Mom-con – Ch. 78

Chapter 78

Mom’s skin was flawless. No moles, no marks, nothing. Everything was flawless, as though she was meant for perfection. The mounds on her chest were large, each about the size of a grapefruit. Her butt stuck out showing it was there. Both were fair and white, as though never tanned by the sun, and the hole between her legs was an inviting pink color.

She looked like a youthful woman in her early twenties who had reached her sexual prime in every aspect.

Her breasts were… I’m just going to say pink. I feel if I think about it more there are going to be a bunch of degenerates reading what the author who seems to know my thoughts will write. Hopefully, the author is compelled to remove himself from the story so I can rip on him and the readers can laugh that what they believe to be a fictional character is making fun of the so-called person who wrote me.

No… that’s just me overthinking everything. I don’t even know how the timelines between the worlds are connected and since the original Dong Chen is dead, there is no going back.

Why do I always get sidetracked? A beautiful woman is naked right in front of me and I’m thinking about all theses useless things!

“Son… are you still there?” Mom asked. “You’ve been staring at me for a while now.”

“I’m sorry, I was thinking about something,” I said. “Let’s continue this.”

Yes, let’s continue with me losing my virginity. I know this is a relationship most would find disgusting, but in a way I’m just returning a part of me to whence I came from. People should see that as romantic rather than taboo, right?

I walk up to mom.

“I want to do something I haven’t done since I was a baby,” I said.

“Oh… son… you want to suckle?”

Yes, I do!

I nod.

Mom smiles.

“Come to mommy,” she said. “I’ll let you drink as much as you want!”

She pulled me in and cradled my head at her breasts. As I sucked milk came out, which surprised me. Mom wasn’t pregnant, was she?

“Mom, how do you have milk?”

“Cultivators have full control over their body after a certain point,” Mom said. “I can produce milk, grow in size, or shrink. I can also disguise myself, but most after a certain point could also see through it. Spiritual Qi is a mysterious thing, my dear son.”

I guess so, but I can’t help but continue drinking. It’s sweet like nectar. I would guess this isn’t how it would normally taste or babies might get diabetes.

Mom was panting as I kept going. I cupped her other breast with my left hand while my right hand goes down behind her and squeezes her bare cheek.

“Dong Chen!” Mom squealed. “Tell mommy first before you do that! Mommy was surprised, mommy wasn’t used to it!”

I know her using the word ‘mommy’ makes it seem like she’s talking to a toddler, but I can’t stop her. I guess in a way the kinkiness of it just melted into me and I don’t even mind it anymore. Those who can’t stand the use of the word ‘mommy’ will probably constantly have fits trying to hear my story one day, but this is what mom does.

“Sorry mom, but that butt is so smooth I couldn’t resist,” I said.

“Where did you learn how to use lines like that? Were you such a playboy before?”

I learned those lines from some horrible light novels I read online. Honestly, those lines are cheesy and completely cringe. I would never use them normally.

“I had many pretty maids,” I told mom.

“You did, but you were still a virgin!” Mom scolded. “If you had consummated with just one of them, we wouldn’t be doing this now!”


I have no comeback.

“But if you did then we wouldn’t be doing this now… and I am glad I can do this now because the changes in your body also mean you will live longer,” Mom said. “I think that if you died earlier than me, I would be full of grief.”

She hugged me with her skin feeling warm. I felt like I was in heaven in her arms as my face went up again her soft skin. Softly I kissed her, and she kissed back with our tongues intertwining together. From the vigorous kissing she gave, I could tell mom wanted it just as much as I did.

“Mom, I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, son,” she answered.

My clothes came off bit by bit, and our bodies intertwined together. The light of this world made sure we could see each other completely with nothing to hide. Rather than make it dramatic, I quickly stuck it inside her and went in and out.

I had stuck it inside my mom.

This wasn’t her mouth or her hands. This was a mature dragon going into a fertile hole and seeding the ground. Mom breathed hard and I felt her juices roll down not just her legs but mine as well.

I had become one with my mother.

Guilt, confusion, many other thoughts were supposed to come from doing something like this. Perhaps someone with a mad obsession would have maddening thoughts of wanting to do it repeatedly. I thrust in and out and mom’s body reacted. She moaned softly with a face full of bliss. There weren’t really any words to describe her as she turned into a woman in heat who couldn’t stop squirming.

Our hands came together, and mom was really enjoying herself. After five weeks of oral stimulation, this much wasn’t really enough to make my mind go crazy like it made hers. It felt nice to force a woman into pleasure this way. I think after she rewired my meridians, I could probably do better against HouXiang.

“Son… son… please don’t stop…” Mom said.

“This really gets you? Mom?” I asked.

“I… I…” Mom’s voice trailed off as she let off another scream.

I felt it drilling in; the wetness engulfed me down there and I pushed as deep as I could go, feeling every part with the yang stick. I guess that’s my new name since I’m sure I can’t use the actual word for it.

We kept going and going. Mom’s body felt hotter and hotter and eventually she climaxed, shaking in on me with her face fully blushed. Mom was finally satisfied and tired, laying down on the grass.

“Son… you make mommy so happy,” she said. “You’re my most beloved son… but why didn’t you impregnate me?”

Her arms pull me in as she kisses me once again. She wanted to get pregnant and she could feel that I had control over whether to shoot the special swimmers that could help her get that way.

“Mom, you need to get stronger before then,” I said. “You need to at least reach the highest amount of energy you can before we do that.”

Mom smiled as we started round two.

A few days go by and Mom got stronger with the spiritual energy. There were no more signs of her going berserk and she felt more stable in the mind. There weren’t anymore of those lustful gazes, only loving ones where she looked happy to be with me.

We would play with each other and then sleep, then eat… then intercourse, then sleep again. Eventually mom decided it was enough.

“I can’t feel myself getting stronger anymore,” Mom said. “This is the peak I can get too, but it’s the peak of the continent. It won’t give me good battle sense or better physical abilities, but as far as spiritual Qi goes and my combat ability it’s enough to fight against anyone on the continent. There are likely no more experts on this level.”

“Is that so?”

“It was easy to get here,” Mom said. “If you can continue to raise others this way… by making love with them, then our Sect will easily become the strongest. Since it’s there are only women in our Sect and everyone will be a dual cultivation partner for you, we should be able to dominate the world.”


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