Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 16

Chapter 16

We were still in bed as I told her the 5 women I would be with and of course Vyvyan wasn’t happy. She was happy I wanted to do this with her often but she wasn’t happy about sharing me. This was after all a woman who wanted to be everything for me. If Elizabeth weren’t around and Vyvyan was the only one then of course I would have gone with it now that I transmigrated here, but since there are all these complex relationships it couldn’t be done that way.

“Mommy wants you to only belong to mommy,” Vyvyan said.

“Even if that makes me unhappy mom?”

“Why would that make you unhappy? Is mommy not enough for you? Do you love them more than you love mommy? Mommy loves you more than all of them combined. Mommy will also live longer than all of them because mommy is a demigod! Mommy will out live you and give you everything your whole life! Mommy will give ou children too.”

“I want a child with you mom, I do!”

Vyvyan’s eyes suddenly sparkle.

“Let’s do it now son, let’s make a child. Mommy wants to be a grandma too.. That child will have a good lineage and power. That child will be special!”

“Not now mom, because even if I love you I can’t reject the feelings of these other women.”

“Why not?”

“Because you raised me to be gentle mom, a gentle boy can’t bear hurting other people.”

Vyvyan’s eyes narrowed at me. It seemed like she knew she had been played with words.

“Son, mommy now knows you’re sly but mommy doesn’t know where you learned this from. When you saw the past did you learn this from onii-sama?”

Not really, I read the novel about the past. I didn’t see it in actuality.

“Still shouldn’t every child have two parents? Why can’t both of you be my parents? Both parents also love each other, why can’t I have tow parents who love each other as well?”

“Son, parents are usually a man and woman… Elizabeth and I are both women. You can only have one mom.”

“No, I want two parents!” A tantrum… yes this is a tantrum. “I want two parents, I don’t care if they’re both moms as long as they also love each other. Mom, didn’t you and my other mom do things together at night under a blanket? You loved each other too right? You put your mouth where I was first born and stuck your tongue inside… you did that didn’t you?”

“Son even elves don’t allow two women… it just doesn’t work…”

“Who makes the rules Mom? If you give daddy’s ring to my other mom you can sneak into her room every night whens he calls. No one will know… for me I can go in whenever I want because I’m her son and no one suspects anything. I will have wives too and I will want them to know about it because I don’t want to hide anything from anyone close to me, but Lucia already accepted being a wife while knowing I also want to have a child with you… so why can’t you accept this too?”

Vyvyan now had a coquettish smile on her face as though the cogs are turning. No one ever suggested such an arrangement for her like this before.

“Son, you know Elizabeth is very shy right? She can’t express her feelings very well. She isn’t like you are right now. You can tell mommy everything and use mommy’s own words against her. Son, where did you learn this? Mommy really wants to know who taught you. Mommy will agree to your idea if you can make Elizabeth open up… truth is mommy and Elizabeth were very close… but after everything that happened we started hating each other…”

“It’s because of father and me isn’t it mom? It’s our fault.”

“No son, mommy can’t blame you.”

She coddled me close and pulled me towards her chest. I start feeding like a child and surprisingly there is sustenance coming out. It’s sweet…

“Mommy can’t blame you son… maybe it’s also mommy’s fault… maybe if mommy talked to Elizabeth about it instead of going to war… but mommy was also desperate back then because mommy didn’t want to lose you… and you were afraid of Elizabeth and going with her made you unhappy… but if you want mommy to do this… mommy will try…”

“Thanks mommy.”

The plan continues.


After talking with Lucia it was agreed that she wouldn’t become a “princess” among the elves just yet but I would consider her my wife just like I would be doing it with Vyvyan. Well Vyvyan actually pulled Lucia in and began to teach her things.

In the original novel Lucia didn’t seem to want to do all those things… wait… the events are changing a lot. Vyvyan agreed to trying to make an alliance and make up with Elizabeth.  Now Lucia is doing three ways regularly with Vyvyan and I.

Not participating in the white deer hunt there was no danger and I didn’t get beat up by a rabbit. Lucia didn’t suffer trying to care for me. Soon it was time to go back again to the Empire of humanity, the memories I made with both of them were more than I thought I’d get in month three, or by volume three.

I got those strange dreams again. This time the voice didn’t tell me to just ignore the dragon egg. It said:

“Read books…. Read lots of books… go to the libraries and read books…”

Becoming a scholar or librarian is a safe job so I decided to consider it. The Dragon egg might not be an option without becoming part dragon… again I don’t want scales on flesh. If I could be a full dragon I might consider it.


Vyvyan came to see me before I left.

“Son, you know when to call mommy right?”

“If everything works out mom, I’ll call you at the crucial moment.”

“Good son… you know what to do.”

Vyvyan winked at me.

“Mom, I can I ask something?”

“Anything son, mommy likes it when you talk to her.”

Lucia was happy standing next to her which is something I’m not sure I quite understand. It seems like everything changed.

“Why were you so willing to go along with this? I thought it would be much harder to convince you.”

Vyvyan had a smile.

“Son what you said makes sense, and mommy realizes the reason she acts so crazy is not because of you but because mommy is afraid of losing you. Mommy doesn’t want you to forget about her, but somehow you assured mommy you won’t forget, because you also won’t forget about Elizabeth or anyone who loves you… but you better not have more girls loving you, mommy won’t be able ot handle more than what you’ve already told her. Mommy will be very angry if that happens.”

“I understand mom,” I said. “I don’t plan on more.”

“Good,” Lucia said. “I can’t handle more either.”

I take off towards the empire. Elizabeth’s birthday was coming up so there were a few events I had to check up on. I know Elizabeth wanted to be able to leave the palace and walk around the festival which was why I suggested to Castell about the masquerade. It was something that would normally happen later in the novel than now but combining both events seemed to be something I could do to speed up progress.

Once all five of them were squared away, I’ll start working on life extension. I know I’m greedy, but I also want more time to do it with Elizabeth and Nier. Zhu/Troy was always running away from Nier, I’ll do the opposite if I’m able. A scholar doesn’t use up a ton of energy during the day while she’s out practicing so maybe I’ll do some exercises for stamina or something.

Hilles City, the Phoenix Nest.

Elizabeth didn’t come out to greet me this time, but Luna and Nier were there to bring me to the Palace for her to see me there. She had a conference and though she wanted to see me she was keeping it together better to where I would no longer be her weakness in front of her subjects. That’s good mom… good job… your son just had to act like a shameless cringe fest of a person to get you to do that… but whatever works right? Victory is more important than the process.

There were several changes to the city since I came, it seemed a bit more orderly and people were slightly happier. The attitude of the people usually is reflected by the leadership. Good and honest leadership with clear instruction and truthfulness is better than the kind that tells lies through propaganda.

“How’s everything been Nier?”

“Your majesty, the empress agreed to us becoming engaged. It will be announced today which is where we are going. She wanted to do it before her birthday. We need to get back to the palace and prepare you, Luna can help.”

Luna is there smiling walking beside us. Reaching the palace everything is in place. I get dress in the royal garb, and Nier changes out of her Valkyrie uniform. In private however I told Nier of the plan that was going to happen on Mom’s birthday so she could go out and play.  Nier reluctantly agreed but after hearing me plead through all the details, even though she was shocked she decided it was something she should do for her majesty and I because it would help her.  As a loyal Valkyrie she couldn’t refuse.

After dressing up I go to Elizabeth’s office and the door is closed leaving us alone.

She stands up and pins me to the wall planting a deep tongue kiss on me and pushing her leg in between mine rubbing a bit rough.

“Son, mommy knows this isn’t right to be doing on your engagement ceremony but mommy can’t help it because mommy misses you.”

“Mom, you don’t ever get embarrassed about this anymore? I like it when you do this, but I’m glad you if you aren’t afraid.”

The question makes her flinch slightly as she blushes a bit before answering. She moves her foot back.

“Mommy was embarrassed at first, but the more you kept telling mommy you enjoyed it… mommy became…. More confident… even if you’re being sweet to mommy you are getting punished tonight because mommy is jealous. First you spent a month with that woman… then you come back and are going to have an engagement ceremony with Nier. Mommy has every right to be jealous now so mommy needs to relieve her jealousy tonight.. So expect mommy in military uniform tonight when you come sleep with mommy.”

Yes mom.

Time passed the ceremony began.

I don’t really want to describe the engagement ceremony. I honestly hated reading about ceremonies… most of the time it’s just filler descriptions to add to word count on novels and very little of it is important so let me summarize:

Mommy Elizabeth danced with me. Nier Danced with me. They announced that she would be Princess consort. Nothing about whether or not I would be the next emperor as only Elizabeth and her closest subjects knew I would be skipped so my achievements were unnecessary.  If anything they could announce Nier as the next Empress in charge and me as the Prince Consort as her identity as Valkyrie instructor had its merits and respect.

When the ceremony ended Nier looked at me.

“Your majesty, I don’t want you to spend the night with her majesty,” she said. “I know you have to do it tonight because it’s her order but I wish you could spend it with me instead.”

Nier kissed me, “I understand, but I want our first time to happen soon even before the marriage if it has to be. I feel left out and I know Luna will be left out with the lowest position but I have to look out for myself in your heart first.”

Nier… really… Nier… and I thought she was boring in the novel… yet somehow now she’s so flexible. I couldn’t help it. The door to my room was closed so I locked it and took her to the room for a bath.

“Won’t you be too tired for her majesty tonight?” Nier asked.

“I don’t think I will have to worry about that tonight,” I said.

It’s punishment night. That kind of punishment doesn’t require stamina. Nier was happy and surprisingly wasn’t embarrassed as we consummated over suds of soap and water.


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