Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 22

Chapter 22

The question of Zhu Liangzhe’s memories being used in the second timeline was being answered by Inard:

“Don’t you remember volume 20? That part of the novel didn’t happen in the erased timeline but I could see his life in the other world. Zhu Liangzhe’s mom is just like your moms.. Well she wouldn’t let him fertilize her eggs like Vyvyan or Elizabeth… but they’re the same type of mom… so giving those memories of someone similar to you wouldn’t change your personality. The reason you’re so different is because you had the memories of someone very different. I thought knowledge from that other world of human technology could help you… but it wasn’t enough. You needed a personality change.”

“Does the Author know any of this, do you talk with him directly in some way?”

I was genuinely curious. This is information that would be considered non-canon if we’re talking about web novels and such. Only the author has the authority to write what is “official” and what is not… it’s funny because fanfiction can be made part of the official lore if the Author “authorizes” it. Even if the Author might have written it wrong… it’s inconsistent or something else… it doesn’t matter.

I mean… I don’t think the author would ever want to add on to his own lore… something like this happening is down right crazy. Three time lines? Different memories? It’s too had to follow.

“I can’t communicate with the author… so I don’t know. Apparently the planet decided to work with him again. Though the next novel you probably heard about him writing is on this same planet, it takes place far in the future after the demon invasion.”

“Demon invasion?”

“Takes place far in the future son. Daddy will tell you, it’s when demons, gnomes, succubi… oh I love succubi by the way… and other races come over…”

He waves his hand and a bag appears floating.

“Take it son. This bag contains seven seeds. They’ll everyone who eats a seed to their prime, and they’ll remain in their prime and will just be revived if they die until the invasion happens. It’s past all of your life spans currently so while you’ll be fighting in a bloody war you’d have lived a fair bit past your current lifespans to have the time to make up for it. Elizabeth will have her time as well, and you won’t need a dragon heart or egg because compared to this, you’ll all stay in your primes longer.  Also you can still survive the invasion, but the seeds will wear off by then.”

Wait a moment.

“But dad, if this could have prevented me from dying then why didn’t you just give it to me instead of reversing time a third time. I’m sure Zhu/Troy would then have survived the second timeline then.”

“You know son… I guess the previous version of you was too much like me wanting to go out without help to prove himself. The memories given to you this time was of a man who had a hard life and became successful doing things bit by bit. He didn’t have overprotective parents like you so he never felt stuffed into a corner. If I stayed and helped raised you maybe it would have been better, I could have taken you out on adventures so you wouldn’t have such a strong urge to always go out. Anyway, that urge to always go out means you’re irresponsible and you wouldn’t have been able to effectively help raise an army to fight against the first invasion.”

Still this is way too crazy… I’m really Troy… just with different memories inserted. Well at least I don’t have to think about not being the person they love… wait… does that mean essentially?  No, elves don’t care about that sort of thing.  Inard even married his own sister.

“Anyway back to my original talk about the dragon hybrid you became. The Zhu memory version of you, thought in volume 15 chapter 22 that Elizabeth didn’t mind that appearance. The truth was she was covering her face because despite how ugly you became a  she still had to love you. The look of bliss from her was just that you were alive, because I can tell she didn’t enjoy doing it with you as much after that because you didn’t look as handsome as me.  Pure Dragons, and born hybrids are beautiful, but dragon hybrids created from dipping in blood are horrifying because soft fleshy skin that made you up before mix with the scales… eww… You were lucky they all fell in love with you before that happened… don’t you remember in the novel how no one wanted that version of you after?”

I guess that makes sense. Troy before his dragon form… or the me I am now is good looking like Inard. Troy after transformation though stronger was ugly and horrifying in the cold or at night. I never got to see a picture of that hybrid.

“No dad, why is that suddenly important? We were talking about something else clearly.”

Inard ignored me.

“This is how you looked after you resolved that mana death condition with Dragon’s blood,” Inard said displaying a picture with the mana. “A father can’t be proud if his stock looks like that, he must look like his father!”

“What the, ugh… that’s horrible…”

“Only a mother or someone who loved you before can be with you like that,” Inard said. “Only other dragons might find you beautiful that way. Good thing you stayed looking like me, the handsome me that the two most beautiful women on the continent fell in love with at the same time. Daddy is a man you can be proud of, as it was daddy that warned you not to go for the dragon egg when you were thinking about extending Elizabeth’s life this time. You can’t get that egg unless you had dragon blood cause they won’t see you as important. See, daddy saved you this time… daddy is smart so you should learn from him how to be a great man! You need to do it with your moms that daddy left behind to keep them happy in my stead. Do it like a great man would!”

Is he for real? Why do I have such eccentric parents? Why!?

“Did you just think something disrespectful of daddy?”

“Yes… but I can’t help it when you say it like that father.”

Inard sighed then continued as though he fully understood how he was acting:

“The truth is Troy and Zhu’s version of Troy were the same. Zhu just had a little more knowledge about human weapons in the modern age… and a lot of luck. Those memories helped him survive but they never got him anywhere… I never felt he was worthy enough to come here.”

“Wait worthy? Worthy of what?”

“Didn’t you come here to extend life? Didn’t you read the book I had to painfully put there manipulating the spring mana channels of this planet? You even killed all the demons that was to test you and you did it while still being weak, it means you’re resourceful at least… don’t worry you can still have Elizabeth or Nier carry you around. Daddy understands because Daddy loved being carried by strong women too!”

I forgot about it because of how strange Inard really seems to be.

Wait, so he wanted me to bang the mothers he left behind? Really?

Inard sighed and then smiled.

“Yes son, I wanted you with all three of your moms, they’re all son-cons after all. You still need to find your dragon stepmother, the dragons are a powerful race and they’ll be important against the demons. Also since the time spell I put to save her is still active you can take the heart and eyes but makes sure she takes a seed as well. Her blood can create more dragon hybrid males to mate with the dragon women up north.  Though I think it’d be better if you do it instead son. Be a man… satisfy them all!”

There was an approving smile on his face. I really don’t understand how Elizabeth and Vyvyan are in love with this man to the point where Elizabeth reaches for him in her dreams.

“Truthfully, I’m proud of you son, you went for Elizabeth first like I did!”

Is this really Inard… is this really the true Inard? He’s proud of me doing it with the woman who was his wife?

“Really dad? You’re proud of me doing it with your wife?”

The smile continued. “Daddy is dead, you’re living. Daddy wants you to keep doing it because Daddy loves her and wants her to continue being happy. Even though daddy talks with you this way, daddy deeply loves all three of them, but since daddy is gone he has to leave it to you… eventually the deep crevice in all their hearts will heal and you’ll make larger mountains for each of them… yes… though they already have large mountains near their hearts… actually daddy was surprised… he wishes he thought of getting both of your moms to do it with each other too…  then maybe daddy wouldn’t have had to choose between them… daddy was too rigid so he couldn’t see you grow up. Daddy is sorry.”

Why does it feel so wrong coming from him… Why?!?

“Since you resolved their trauma and they all get along and seem happy… daddy will also leave with you a gift. Daddy loves his son after all and wants his son to live up to the family name. You even got Elizabeth and Vyvyan to kiss and make up… Daddy loved watching them kiss to you know!”

The longer this goes the more he sounds like Vyvyan, Elizabeth and Sylvanas. It’s just not as endearing coming from a man though… sorry dad.

“I understand dad, but do you talk both of my moms the same way?”

“Of course not… daddy talks to them differently… Do any of your moms talk to other people the same way they talk to you? I’m your daddy so I can’t help dote on you… you look so much like me after all! Daddy is definitely proud… he didn’t want to leave you behind either but he needed too.”

Well at least that solves the mystery of Inard. He actually knew about the dragon in the west in the scorched Earth Territory. He didn’t go to kill her but to relieve her loneliness then he somehow ended seeping himself into the planet. I guess that makes sense… since he also casted a time reversal spell on Sylvanas for mine and Elizabeth’s sake, and he planned to return to Vyvyan… I’ll tell them when I get back and maybe it’ll put them at some peace.

“Take care of all of them and plow those fields and plant those seeds deep, do it often like an energetic farmer looking for a bountiful harvest son! I’m going to disappear after this since I’m part of the planet now and you’re going to be the seven Guardians. Elizabeth, Sylvanas and Vyvyan are more than strong enough even if they haven’t reached their potential yet.  Your two wives will be able to continue improving to their potential with a long enough timeline which is close to your mother’s and your personal Maid Luna with the immortal body shouldn’t have problems getting stronger as well. You however son… are going to stay the same… sorry… Well you could use your mana and explode it somewhere without a lot of people and wouldn’t have the burden of the full moon anymore… but then you can’t be a mana battery later on for the ones who can use Mana. You won’t die of course and won’t have that condition like in the web novel where Vyvyan had to keep sucking mana and giving it to you… that was horrible… but she loved you that much. ”

“Then you’re saying it’s better to stay as a mana battery?”

I mean I don’t mind being weak, but it’s like this universe wants me to be the weak boy protected by all the strong women around him who have this complex about being first in his heart. I mean I like the weak boy strong woman play because it feels so wrong that it’s stimulating… I kind of shudder to think what I did that first night with Elizabeth… crawling all over her naked… seducing her… acting like… a woman… wait.. Is that why I went to get that “punishment” device made for her?

At least she uses it with Vyvyan more than me now.

“Your mana capacity will be higher so you can provide more mana… just make sure to shoot it out as hard as you can when they’re trying to absorb it.”

Seriously… this is my dad… but he continued.

“One last thing about the seeds, it’ll allow all of them to get pregnant again if they can’t. If you want to guarantee a pregnancy with them do it with them all on a full moon.  Elizabeth deserves a chance to raise a second child… I failed her on that. Please don’t give your mom’s grief though okay?”


“Talk about yourself giving them grief, running away, and doing it with Dragon mom…”

“No, daddy can explain! It was all for your sake son!”

We stare at each other for a moment, and then burst out laughing.

“Thanks dad.”

Inard smiled and started to fade away.

“Make daddy proud and fertilize everything! It’s for the future after all. Your kids will all also not age until the invasion… but they can still die without reviving but at least you won’t see them grow old until then… see it was better to wait before getting Nier pregnant.”

He hugged me…

He was gone…

What the heck dad? Still… at least I understand everything now. To that man who read the web novel and got mad at it… I have to be grateful. Without his memories I wouldn’t have been able to save all of them… but now it’s time to get see all of them wake up.

I just can’t believe Inard was like that… I mean… well I do wonder how he spoke to all three of my moms in private but still… wow…

Inard reappeared.

“Oh! I forgot to mention. The gift is the refresh ability for the part of you they love most! You’ll never be the first to get tired even if you do all six of them together. Make sure to go get your dragon mom too!”

Inard disappeared.

I took the seed and felt the special mana going into me.  That ‘refresh ability’? Except for Lucia, they all left me exhausted and panting many times before… it’s time for revenge.


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