannot rule over you and thus hates your existence. That’s how the eternal race is as they look down on everyone else.”

I can’t help but sigh.

“I’ll take your deal,” I tell Sunder and Yamato.

“That’s great!” Sunder said. “We will call our wives and send them to your chamber tonight.”

“Dong Chen, you need to rest,” HouXiang said. “This might be the best opportunity to deal with the problem before it becomes a big one. Such things falling into your lap is quite lucky.”

I suppose it is lucky. Otherwise there would probably be a long drawn out back and forth between me and her servants where we fight, lose people, and then afterward I end up winning. I’m the protagonist, right? Why can’t it just be easy then? Let’s take the deal and end the story quickly, then I can just focus on impregnating every female cultivator in the world.

The night came, and I had rested most of the afternoon. Two women, the two wives, came to my chamber. They weren’t young, but they weren’t too old either. I would say they looked like thirty-year-old women, not quite springing in youth but not quite middle-aged.

“Um… hi…” I said.

This was my first time doing it with married women. It felt wrong for some reason, and yet here I will do it at their husband’s request.

“Please take care of us,” they both said.

“I’m Wander, the wife of Sunder, and this is Sakura,” one of them said.

Their personalities are like their husbands. Wander speaks for Sakura like how Sunder spoke for Yamato. I don’t even want to imagine how Yamato acted as a Sect master and instructed others when he hardly seemed to speak. Teachers and leaders are better when they can explain things to their students.

“We will serve you and hope you also serve us,” Sakura said.

As they spoke, mom walked into the room. She had an angry look on her face; I wondered why it was she left the realm. One could tell she was pregnant by the bulge in her belly despite the robes, but even with that and her long blonde hair, mom was still beautiful and far beyond the two of them.

“Mom?” I was surprised.

“Son, you are going to be impregnating the wives of other men,” she said. “Mommy has to be here to make sure you don’t go too far. You have a tendency to make women fall for you and mommy is here to make sure they don’t fall in love, so mommy has to watch!”

The heck?

Look… I know I had intercourse with your mom… but this… you want to be a voyeur with me and two married women?

“I’m sorry but they’d fall in love with me regardless, wouldn’t they? I mean since I’m a Universal Dual Cultivator they’ll all come to me instinctively.”

“That’s true son, perhaps mommy is wrong about that. Since Sakura and Wander are both married and cannot do this with you again because of their husbands, it is better to give them a night to remember. Let mommy orchestrate how it should go down.”

What the heck?

“Come sit on mommy’s lap!” she beckoned me.

I don’t even know what’s going on. All the wild moments I had with so many women don’t really amount to this. I was committing adultery with my mom, orchestrating everything. This life is crazy as f***! I don’t even think anything that happens anymore should surprise me.

I sat on her lap as she beckoned and kept quiet. What could I say? She’s my mom, after all… and my back pressed up a bit against her belly where our child was. My clothing instantly came off and all that was left was my rod that wasn’t awake just yet.

“Both of you, Sakura, Wander… keep your clothes on for a moment,” Mom said. “Dong Chen is strange. I have noticed that he constantly gets more aroused when he is naked and there are clothed women around ready to serve him. I have consulted with the other Sect Masters of the Blossoming Flowers and the only conclusion we came up with is that it is simply his tastes, so the best way to have him put out more of his yang energy for dual cultivation is to start by catering to it. Both of you, come here and start licking him here.”

Mom’s hands were around my shaft as it started getting harder.

“Yes ma’am,” Wander said as she crawled over.

Sakura had pink hair, and it flowed as she also crawled on all fours as I sat on the ground on mom’s lap with her hands now spreading my legs out. The two married women crawled in between my legs and stared at the dragon that was now pointing directly into the sky.

“Now, before you put it fully in your mouth, kiss each other,” Mom said. “Push your tongues into each other’s mouths. Dong Chen loves watching that.”

They began kissing each other, first they started slowly then they seemed to get more and more into the mood as their tongues danced in full view and close up. I felt my stick poking into their faces from time to time as they passionately went back and forth.

I couldn’t control myself as I leaked out the pre-c**.

“Dong Chen, you’re going to make this a memorable night for the both of them and Mommy will be right here with you making sure everything goes smoothly.”

I don’t know why, but this turns me on so much. It makes no sense, and it feels like I’ve broken every taboo in the book. For the sake of this deal, however, the fate of the continent is at stake so I can only continue on.

“Now both of you, begin by using your mouths at the same time on Dong Chen,” Mom said.

They stopped making out and turned over to my rock hard yang stick. I breathed harder. Like hungry baby animals, they both put their mouths on me and sucked hard as though the nutrients would save their lives. I felt the suction, I’ve had it before but I’d never tire of this. Since they’re both married, the psychological effect turned me on even more.

Soon I felt it coming out, ready to erupt.

“Sakura, don’t worry, my son can give off many loads. Why don’t you swallow the first?”

Sakura nodded, then took it all in her mouth as I let it out. Her pink hair fluttered as she seemed to get a rise in her cultivation. I’ve noticed this many times before when my partners had broken into new realms.

Sakura gulped it down with a hungry look on her face and made it look as she couldn’t wait to get more.

“My turn next,” Wander said.


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