Mom-con – Ch. 56

Chapter 56

I don’t know how long I slept, but it was afternoon when I woke up again. Elder Liu was in the room.

“You’re awake,” she said. “You seem to have a new aura around you. The dual cultivation is working.”

“It’s working?” I still find it incredible that cultivating involved me ejecting fluids.

“It is,” she said, and placed clothing on my bed. “I’ll be waiting outside. HouXiang wanted me to have you bathe before eating. She is going to have lunch with you, then training again.”

“Wait? Training? What kind of training?”

“The same kind that made you wore tired last night,” Elder Liu said. “You have only a few more days with her, so make the most of it. The other previous Sect Masters will also train you before your mother wakes up, so when she comes back you’ll be able to have her bear your child.”

I don’t know why, but it just sounds so wrong when Elder Liu said it like that. Mom is going to bear my child. I guess in any written story of those Asian writers that need translations, I should be embarrassed or flinching back. I felt I should be anxious about it, or protest it, but I also know I can’t.

“I see, I guess I’ll go bathe then.”

I took my bath. The water felt different, and I felt as though my body was lighter. This must be the effects of cultivation, and I’m seeing that there is more to everything than I had thought previously.

I was growing stronger, and I could feel it.

When I finished, I returned to my room and Elder Liu left me alone once more. There was a short time before lunch, so I wanted to talk to Jordan again and see if he got a response from the author.

“Jordan, are you there?”

“Yes, I am Dong Chen,” He said. “I wanted to update you only once I got a response from the Author, but in the meantime I read the other story and the fan fiction you were talking about.”

“You did?”

There was a bit of sadness in his voice.

“Yes, and I can’t believe how much a mother could love her son like that! It’s such a pure love! Even though the main character kept pushing them away at the beginning, the two moms kept going until they won his heart! If I had read this first, I wouldn’t have switched with you, I would have relished being with my mother instead of looking for the pure love with other men!”

“Jordan, stop! Focus, please!”

I tried to get him back to his senses because I wanted to know about the author.

“The author wrote back saying he won’t give spoilers, and he will not answer comments anymore,” Jordan said. “When I tried to tell him we really switched places and wanted to know what happened in the future, the Author told me it was a work of fiction and I was delusional and need mental help before blocking me.”

People just don’t have open minds anymore, seriously. Everyone is written off as crazy if they think something fictional might be real.

“Also Dong Chen, there is something else I have to tell you.”


“I won’t be communicating with you anymore,” Jordan said. “I won’t be calling for you anymore because the last time Charles heard me talking to myself and he thinks it might be a psychosis issue and I’m going to be started on therapy and medications next week. So it’s better if we say our goodbyes here.”

What? This is so sudden.

“Jordan? What do you mean by this?”

“Well, I’m not convinced if I was really Dong Chen previously anymore,” he said. “I might just be talking to you as a figment of my psychosis and I get wrapped up in my head about certain things… I mean wanting to do it with my mother when my parents had been dead for a while. It could all just be a shock. So this is goodbye.”

The communication ended. No… it can’t be this way. We switched places because he wanted to do something different, right? So for him to cut me off suddenly. No, I should try talking to him again.

“Hello? Jordan?”

“Hello? Dong Chen? Ah… it’s you!”

Jordan looked different, but he was still talking to me… no, he was an old man now!

“It’s been many years and I’m going to die soon,” Jordan said. “I lived a fulfilling life. We adopted children and raised them. My children are around my bed and they are saying very little to me. I just wanted to talk to you one last time and see if you were real because if those things that happened in the path were real then you allowed me to live this life and I wanted to say thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I said back.

This was how I was going to look if I was an old man, huh? Wait… couldn’t I ask him how the author ended the series?

“One moment before you leave, I wanted to ask about the series that focused on our lives,” I said. “Did you read it all? Didn’t the author finish it all?”

“Oh… yes, he did…” Jordan said. “It wasn’t a great story, but degenerates and those who like older experienced women really enjoyed it… and…”

There was a pause.


Jordan exhaled breath, and it looked like his apparition was now dead. I tried calling him again, but nothing came out. That means from the last time he read that novel to the time he talked to me was decades, and now I have no link to the other world. It was done… but he said those who like older experienced women really enjoyed it?

I had to think about that. I mean, I liked the idea of being with Hou Jian who was actually younger than me much more than any of the older matriarchs of this sect. Older women were never my thing, even in my previous life. First, they were more mature, so I would always feel like a child towards them. Second, older women really enjoyed teasing, or they were stern, which was the primary reason they were still single at their age.

This is a fantasy world though, so maybe the rules are different, and women behave differently. HouXiang is over a million years old and she doesn’t seem that bad… well, she’s super aggressive in touching me inappropriately… or is it really inappropriate if the goal is for me to get comfortable enough to get mom pregnant?

I pondered these thoughts after returning to this room and for an hour or two before HouXiang came back after giving pointers to mom’s students. She had that perverted face on her once again, the long forked tongue, and despite her robes being loosely fitted, her breasts still bulged out to where I’m sure my entire body can fit in between them.

It’s a beautiful body you’d only see in the darkest parts of the internet where only men of culture would know of. Perhaps some women of culture as well… but women of culture are such a rare breed I considered them unicorns.

“Have you recovered your energy for more training today?” HouXiang asked as she sat next to me and smoothly stripped me.

“May I ask you some questions,” I said. “I think there is a lot more I need to know about what’s going to happen.”

“Elder Liu said you were a curious child after all, so speak to me. Speak to mama HouXiang about what you wish to know. I will tell you everything as long as it is within my knowledge and I will hide nothing from you. You’re a child astute enough to know if I hid something from you and even though you flinched when I mentioned you impregnating me and dual cultivating with your future daughters, you still push forward. I admire that in a young boy like you.”

HouXiang’s long slender finger went up and down my shaft as it awakened. There was a devious smile on her face.

“I… I want to ask a question… it’s hard to concentrate like this…”

“This is part of your training,” HouXiang said.

“How… is this part of my training?”

“You’ll be dual cultivating with a lot of female cultivators,” HouXiang said. “If you want to do it properly, focus while in the middle of situations like this. My hands will never stop going around your body as long as you’re next to me. I can’t get my hands off such young and fresh meat.”

It’s hard to concentrate. She wouldn’t let me go. I felt myself pulled to where I’m sitting on her lap with my head in between the two gigantic mountains on her chest and she continues to look down, focusing on what makes me a male.

“Go ahead… take a deep breath,” HouXiang said. “Take a deep breath and ask me what you want. I’m the most knowledgeable of all the previous sect masters.”


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