Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 23

Chapter 23

The entire space began to fade away and when I seem to have come back a sword was flying towards me. Before I knew it I felt my consciousness hit the ground and couldn’t feel my body. I heard the voices around me.

“Nier what did you do? You killed his highness, how coud you kill my husband!”

“I.. I didn’t…. I was trying to break the rock to free him…. I didn’t know… I didn’t know!”

Crying and devastation was heard, but I felt my head and body turn warm and reattach itself. Lucia, Luna and Nier had a shocked look on their faces after they were crying. Lucia had already drawn a blade on Nier but they stopped.

“I thought you were dead, I thought you were dead… I’m so happy!” Luna grabbed on to me.

“I’m glad I survived too.”

There were six seeds left.

“Each of you, take one of these. We’re going to have to all talk together about something with both of my moms.”

Everything after that happened quickly… so quickly I’m too lazy to describe everything in detail because it was wordy. First I had to convince Vyvyan to accept a dragon, then I had to convince Elizabeth to let me go to the lands of the west and take a third mom… I called her my dragon stepmother instead.

Then since it was a full moon… we had a a seven way… it would be too exhausting to describe but the refresh ability really helped. In the end I had seven children… the happiest of them all was Elizabeth because she finally got to enjoy the happiness of raising a child.

It took over a hundred years… but Elizabeth finally left the Empire and Vyvyan no longer presided over the elves but instead became a magic teacher that other elven tribes and the elves banished in the North could seek to learn from.  Troy city became a military training school and the entire continent started to worship us who ran the school as deities who taught them many things… though I didn’t like it… at least it kept people under control.

Nier and Elizabeth were the gods of battle and close combat, they trained many warriors under them to near perfection.

Lucia mastered assassination skills training to the point where everyone had to consider her an Excellent Assassin. Many called her the “Elf of the Wind.”

Sylvanas… though after joining went north to help revive the dragon  race. It was easy to find perverted men willing to volunteer to become breeding slaves for those dragon women up north.

Luna became a powerful healer. The importance healing in a war was understated. Making sure troops are always ready to jump in.

And Me?

I mostly just raised the children since I had so many of them. I was a stay at home dad because I had no combat skill whatsoever. I was just a mana battery, but I was content.

Even as of this story being told I can tell that there would probably be an actual transmigrator to this planet. I wonder what his life would be like in a world after so many wars with demons had taken place, maybe even they would learn to live with humans eventually.

Who knows.


Author’s Final Message:


Hey everyone, I’m Anon2021 in the comments. First I want to say thank you to everyone who read this and thanks Wu Jizun for hosting this without fully knowing what was in it.


For those of you interested there were a few notes I wanted to make as I realized the more I commented on it the more I ended up spoiling plot points, but there were a few things I wanted to tell anyone who took the time to read:


  1. I know it was super kinky and “niche”, I explained to a commentator I was going for shock value.


  1. My personal best girl/waifu was Ling Yue. I personally didn’t like Elizabeth all that much, but felt that writing a fiction around her was the most compelling since she was the most complicated character. She’s everything from Sadistic to poor old woman who can’t get her son’s attention.


  1. The identify of the man Troy 3.0 gained memories from was an older politician who likes BDSM and those kind of mother-son relationships. I don’t know if anyone realized that… I probably didn’t give enough clues. That’s why he had such good acting and manipulation skills.


  1. No I am not an older politician, I’m not even that old. I wanted to remain anonymous posting this because I’m working on other projects and don’t want the label as a “niche” writer before I publish what I’ve been working hard on.


  1. I told Wu Jizun I didn’t want to edit more because I gave a specific time frame to work on it… in truth I didn’t want to edit because I was very embarrassed by what I wrote. I’ll come clean here, I have a pro-writing aid program so running it through there would have fixed the large majority of the grammar errors. I apologize for that, Wu Jizun.


  1. In truth I wanted Wu Jizun to read it and tell me it’s too much for the site. LoL. When he just started posting it because there was no profanity I was like… Okay… let’s see the comments.


  1. I wrote it because I never wrote a fan-fiction before and needed it to see what the difference was between an original work and a work based off someone else. The fact Wu Jizun was willing to post it was the main reason I took it up otherwise I would have given up on the idea.


  1. I know I’ve already said it, but thanks again everyone. I really enjoyed the comments whether you were shocked or just reading. As to future writing, I’ve expressed interest in writing an original series exclusive for this website to Wu Jizun, but no promises. I’m not an accomplished author (I work a day job), and it might not even be something that fits Wu Jizun’s theme so don’t expect anything. I’m glad he took me up on writing the fan fiction because I felt it helped me grow in my writing.

9… Yes this is another thanks! Take care of yourselves everyone.

– Anon2021


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