Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 03

Chapter 03

That was easy. The Earth Dragons were killed easily and I brought them back to the village just like the original protagonist did. Lucia was excited and so I took her with me into the Palace where Mommy Vyvyan was. She was there and congratulated me as I notice her stare at Lucia.

“Mom, Lucia helped me lure the Earth Dragons with perfume, after that the piercing attacks were easy. I think if the other elves knew how to make use of these we won’t have to worry about the magic resistent Earth Dragons anymore.”

“Son,” she said. “Mommy is proud. You should have sent a messenger so we could give you the proper welcome. Mommy wants you to show your achievement to everyone.”

“Mom, will you cook for me?”

“Yes, son. Mommy will cook for you!”

There was a large smile in her face as she went to go prepare food. Her Elven cooking was good and as long as I asked her for something easy and not dangerous she would always do it. Eventually though she’ll get crazier and crazier. Perhaps this is because it’s early in the story and I haven’t made many other relationships with other women yet so I turned to Lucia.

“Lucia we need to talk about you being my fiancée.”

“Yes? If you’re worried about me losing the wind blessing, it’s not a problem. I just want to be with you.”

“No Lucia, that’s not what I want to talk to you about,” I told her. “When I almost died I realized something that you will need to know if you are going to marry me. You’ve known me all your life but Lucia there is something you need to know.”

“Yes? Is it something bad?”

I guess my tone was quite ominous.

“My mom, Her Highness loves me,” I said.

“I know she loves you, all parents love their children dearly. I want to be a mother too and love my child dearly.”

“Lucia there are different kinds of love right? There’s motherly love, there’s friendly love and then there is the love you have for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and have children. You know those different kinds right?”

“Yes, I think so… that’s the love I have for you right as my fiance.”

This was a girl who didn’t even know what that thing between my legs was. She didn’t see it this time because I didn’t allow her to bathe with me, and this is the reason why. Even if I do things differently from Zhu Liangzhe, it is not guarantee for a better outcome. Simply because killing the Earth Dragons worked doesn’t mean everything else will work out fine. There are no guarantees in how things will work. None.

Lucia was willing to accept it when the original character wanted to take Nier.  Every time he took someone else however, she hurt more and more each time. Troy promised over and over he wouldn’t take more, and wouldn’t love him but somehow kept getting into circumstances where he kept cheating on her and Nier. I don’t know how she will feel about this but I want her to make a decision knowing rather than making one not knowing. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, or know I won’t keep.

Zhu/Troy was really a disgusting person in a lot of ways. I always felt the idea he was excellent was put out by his mothers, and that idea was forced upon the other characters who worshipped them as supreme leaders.  Vyvyan however knew that the only reason he was doing those things was because the two of them were his backing. It kind of felt like the truth of the events happening had to always be read in between the lines.

Either that or it was just bad writing.

“Lucia, mom loves me as someone whom she wants to have her own children with. If you want to be with me I will never abandon you and you’ll always have a place with me but I don’t want to give you false promises or tell you that it will only be you. As of right now there are at least 2 more, possibly 6 more. Of the other two, one will be Her Highness, and the other will be the Empress of Humanity who is also my mother.”

Two more would be Vyvyan and Elizabeth if Elizabeth can still get pregnant, there is a way to hide it or at least trick others into thinking she was impregnated by her missing husband no one had seen before. Nier, would be number 4… and Luna even though I will be friendly with her and hope she doesn’t fall for me would be 5.  The Dragon Mom… Sylvanas would make 6 total… I’m going to try to limit it and avoid the ones I don’t have to get but for circumstances to work due to the complicated nature of feelings… well if Lucia doesn’t want to I’ll let her go and it’ll be a maximum of 6 and no more. Ling Yue and Irina I hope I never have to meet under those circumstances… sure they somehow ended up happy but what Troy did to the both of them before sending them off was ridiculous.  Of the two, Ling Yue is possible but since I don’t plan to become part dragon Irina can be crossed off safely… also I don’t want to get gang… r… ya…

Lucia’s eyes widened. “What do you mean? I don’t understand, she’s your mother isn’t she? Well. I suppose if you love your mother more than me that way I can’t do anything about it. She beautiful, she’s tall… her breasts…”

As I thought, elves don’t care about the fact she’s my mom. Haha. This world is wild.

“It’s not about competing though, the fact is I love you too, and the love I know you have for me is pure, but the love Her highness and her majesty have for me is obsessive and dangerous.”

“I don’t see how her highness’ love is dangerous. She always takes care of you. How can you say that about your mom?”

Lucia… you’re making this difficult for me. I guess an innocent girl who doesn’t know how twisted love can be will be difficult to explain this too.

“I can say it because honestly that’s what I love about her most, just like I love how pure you are and how you are most interested in being with me and trusting me. That’s why I’m being honest. Her highness is obsessive and possessive, and she will see you as her rival for my love. It’s dangerous and there might be many times where she might try to get rid of you… underhandedly… I’m telling you this Lucia because I don’t want to lie to you in anyway. Love with me is going to be hard, and you won’t be the only woman I will have children with, but I promise you that if you want to be with me then no matter who comes forward trying to take me you will always have a place in my heart, and I will find a way to make mom accept you too… but I’m telling you the truth because while mom likes you now… she will get insecure if I don’t show her enough love and focus on you… ”

Lucia stared at me, I could see tears in her eyes. I had to continue.

“I can tell you how tragic mom was with my father, her brother Inard and how I came here. She has a deep wound in her heart. I love her, and I know if I abandon you I’ll make a wound in yours as well which is why I can’t abandon mom’s feelings but I will do everything I can to make everyone who loves me happy. I will never abandon anyone who will be with me so Lucia… please… if you’re able please accept it… if you can’t then I will be sad but I won’t blame you because I understand you want to be the only one but this is a cruel world and even if I married you as princess of the Galadriel the elders will cast you out if we don’t produce a child with a powerful enough bloodline. So please Lucia, please listen to me when I say I want to love you too but the world is cruel but I want you by my side just as much as everyone else… I see you as family already.”

“I don’t understand,” she said. “I don’t understand.”

She began to run out and leaped over the gate. The gate was shut by magic, and the only way I could get over is if Lucia carried me. This is just how it is being a weakling. A girl so much smaller than me could princess carry me. I remember she even made fun of Zhu/Troy for fighting with a rabbit and losing. Haha… I don’t know why but I just find it amusing, and I’m going to avoid rabbits.  Still, I feel bad about Lucia, however the emotional road ahead is something I can’t guarantee for certain.

Food was prepared and Mommy Vyvyan Called. I went over where she asked where Lucia was and I told her I might have hurt her feelings and she ran above the gate. I wanted to chase after her but I couldn’t because I was weak.

“Son you’re not weak, but you don’t have to be strong. You killed the Earth Dragon son, Mommy believes you’re not weak at all.” She said with a grin.

She was happy Lucia ran away, I know. It just feels so strange when you know so much about these characters from reading some novel on the internet. I looked at Vyvyan, she looks so young. I remembered she was about 100 years old. Older than my grandmother back on earth, but still gave birth to the me in this world while having the child of Zhu/Troy in the future and hiding it to the point where I don’t think Lucia ever found out.

I hate secrets and lying. It just pushes everyone away from each other.

“Oh son, are you staring at how pretty mommy is?”

“Yes mommy, you’re very beautiful.”

“Oh son, mommy is so happy!”

“Mom, there is something I want you to promise me.”

Vyvyan smiled, “What is it son? Mommy would give you anything! Mommy would make you happy, what is it? Mommy is happy you want to make promises. Mommy loves you!”

“Promise you will never erase my memories from this point forward.”

Mommy Vyvyan now changed her face. I had to try and make her not worry. “Mom, I know you have the ability to do that, but if I don’t remember what I’ve done then I can’t learn or understand it. I know you might erase my memory in the future thinking about what’s good for me, but I don’t want you too. I might be weak in body but I promise you I’ll know how to make good decisions. I know Lucia ran away from me mom, but I can’t tell you what I told her yet. It’s not that I want to keep secrets from you mom, I don’t like keeping secrets from you because I love you so once Lucia gives me an answer I’ll talk to you about it.”

“Yes son, mommy trusts you!”

She’s basically in the mode of Troy being an idiot. It’s kind of funny the obsession she has with Troy is to the point where in the novel she never quite realized the personality change.

Still I need to give her a reward right? I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, but instead of backing away in surprise she leaned in further and pushed her tongue inside me.

“Let mommy show you how to kiss properly,” she said.

A few days later Lucia hadn’t come back yet but Castell eventually came to visit. Castell looked young, and Vyvyan was out meeting with the elders. I think it was here that Castell would talk to Troy about piercing dragon scales. Only the Dragons are now all dead… no wait… Castell was supposed to meet me earlier wasn’t he?

“Your majesty,” Castell came in.

The difference was Lucia wasn’t here with me this time. She is probably mulling over what I told her the other day but it can’t be helped. There are some things I understand from the novel that can’t be changed, only sped up and alleviated. The complex relationships that were already rampaging on between the minds of Vyvyan, Lucia, and Elizabeth were pre-established whereas the others I had more of a choice with. Luna however will be needed since I won’t be summoning Vyvyan to take care of my berserk status for some reason in the empire next month.  If she falls in love with me… the thing is I don’t want to hurt anyone but for some reason every female involved with Troy for an extended period of time wants him.

“Don’t you have to reserve that for when I’m on human lands?” I joked.

“Yes, I suppose so,” Castell said. “I wanted to congratulate you on killing the Earth Dragons. You used a human weapon which I was actually going to give you a clue about.”

“I might have preferred using a gun instead, but as you know elves see that as taboo here, but Castell I’m glad you came. Will you be leaving before me at the end of the month? I need you to give her majesty a letter. If you need to read it before you give it to her you can unseal it and do so, but it is a letter I wrote to her. I don’t want the visit to be the same this time. I don’t want to stay in my room but in order to do that some things have to be said to her.”

“Yes, I understand,” Castell said. “Her majesty will receive your letter.”

“Yes, you’re part of her faction and are loyal as always. That’s what I like about you though. You and Alice are going to be called to a private meeting with me and her majesty. I know she’ll do it for me.”

“Your majesty, are you telling me that you’re manipulating her majesty?”

“If I said yes would you hide the letter? I just told you to read the letter and decide what you want to do. I also called you and Alice the Valkyrie leader in. If anything I’m going to be at a complete disadvantage wouldn’t I? Her two most loyal subjects are at her side while I talk to her? She has her two advisors, the rule is I must go there and stay for a month and then I’m going to talk with her privately. Not to mention my mom is one of the strongest people on the continent, she could crush me easily with just her finger. I can’t use mana and I have no talent with a sword. Look, just read the letter and if you think it’s manipulating her then don’t give it to her. The fact is no matter what I ask for she’s going to try and grant it anyway because I’m her biological son. I know you don’t like that, and I know all her subjects don’t like that, which is why I want you and Alice there when I try to clear the air with her. Also, you’ve seen me walking around with Lucia… I’m definitely in love with her.”

Castell looked at me as though he is figuring me out. The novel always described him as careful and putting Elizabeth’s interests above his own, loyal to the end.

“Your Majesty perhaps you should explain it to me and maybe I can help you.”

I give Castell a smile. He definitely knows Mommy Elizabeth better than any one of her subjects.

“Okay Castell, I’ll explain this to you in simple words. I don’t want to be the next emperor. My mom is trapped in a cage, and whenever I go to visit her I’m also trapped in a cage full of her subjects and subordinates, many of whom despise me because they don’t see me as a worthy successor and as her weakness. It’s obvious I’m not a worthy successor, but if I start to try and know her majesty as my mother… the first thing they’re going to say is that I’m tricking her or causing her to favor me and thus I will be a threat to her. I’m sure you’ve heard it before among the valkyries.”

Castell remained silent. I understood as him saying I was right, but he wasn’t allowed to confirm any of that due to his loyalty. If I told the Empress this would cause division amongst her subjects and wouldn’t be good for them.

“Castell, I’m not my mother. I am no swordsmen nor am I a leader and I am not hoping to be in anyway.  I do not like seeing blood and therefore would not be fit to kill. I’m weak. An emperor like me would be a disaster, especially since I have no experience in anything except being a spoilt child here to Queen Vyvyan.  However, her majesty needs to hear those words herself and your faction needs to stop targeting me. I’m hesitant to say any of this until I’m speaking with her majesty face to face because she will easily kill good subordinates with no fault. Also she’s unstable whenever it comes to anything involving me. If she kills more of her subjects she will have less power every time someone talented dies. All her valkyries are talented with the sword, and if she continues killing like that due to me how then how am I to continue visiting her?  You know what she wants most is for me to stay there… don’t you?”

“How do you know about that saying about the cage,” Castell asked.

“I had a dream about it.” I couldn’t help but smile.

Castell is another tragic love story. Elizabeth only has eyes for her son, me. Hence her son-con characteristics though she’s more Tsundere and sadistic. She becomes less sadistic as she interacts with Troy more, but she is still strict. Personally, that’s the reason I don’t want to interact with too many people.

“So you don’t want to interact with people in the palace because you’re afraid she’ll kill them, and you’re also afraid that the valkyries are targeting you.”


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