Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 02

Chapter 02

After the bath was over I was carried out. I was slightly taller than Mommy Vyvyan. I’d say a centimeter at most. It seemed every bit of her body fat went to her chest but somehow she could still carry me. If I remember correctly she had some talent with the sword though not on the same level as Mommy Elizabeth.

So of course she’s definitely strong enough to carry this weak body she coddled since it was born. We went to bed and she wore a seductive silk dress. It was thin and left nothing to the imagination.

“Son come here so mommy can sleep with you.”

I go over into her embrace and put my face deep in between her chest. It was nice, an out of this world experience. Softness and warmth on both sides. It was hard but I kept myself from doing more than that.

What I need to do with Vyvyan is different from Elizabeth. A yandere needs to be treated differently. She’s a son-con right? Well I guess I don’t even have to seduce her but I want her to go crazy and ravish me, however I can’t do it just yet. Like I said I want Elizabeth first.

I looked up to her. With my face surrounded by soft flesh on both sides I spoke something she might not have been expecting.

“Mom, I need to kill the Earth Dragons.”

“Son why do you want to go into danger again? Son do you know how… do you know how much mommy worried for you this time? Do  you know how much I cried… Mommy loves you… mommy loves  you so much and mommy wants you to be safe. Mommy doesn’t want you to leave the palace…”

“Mom, can I please talk to you… I love you but can I please just tell you what I plan to do?”

“Mommy doesn’t want you to son! Mommy doesn’t want to see you get hurt… please son… understand… please… mommy will do anything for you to make you happy but mommy doesn’t want to see you get hurt…”

“Mom, I love you,” I say quietly.

Is she buying this? She has to be right? I’m actually using emotion, I should be able to trick her right? She can’t fully read minds after all.

“Son, mommy loves you too. You are mommy’s everything… so you can’t put yourself in danger anymore…”

Time to put on the fake tears as I pushed my face into her chest.

“Mommy, I have to kill the Earth dragons…. Mommy I’ve always been weak and I was stupid this time… Listen mommy, this time I need to do it or I’ll always be sad and scarred by how weak I am. I’ll be so sad I feel like I should just be dead. I’ll always feel like a failure who couldn’t do anything. I know you will say I’m not a failure but I have a plan and I’ll tell you my plan… Please mommy!”

To be honest the reason for slaying the Earth Dragons is for no other reason than to try and save Mera later on. If I’m going to have a chance at saving her then I have to meet her as a perfumer.  I don’t want Mera as part of the Harem. Honestly at the most I only want five, also I don’t like pain and suffering either so some of the events that are going to happen I’ll have to prepare ahead for, and I won’t even go myself.

Also I don’t want to be a dragon. To hell with that. I don’t want scales. Then I won’t get rid of berserk mana, but at the same time is it worth it to be so ugly and horrifying any future children I have will be afraid of me?

Mommy Vyvyan looked at me, I could tell now she was going to relent because of my pleading. I have to act like a little innocent boy toy, yet somehow acting like a boy toy despite being a grown man is a little exhilarating. Honestly, I never thought I’d enjoy this.  Most men don’t like being weak right? Yet somehow this is enjoyable in front of my demigod mother.  She’s crazy strong, enough to destroy a large portion of the continent and her creepiness is actually very stimulating.

Elizabeth first though.

“Son… mommy will agree if you promise me you’ll use your jade pendant if you’re in any danger… and you have to also tell Mommy what your plan was… didn’t you say you have a plan… tell me your plan then mommy will decide.”

I told her my plan about how I found the weakness of the Earth Dragon scales and how I would draw a ballistae and have the craftsmen produce it. I would also have the perfumer in town create a scent that will attract all the earth Dragons into one spot and then fire the ballistae to pierce it.  I would only leave the palace for one hour with Lucia guarding me and will only leave once more when the messenger from the elder says it’s ready to inspect it, and I will tell her when I’m going so she can come to me, or she can go with me when I do that if she pleases.

This way she won’t get angry at Lucia or toss her out the window. Also with the pendant I could call her to my side at any time. I’m not like the other guy who took Troy’s place in the novel before. I’m not going to make any stupid mistakes due to pride as a man or anything.

“Son.. I’ll believe in your plan son… but if you ever get hurt again mommy will never allow this again. Mommy won’t know what to do if you leave mommy. Mommy only lives for you.. Sleep with mommy, sleep close to mommy.”

She hugged me closer and despite having my face surrounded by soft mounds I could still breath easily.

This is great. I’m going to be as shameless as possible.

The next day I woke up early and greeted Lucia and hugged her. Lucia was concerned but seemed to brighten up by the hug. I could feel Vyvyan’s stares on my back when that happened. Yeah, this was about the time she started having animosity towards her.

“I was worried about you.”

I have her first take me to see the elder and give him my drawings. Since this is earlier in the timeline I can make a few more ballistas before the safe date to attack.

“I’m sorry, Lucia,” I say to her. “Today her highness has given me the right to go out for a short while and I need you to guard me. Is that alright?”

“Of course your highness!”

Her bright smile just melts you… Vyvyan is a voluptuous and ravishing beauty but Lucia is an innocent beauty. The young girl next door who literally doesn’t even know what physical relations between a man and woman are… only knows what kisses are because it’s something you can see.

“Do you know where everything is here? What they sell? There are a lot of things I need to prepare because mom gave me the chance to kill the earth dragons again, I already told her my plan and she approved.”

I don’t know everything sold here, there were a few things I wanted to check out and a few things I wanted to see if it were available. The truth is magic made a lot of things possible that shouldn’t be possible. Simply because the author didn’t mention it here doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

“I know where everything is,” Lucia said. “I know because I am part of the Shadow…”

“I know,” I cut her off. “Lucia do you know if there are magical item shops related to the ability to get pregnant?”

Lucia immediate blushed. Wait, in the novel she didn’t even know what hung in between my legs so how does she know what pregnancy is? This makes no sense.

“Um…. Your highness…”

“It’s not for you, it’s for a human woman,” I said. “If it’s possible I need you to keep this secret for now, it’s something I will tell her highness about after I come back but I have to see if it’s true.”

The truth is Elizabeth still didn’t have a child with Zhu/Troy even in the last volumes. In modern times women can have children late, but there was a chance she stopped ovulating. Well, there was also a chance that her ovaries got damaged from fighting the wars to make the empire. From what I understand she has scars on her from the many numerous battles she partook in. Great stress on the body can also reduce fertility.

It’s a tragic story really.

I do want to do it with Vyvyan, definitely… as Troy… but I felt the most for Elizabeth when I read the novel. It was to the point where I wanted the original protagonist to bang her and continued to get frustrated when he didn’t even acknowledge her feelings at all… and we didn’t even get any real action beyond kissing until volume 12 when… I mean the first actual kiss was in volume 9 and he mistook her for Nier… and the kisses before that were forced on him…

Relations like that weren’t allowed among humans, but again… Troy is part elf. Elves dont have those restrictions because Inard married his sister Vyvyan. Even Vyvyan said it wouldn’t be an issue for Zhu/Troy to marry her and have a powerful pure blooded elf with great magical power.  Elves however had a different problem in that they believed in loving one person and staying true to them. Well, Inard didn’t do that… and I don’t think that’s something the humans are restricted to here like the Elves were.

According to the novel, when elves lose their family they move into the forest and live away from society. Humans however just like in the modern world could get remarried… and from what I hear they don’t have the issue of remaining true to just one person, but then humans also have a much shorter life span.

Different world means different rules. Humans here can be insanely powerful and smash boulders with their fists.  Since I’m half and half, I should only use the rules that are advantageous to me.

If that “Troy” could convince both his moms to do a three way in by the end of the novel… what is it five to six years due to the time skip?  The majority of the novel despite everything that happens takes place over a year… or slightly over a year before volume 18.  So with all that into consideration I should be able to do it within six months. That’s the goal. Maybe you could call it a “speed run”? Either way I’m terribly weak and even if I can start using mana and improve my physical strength by bathing in dragon blood… the original protagonist was still horribly useless even after that. All he was good as after becoming part dragon was as breeding material… literally.

I don’t mind that though. Even if I don’t go all the way with Elizabeth once I first meet her I need to at least make her comfortable with me. Whether or not she can get pregnant is important because I remember she was thinking of doing what Mommy Vyvyan did. If that pregnancy route is available I would prefer it, but there is no use planning until I know.

“I understand and I trust you and won’t ask,” Lucia said. “There is a shop for raising animals with no mana in the market, they specialize in breeding maybe it could work on humans too since they have no mana.”

I follow Lucia to that shop. I at least understand why Zhu was in love with Lucia so easily. The girl is small, beautiful and very fast. If I ever met a girl like that in my previous life that treated me the way she treats me here I would have died blissfully with 3 or 4 children.

Stop that, focus… focus!

We get to the shop and I ask the vendor about it and he gives me a small stone that will glow blue if pregnancy is possible or glow red if it’s barren. I found out that stones like that are useless if a creature has mana because the reproductive cycle and way they remain alive is different. I guess that’s why elves here will always stay near the fountain.

I took the stone and then went to see Mera to make an order of perfume. Honestly I didn’t care for the conversation she had with me so I made polite small talk, made the order and then moved on. This was a world where a few wrong words could make someone fall in love with you.

“Lucia, we’re done. When we get the Ballistas in a few days we’ll take care of the Earth Dragons. I’m gonna stay in the palace until they’re ready, want to keep me company?.”

Lucia smiled, “I don’t care as long as I’m with you.”

After I take care of the Earth Dragons there is going to be a long difficult conversation with her. Still, I don’t want to do the same thing as the protagonist originally did, he kept adding more girls because he kept doing more and more stupid things.


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