Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 12

Chapter 12

My clothes were removed, she was strapped and she put oil on it. Lorana seems to know a lot about this for some reason as Mom seemed to be like an expert in using it.

“Son, mommy needs you to turn around, see that cloth on the wall? Make sure everything lands there. You might be messy son but mommy makes sure none of it spills so the maids have nothing to gossip about.”

She even paid attention to that… well almost every time it was either in her mouth or in the place I shouldn’t have anything to do once I exited from… so I guess it didn’t spill places there… but now this is a bit different.

“Yes mom,” I say with a slight smile. “Please be gentle mom, you’re very strong and I’m very weak.”

“You keep trying to play with mommy always talking about how weak you are don’t you son? Mommy won’t always fall for that you know.”

She grabs both my wrists and pulls me in. The oil works and I take a deep breath. I don’t even know why I thought of this. It’s uncomfortable, it’s slippery but as she goes gently and because I made sure it was small it wasn’t too unpleasant.

Still, the fact Elizabeth as my mom was totally fine doing this… all those people she killed… I don’t care I still love her.  She’s been happier and more radiant looking recently. I’m happy for that.

She gradually speeds it up.

“This is what you do to mommy when you see mommy struggle sometimes don’t you son?”

“Yes… mom…”

I kept saying mom as she kept going.

“Son, call me mommy… beg mommy!”

“Mommy please…” I said.

“Don’t worry they can’t hear us outside son… scream it!”

“Mommy PLEASE!” I yelled.

She went harder and faster the more I reacted.

It was getting harder to think and eventually after it pressed into certain spots close to where my juice is normally stored I released everything onto that cloth. I was sweating so she dried me off. There was water in there and she went to soak it then keep it hidden in her room putting a notice on it that no one was to open it or they will be killed.

When I pulled myself together there was a bright and mischievous smile on her face as she lifted me and my whole body that was now limp to bed. I smiled at her back.

“Thanks for the punishment mommy.”

I tried to pull myself to kiss her, she carried my higher so our lips could touch gently.

“You’re sleeping naked with mommy tonight,” she said. “Son, I like that punishment… it made mommy’s jealousy lessen.”

I took too many liberties when I came here. This is the first thing I really regret… look… I’ve heard of men doing this before when they liked strong women. I even did something so humiliating here when I was with mom that first night, acting like a weak man cozying up to a strong woman asking for protection. Maybe being humiliated is one of my turn ons?

Well… I mean I never explored it in my previous life… there weren’t any women there who were as strong as Mommy Elizabeth there… there weren’t even any women as strong as Nier and who were also the same height as I was…

“Mommy wants to bathe with you,” she said. “In three days the full moon is coming and mommy will be ready with that Elf of yours.”

“Please don’t hurt her mom,” I said.

“I’ll make sure she isn’t injured, you said the mana will make her stronger and harder to hold back right? Mommy will have Alice and mommy will be there too to help.”

“Luna will learn how to do it better later, but the first time for her will be hard.”

She kissed me pushing her tongue. It felt so comfortable, like she understood and wanted to make all my wishes come true.

“I understand, Luna is important to you too.” She licked my neck, “But mommy still wants to be first in your heart if she isn’t right now. So no more talking about Luna or anyone else tonight. Mommy wants her time with you.”


The full moon came. It was the same scene with me tied down, Luna sucking the mana out of me and going crazed. The only difference is Elizabeth didn’t seem as angry, neither did Alice have the angry look on her face. The valkyries weren’t as cold but had a bit more concern and when it happened Nier was sympathetic before.

They stopped Luna from going further and I didn’t have Nier cut me loose, I went to sleep after the incident. In a sense it was boring compared to all the excitement and worry about Luna dying, but everyone was also different now.


I was going to leave soon so I wanted to check up on Castell before going. He had engaged himself to Freya as I suggested. I never met with Freya and I don’t think I want to see her when I think about how insane she became over Troy even though Troy treated her as a stool. I just don’t know how he ended up with so many love sick women around him from showing them just a little kindness.

Castell was once again doing work in his office diligently while I just loved playing around for some reason. Surprisingly Freya was also there and working alongside him helping him manage things and coming up with finance logs, plans and everything needed by the Empress.

Freya was supposed to be only 15 and Castell was in his early 20’s… maybe I got him to marry her too early but when I look at their faces they don’t have the face of any unhappiness. As of now they were only officially engaged.

Castell looked up from his work with a smile. “Ah, your majesty. Is there something I can do for  you today?”

Freya stood up walked over to me and took a bow.

“Thank you for recommending me your Majesty. I was formally of the Vestia household and Castell is going to help me rebuild it in service of her majesty.”

There was a beaming smile on both their faces… I guess I’m a good matchmaker after all. It feels like everything is going a little too smoothly though. I don’t quite understand it… but still if it’s going better then I shouldn’t have any complaints. I’ve already altered the story a lot, but then was it Zhu/Troy’s own selfishness that hurt all these other developments? Or was he just so focused on himself?

It could just be the fact he didn’t know their personalities before the novel started while I had the advantage of all that beforehand. Feels like most of my guesses have been accurate.

“You really accepted so easily?” I looked at Castell.

“You had been able to make accurate calculations and predictions during your stay this month. You were also able to see through me easily as well as know I would look into things from your mentioning. Even the changes instilled by her majesty has given more enthusiasm.”

All I had to do was bang Elizabeth and benefits for everyone.

“Castell there is one more thing I want to bring up for now and again it’s not an order but if you wish to do something about it, it could bring benefits to the Empire. The dry land in the desert has a mine there.”

I pulled out a map I drew based on information I’d gathered from the library and based on what I remember from that long volume of Troy wandering the desert. If nothing turns up and we lose some men Castell just wouldn’t trust me much anymore, there’s nothing to lose with this and everything to gain since Sochina could be a good staging point with the war against the North.

I of course won’t be leading that war.

I handed the map to him.

“I believe the mine is located here,” I said. “If you can bring this map to Karana and she finds it she could take over Sochina as lord and I’m sure she would be willing to become a vassal state after that is accomplished.”

“I will send an envoy immediately,” he took the map. “Is there anything else I can do for you your majesty, if you wish to just chat it will have to be later when I have completed my tasks for the Empress.”

“Thanks Castell, thanks for taking care of my mom.”

“It was and always will be my honor your majesty.” There was a smile on his face, and there wasn’t anymore of that lonely look in his eyes. “Though I’m sure her majesty would listen to you if you told her yourself.”

“I won’t do that because when I’m here I’m not a subject and I don’t want to be an official. The only thing I want to do with her here is be her son, nothing more.”

Well actually, I’m more than her son right now… but no one is to know that.

“Oh and Castell, you know what her Majesty would enjoy in the future?” I was giving him another suggestion. “I’m sure Freya can organize this in the Capital durin gone of my stays here in Hilles, but have a masquerade festival where people are all encouraged to wear masks.  When that happens simply have an empty cart or a stand in for her with a mask on a throne and make sure the masks are never to be removed from that stand in.”

Freya’s eyes seemed to light up at it. Of course, she was the one who came up with it before, that was something she would love to do. Castell however seemed to understand something.

“I know why you are her majesty’s son,” he says. “I also know why you are such a loved son, your majesty. Her birthday is in two months, I will bring up that suggestion to her.”

I nodded and walked out to collect Luna. I had some Empress Bread with me. It was the last time I was going to see the kids for at least a month so I wanted them to remember to never challenge the Valkyries. It would at least help put Nier’s mind at ease. The excited looks at the bread made them really happy and after eating it they swore they would never do the challenge or even think about it.

“Nier, have there been more or less challenges since those posters and conditions changed?”

“More challenges, your majesty. It seems like so many of them are eager to die. I thought you didn’t like blood shed.”

“I don’t, but I know it’s necessary in some cases.”

The timeline had sped up so much compared to the original novel. I guess I should resolve all the other known issues when I get back home. I won’t be participating in that white deer hunt. Even if I could make the deer my steed… well… it does something to Troy when he was asleep once… but since I don’t intend into getting into danger there is no point in having a steed. There is also no point in finding the hybrid dragons or seeing Dragon mom.

I find a lonely alley and I ask Luna to stand at the entrance while having Nier follow me in. There shouldn’t be any prying eyes here.

“Nier would you be angry if I kissed you?”

There was a sudden blush on her face.

“No your majesty, I would not.”

Nier is so much easier when you know her… I’m sorry mom but smashing that cage of yours means you need a successor. Well, we won’t be doing it yet though… the kiss is just the first step.


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