Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 08

Chapter 08

My heart started thumping out of my chest as I kept thinking about what I was going to do next. I promised myself I was going to be shameless. This is the time Elizabeth is the most vulnerable to any whim from her son. As he begins to spend more time with her his whims aren’t as easily met.

She’s a strong woman.

“Mom can you tell others not to come in here, I don’t want to be interrupted because this is important time I want to spend with you.”

She gets up and walks out of the room. The posted Valkyries are sent away and she bolts the door behind.

“Mom, can you carry me to bed,” I said

She flashed a brilliant but creepy and happy smile.

“Son yes, mommy will carry you, wait there mommy will come to you.”

She walks over quickly and then lifts me up like I’m nothing, in a princess carry. Her arms are slender but strong. I can feel her muscle when I was pressed against her.

“Mommy is so happy carrying you. Mommy was worried because mommy didn’t know you felt scared here. Mommy took away the Valkyrie’s right to kill,  so mommy hopes you won’t be scared anymore. Please tell mommy if you’re worried, mommy will protect you from everything.”

I was now sitting on her lap still in a princess carry position on the bed. I put my arms on her and hug her.

“Son, mommy is so happy you’re so affectionate.”

She hugs me against her to the point I can’t breathe.

“Gentle —“ I gasped “Gentle…”

She realized what she as doing.

“Mommy is sorry, mommy doesn’t know her strength! Mommy is sorry!”

I could die if I do this… do I really want to?

“Mom, I’m weak, please be gentle with me.”

She tried to use less strength while still hugging me.

“Mommy will be gentle, son please stay here with mommy, please.”

I could feel some tears when she hugged me coming down to my shoulder. This lady, this woman… this girl… is desperately lonely.

“Mom, can I kiss you?”

I felt a jolt in her body. I know she’s excited but wow… her eyes turned toward me.

“Yes, mommy would loved to be kissed by you.”

She had nice beautiful cherry lips on her. I leaned in and placed my lips on hers, there was an electric numbing feeling as I could feel her trembling a bit. She was excited and happy. It was a strange feeling seeing such a beautiful woman so excited to be kissed. If this were my old life and a woman like this, who isn’t my mom, kissed me, and got this excited I’d be in complete heaven.

Here though, I felt sorry for her. All these years she longed for her son and was so desperate that she acted this way from just a soft simple family kiss.

I’m going for it.

“Mom, can I kiss you one more time?”

“Yes, son mommy will take every kiss you want to give. Please keep kissing mommy!”

She asked for it.

“Mom, I love you very much,” I said looking directly into her eyes.

Before she could react I pushed my lips on hers and kissed her. I pushed in my tongue and tasted her saliva. I pulled myself closer by using her neck to pull myself in because I wasn’t strong enough to move her.

At first her mouth didn’t react but I kept going and her tongue responded to mine. It was sweet and soft and the moment kept going for a few minutes with me locking lips with the woman who sacrificed so much for me. The tension in her face started to soften and the arms that held me in her lap loosened while still remaining firm.

I honestly didn’t feel like a man anymore, but I didn’t care. This was so enjoyable with her, much more enjoyable than all the vanilla stuff with Vyvyan, but that’s only because it was volume one.

After our lips broke a part I was panting a bit but there was a big smile on Mommy Elizabeth’s face.  A blissful smile as though she had something she craved for so long.

“Mom, can you listen to what I want to tell you?”

“Yes son, Mommy will listen to you.” She kept that softer smile. “Mommy is very happy she knows you love her.”

“Mom, all parents hold their children naked when they’re young right?”

Elizabeth jolted again as I could feel it. She’s so cute this way, but it’s also a sign of desperation. She had always wanted the experience of raising me. Giving baths and not being shameless in front of their parents, kids could do whatever they wanted. Hence to get rid of this desperation… shamelessness was a requirement.

“I want mom to keep wearing her uniform that she is proud and strong in, while holding me naked,” I said. “I never got to experience that with mom before, I want to experience it now.”

I gave her a yearning expression as I stood up from her lap. She stared at me as though she didn’t want to react but there was traces of excitement in her face. In a way it was creepy, and in a way it was hot. I kept my urges in check right now because I’ll need them later. I focused on going soft as I took off my shirt and breathed hard.

The pants came off next and then my underwear to where I had nothing on me standing in front of her. Then I got on the bed facing her and wrapped my legs around her while hugging her. I felt her arms coming up behind me tightly pulling me in and her large soft chest under the uniform pushed against me. My heart was beating faster but so was hers, but the organ between my legs was pressed up against rock hard abs and I wasn’t sure if she was conscious of it but this was part of being shameless.

Mom really had an incredible body despite being in her late 30’s. Compared to my soft half-elven body that didn’t seem to have much muscle it would be like an internet addict pressed against one of those fitness models who happened to have massive… Like I’ve said before, Troy is definitely weaker than practically every girl in the series except maybe Luna until he became part dragon, and even then he never even knew how to use his strength and would still be dominated by Elizabeth.

Right now, the feeling between us is so different.

“I love how strong mom is,” I said. “Mom is very strong. I can feel how strong you are mom. I’m weak. I’m so weak but I love when mom holds me like this. It makes me feel so safe.”

“Mommy loves holding you too,” Elizabeth said. “Mommy is so happy mommy got to experience this even though son is grown up. Mommy will always see him as her child.”

“Mom, can you hold me while I tell you something, hold me and don’t let go until I tell you everything.”

“Yes, son.. Mommy will hold you. Tell mommy everything.”

She gently puts her arm around me and I pull myself up to her face. I can tell there are a lot of things going through her mind now. Some of those feelings might be validation, some might be excitement. There is a hint of happiness as well.

“Mom, I had a dream where I saw you in the past,” I said. “I saw you with Inard my father, and I saw how you gave me to him because your family was destroyed. I saw why you met them when you ran away because you were being forced to marry an old man.”

“Mom, I saw you after you gave me to dad and he took me to the elves with the other woman, I know you don’t like her so I don’t want mommy to get angry so I’ll just tell mom what I saw only of you.”

Elizabeth’s expression changed. It seemed there was fear in her eyes. I ran some of my fingers through her hair and placed my head on her shoulder looking at her neck. I felt her breathing going in and out. Physical touch in these cases can alleviate some tension.

“Mom, I’m not afraid of you, but I know what you did. I know you kill people without issue. I know in the past you killed so many when you conquered. You slayed everyone that fought you. Mom, you are strong. You’re the strongest person.”

“Those things were horrifying to see at first for me. I saw you take a head that was cut off and you filled it with wine and you drank it. You drank the blood with the wine. I saw you torture people and force them to submit. I saw all of it.”

“Son… I…”

I stop her by placing my finger gently on her lips.

“Mom, I said I wasn’t scared, I don’t like killing it’s true. I don’t like seeing blood but when I saw everything mom did in the past I knew everything you did was to make a place safe for me. When you gave me up it was because there was too much chaos with humans fighting each other. You had to go and make an empire where there was order and things became more predictable. You fought hard mom, but you killed because you didn’t want a place where you couldn’t keep me safe.”

“That’s right son, mommy is happy you understand.” There are eyes of relief.

What I’m about to say next is going to be horribly embarrassing but I think it will work.

“I felt mom’s arms. Mom is strong and can carry and throw me. Mom can kill 100 men without stopping and she can kill monsters and dragons. If mom hated me she could kill me with just her hand. Mom was brutal before.”

“Son why do you say things these things about mommy?” She asked quietly as the mood changed. “Mommy knows and if son wants mommy will stop. I promise mommy will give you everything.”

“Mommy listen,” I said.

I felt it getting harder as I thought about it. Against her abs it was growing and growing.

“Let me move your hands mom, let me put them somewhere, but please be gentle with me. This is important to me mommy because I want mommy to understand.”

I grabbed each arm and pulled them around to my front where they both touched what was sticking out triumphantly into the air. Elizabeth’s eyes widen and she stares down.  I feel her strong but small hands moving around between the tip and the sides down to the scrunched sack. I could tell she wanted it… she was after all still a woman even though she’s my mother here.

I let out a soft moan because it was exhilarating that feeling of taboo and forbidden love.  This was the best feeling I’ve ever had. She wasn’t rejecting me, if she hit me I could die. It was dangerous and I was gambling with injury in case she became startled and hit me.

“Mom, you know about the full moon. When that happens mana has to be sucked out from my blood or my mouth through spit. The third way is from here.”

I put my hands around hers as she looks at me I give her a slight reaction when she moves. I pushed her fingers that had hard calluses on them from holding a sword and guided them around the helmet.

“No one has ever tasted mine when it comes out mom. If you want it mom, I want you to have it. Or I’ll have to bring her over to visit me at the end of the month to drain my mana. The elf Castell bought can only do it from here because it’s fast and less painful than blood.”

“Son… mommy… doesn’t…”

“I love you mom, not just as mom but also a woman.”

Such a cringe line, but why is it so seemingly effective with her.

“Mommy will… mommy will do it.” There is a resolute look in her eyes. “If my son wants to give it to me then mommy take all of it!”

I feel her hands move to my butt and I’m suddenly lifted into the air where the bottom of my thighs are sitting on her shoulders and she is literally moving my body back and forth to stimulate. This woman is too strong… It’s too much… the suction was unbelievably strong to where it fell somewhere between extreme pleasure and is it going to be sucked off…

It went on for a few minutes and finally I release a lot of it. I felt it gushing out, more than I ever had in my previous life. Gulping sounds come from between my thighs and I see her smiling and licking her lips when it’s done. There was a glint in her eyes as she now looked up to me with a smirk as though telling me I’m in trouble.

She had at least had some of her senses come back to her…


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