Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 04

Chapter 04

“Yes, but I want to tell her this directly otherwise she might go on a killing spree on her own subjects, I need to stop her from doing that while telling her. The only way I can do that is if she can schedule a private chat with me so I can talk to her. Alice is the leader of the Valkyries so she also needs to be there since she helps her Majesty manage them.”

“I agree with your course of action,” Castell has a smile. “Please put in a good word with her majesty for me, I will help relay your message.”

“Oh, and I can never leave the elves for good because I’m in love with Lucia who is my fiance here,” I say once more as he leaves.

That should at least get him to write something similar to the telegram he sent the previous time…still Elizabeth… Elizabeth…

The story of Elizabeth Rosvenor was a very tragic one. She was the last to be able to freely bang her son, and arguably she was also the one who sacrificed the most for him. It doesn’t say much about how she was after Daisy grew up… You never really knew if she was truly freed from that cage or if she might have died before that happened.

She softens as the story goes on, but doesn’t understand that her softening actually caused her loyal retainers and subjects distress. Her obsessive love for her son though was something else, but honestly I really wanted to be punished by her.  Her desire to push herself on her son was bipolar, but most of her actions stemmed a lot from insecurity depending on circumstances, because even though she said Zhu/Troy understood her you could tell that he never actually could understand her even after the finale.

The only thing he understood was that she wanted to be free from being Empress… that’s the only thing he really understood about her. He didn’t understand how much he was hurting her because she loved him. He didn’t understand how he made it more difficult to do things that had to be done such as burning down Troy City when the mana infection came. I don’t even want to have Troy city… Zhu/Troy owned the city but made Freya do all the work… my goodness…

In contrast Vyvyan was insane, but she was also a lot more lucky in her circumstances. It just goes to show how unfair even a fantasy world could easily be, not to mention the modern world. Karma just doesn’t really exist.


A few days later Lucia came back to see me in the palace, she still had a few tears in her eyes. I guess in a way telling her she wasn’t the only one made her upset. It really pulls on the heart strings but at the same time when I think about how many times Troy/Zhu made her, his mother’s and Nier worried over his stupid escapades then justified it by how he “needed” to do it.

I only read the novel for women.  Now, I guess I’m only going to live out this life for the women.

“I will still marry you as long as you promise never to abandon me,” Lucia said. “If you keep that promise like you said earlier I can live with it.”

There were tears in her eyes and I know it’s hard for her to accept but somehow she still accepted it.

“I promise,” I tell her.

“How many are you going to have with you? You said her highness would be with you too? Who are the others? If it could be as few as possible it would be better.”

“If I’m lucky it’ll just be two more humans. The Empress, and maybe someone who will be my body guard, but it’s most likely to be three more with another elf. When I come back if I have the scent of another elf it’s because she helped me with my mana on a full moon.”

“I don’t have good experiences with humanity, but can you tell me about them?” Lucia was earnest. “And how do you know about the others?”

“It’s a secret for now how I know these things Lucia,” I said as I kissed her gently. “I promise I’ll tell all of it one day… but I need to put everything in place first. Lucia would you believe me if I said I saw the future and doing some of these things was the only way we could all be happy?”

Lucia had a bit of a sad look. “You’ll still love me and never abandon me right?”

“I will never abandon you,” I said.

Her face changed as she showed her acceptance of it.

“Then your highness, can you please tell me about the woman who takes you away every month?”

“The Empress her majesty is my mother, she was actually a good friend of Her highness before and the first wife of her highness’ brother. She’s been suffering without me because I’m the last blood connection she has left. She only has me left, and I can’t tell you the story now without her and her highness consent, but after the trauma she has gone through before she won’t be able to easily connect with others, even those most loyal to her.”

Lucia listened. Although she didn’t quite understand, she tried to understand. I didn’t tell Lucia everything but I gave her the gist of it about how I saw part of the future and the past. While she was innocent in love, that innocence allowed her to accept information more readily when she was willing too. In the novel she eventually got along with everyone even if she didn’t like it… but then almost all the women around Troy show jealousy. Even when Troy’s mom’s were around him his wives were jealous even if it was said they didn’t know. They even used a love potion on him.  You just wonder, if Troy just stayed home and focused on doing it with them as much as possible everyday wouldn’t everyone have been much, much happier? Instead he goes out and suffers and they have to come to his rescue.

“You care about others so much. I just hope you keep caring and loving me too.”

“I will always love you Lucia,” I said.

Well, I mean… I kinda do. This girl is sweet, cute, beautiful with cute ears, what’s there not to love? I won’t break her heart, which is why I had to tell her all this upfront. I figured it would work because she was willing to accept it despite being betrayed the first time, this time it’s not betrayal because I told her everything upfront.


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