Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 11

Chapter 11

I was out again with Nier and Luna who seemed to both like walking around with me now.  We bought candy, gave it to the kids, the orphanage owner thanked Nier because the Valkyries intervened and she wore her uniform everywhere. Originally they were threatened by loan and creditors and this was fixed quickly just by dedicating enough resources and manpower.

“Thank you, your majesty,” I heard Nier again.

We continued walking.

“Nier what do you think of me now? Would you marry me?”

Everyone stopped walking and Nier froze in place. It’s been more than two weeks now and she hasn’t shown any hostility to me. Her face blushed. Honestly Nier was easy. Again, I honestly don’t know how or why all the women fell for Troy but I’m thinking it must have been a combination of his position in power and his good looks.

Maybe this is just a crappy world where people fall in love after berating you a few rounds.

“If her majesty allows it, yes,” Nier said.

Her feelings were all over her face even if she didn’t act them out. This is Nier.

“Nier before you say yes there are some things you should know, I will have other lovers and wives.”

“If his majesty wants more wives I will agree to a certain limit living with us, but if there are too many and I cannot have my own children I will refrain.”

“Nier, you really have no protest?”

Well she didn’t like it at first, but why is she so easily agreeable now? She had to go back and forth with accepting Lucia.

“I just feel that you’ll be a reliable and love me even if there are others. I feel… comfortable near you… as though you always know what to do and what to say… I’m a valkyrie of her majesty and Alice is someone who trained me. We were always supposed to be tools but Alice told us all that her majesty needed us as tools before but her real intention was to make the empire into a place where her child could be safe and happy, and she would welcome us serving her loyally but not just as tools anymore.”

Wow… Elizabeth has really changed… seducing her the first night here really changed the entire plot of the story just like that.  It’s kind of unbelievable.

“I love children,” Nier said. “I love her majesty but I also love children… and… I… want to live near you too… even if you command me to accept other women…” She took several deep breathes. “But I am also a Valkyrie and your body guard and that will not change.”

She had a resolute look on her face, Luna was standing there a bit saddened as though there was a sense of loss.

“Nier, because of my elven lineage and all the complications of politics there are five women. I can tell you three of them now but the last two are a special case you have to wait to know about because you’re still in the empire, can you accept those conditions?”

“Yes, your majesty. I will accept them.”

There was a smile on her face.

“Nier… I love you…” I said softly.

Her face flushed red so she turned away and started walking. “We are returning to the palace right? You’ve already spent all your daily allowance on candy.”

This girl was someone willing to die for you, she’s a Tsundere just like Elizabeth but also… stronger than me… Luna who is standing near is the only one who might be weaker since she’s just a regular elven female who also didn’t do much swordplay yet Alice killed her in the original plot. I mean, she came back with a dragon heart but in order for that to happen Sylvanas had to be killed even though she revived again with time magic.

I shake my head as I watched Nier walking off,  and I grab Luna’s hand.

“You’re one of the five Luna,” I said softly.

He had two super hot moms who were crazy for his affection that it went beyond what was considered normal, two really beautiful wives who loved him, a maid that was willing to die for him and

Her eyes brightened up. It seemed she was going to develop feelings for Troy regardless as long as he didn’t treat her poorly. After being a slave and used as a toy anyone showing affection to her was something she would take easily to heart.

It feels like every time something needs to happen the author just made something up to continue to allow Zhu/Troy to make terrible decisions over and over again.

“Luna, I told you about the berserk mana right?”

“Don’t worry your majesty, I promise I’ll take care of it. I’m your personal servant and maid.”

As long as she’s happy I guess.


Going to Elizabeth’s bedroom again. I always come in here under the guise of sleeping with her as her son… I wonder if the Valkyries are catching on to this.  Alice seems to have a slight smile as she watches me go inside, but stops me.

“Your Majesty, you are a subject of her empress right?”

“Yes, Alice.”

“Her Majesty asked me today about the public challenges. She wishes to soften the need to kill constantly but Valkyries under my command still need their resolution and firmness to kill. If they can’t kill for her majesty on command they will be useless to her.”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“Her majesty listens to you.”

I look at her once more. This again is Alice, the woman who tried to kill Troy because Elizabeth became weaker and more coquettish.

“Don’t I make her weaker?”

“I thought so at first, but her strength shows different.”

“Different?” This is surprising.

“Before her majesty when she came to spar with us she would fight up to ten of us at once before we posed a challenge to her. Now she fights nearly a hundred and still dominates easily. I have never seen her that strong before.”

Mommy… aren’t you going overboard?

“The resolve in her eyes are softer now,” Alice says quietly. “They still have the ability to easily kill. It’s a different kind of strength than the one she used to conquer and slay all her enemies. It’s stronger, but in order for me to train valkyries killing is still necessary.”

“Continue the challenges then, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Increase the rewards but make sure every document tells the exact number of challengers who have succeeded so far. If they succeed they will have the finest training to hone their skills to serve her majesty along with great rewards, if they fail they will die.”

“How would this make a difference?”

“Those who make rash decisions and challenge despite not knowing the strength of the Valkyries will always be a threat for the Empire from within. Stupid fools who die quickly stop us from having problems later… those who can succeed without the harsh Valkyrie training are talented and should be nurtured into the Empire. Every Empire needs talents doesn’t it?”

Alice seemed to be processing the information.

“No one has to challenge, and they’re already warned that the number who succeeded are few. I mean just think about it, despite people telling others they’re going to the challenge and then never being seen again others keep challenging over and over. Too many people think too highly of themselves. This will help give them a better idea of their own weakness and what they can do.”

“You… are weak in body but strong in mind,” Alice said with a slight smile.

“I accept your compliment, I will be going to the Empress now.”

I walk into the inner court. Alice still scares me. She’s as old as Elizabeth but she looks like a little girl, a very strong little girl that could crush boulders with her hands. What’s wrong with this world and crazy strong scary women? Seriously?

Mom was sitting on the bed with the box beside her in her military uniform. The indication was she wanted to be the strong mommy tonight.

“Son… mommy isn’t a young girl and gets sore easily in that spot…” Her cherry lips seemed especially luscious. “Mommy is happy you are love her like a young girl and that you are considerate of her actual age with this… mommy knows what it’s for… but first I want to talk to you about something.”

From mommy mode to serious mode.

“The weapons you made with Lorana, son… you know how much they’ll improve the military don’t you?”

“I do,” I said.

“You surprise me every time, you make mommy very proud.”

She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. Since we’re the same height kissing me in a standing position is easy for her, though her arms almost crush me her lips soothe me to where I relax.

This woman could kill one hundred Valkyries, who if I remember Nier by herself could easily kill 17 men without being touched… and she’s probably much stronger than Nier… the novel described her as a god of war… this is my mommy… who is now technically also my lover…

“Still mommy wants to punish you… because mommy is still jealous of you with other women.”

“But mom, my first time was with you,” I said.

“But mommy knows you’re going to be doing it with them too, you’re also going to be doing it with that other woman who tried to keep you away from mommy… even if mommy understands and will try to get along with her mommy is still jealous and mommy’s feelings need to be released. Isn’t that what you told mommy before?”

Okay… I know now… Elizabeth is very smart and capable of understanding almost everything. It’s true when it comes to Troy she becomes stupid but beyond that she knows a lot not only about managing the empire but also the human heart. You don’t unite humanity into an empire without having a large amount of intelligence… I fully understand why Alice would hate Zhu/Troy… when someone turns the leader stupid then everyone under them suffers.

I just kissed her directly as she began to undress me. She was sore as a woman tonight, but she still wanted her time with me. This was “punishment” and it had to be something Elizabeth could have with me that the others didn’t. It had to be something special that appeals to the sadism she developed and got used too as the Empress.


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