Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 13

Chapter 13

The plan was for me to leave the next morning early so I wasn’t going to spend the night in the inner court with my mother. It was probably going to be the first night I slept alone unless I had Luna or Nier in bed with me but I still felt it was too soon with either even if they would be willing.

I got to my room.

Nier had a blush on her face.

“I’m sorry if I made you embarrassed Nier.”

She shakes her head. Luna was there looking at us as well in her maid outfit with her short pink hair. Luna couldn’t have children, she had told me this because I made sure to talk with her and at least have the same conversations as she had previously.

Luna looked expectantly at Nier as it seemed they had something to talk about.

“Can you have bath with both of us,” Nier asked quietly. “I…”

Luna interjected:

“I can put up an order with the maids so we won’t be disturbed. WE can do this after your dinner with her majesty.”

“Both of you?”

“We’re friends now,” Luna said. “Nier accepts me as part of those five. She talked about how you mentioned it and I told her what you told me so if we’ll be with you in the future then we can do this together can’t we?”

Another interesting development I didn’t really expect. It seems like everything is going my way. Then again, it also leads to the question of where did all this information come from? The author couldn’t have seen this world in some way before I got transmigrated here could he?

“That sounds nice,” I said softly so others won’t hear. “I would kiss you both but there are too many eyes here in the palace.”

When it comes to kissing the check marks are: Lucia, Vyvyan, Elizabeth, and Nier. I hadn’t kissed Luna yet… I guess I could go for it in the bath and hope Nier isn’t too irritated.

A valkyrie came to the room that wasn’t Nier.

“Nier you are to have the night off until her majesty and his majesty have finished their dinner. Her majesty summons Prince Troy to her office.”

“If we have time tonight,” I tell them both as I walk out. “Otherwise when I return I promise!”

When the scholars read the letters of concubines in China and mistresses they found that the women often weren’t jealous of whether the husband was having relations with others but of their position in his heart. Even if he was with his mistress, if he didn’t give the mistress more resources or attention even if he was ploughing her fields the wife didn’t let it bother her.

Although in this world there is magic that can reverse a baby into a fetus again, the rule is that the woman will always be the mother but the father might not be known.

Oh, and a curious thought, I calculated my age here. I’m eighteen years old. The first time I was born was 20 years ago… but with the time reversal magic my father did along with Vyvyan I was born again 2 years later… I don’t know which birth is my official birthday. According to Elizabeth the first birthday is more important, well that was the day she gave birth to me, but sometimes… maybe… hmmm…

I have something to ask Vyvyan when I return… no wait I remember now.. I think Inard lost some of his life span whenever he used time reversal.  He was also the only one who could use it so I can’t have Vyvyan use it on Elizabeth every time she got too old.

I went to Elizabeth’s office where there were Valkyrie guards posted outside. She was sitting there as they brought me in looking over papers and agreements. It’s hard to believe how majestic and beautiful she looks in military uniform.

There alone she patted her lap for me.

“Son, come sit on mommy’s lap,” her voice was low. “They can’t hear us outside unless you talk louder than this. Mommy always wanted to have you sit on her lap while watching her work.”

Wait a minute… wait a minute… I remember this… so Elizabeth is closer to how she was at the end of the novel now… well even in Volume 9 she was that girl chasing someone while towards the end she became the more confident woman… I guess this is good… but I’m pretty certain I know what comes next.

Still I can’t resist it. I thought it was one of the hottest scenes in the novel even if I’m going to have to eat my own yogurt. I don’t care, let’s relive this scene. At least this time I won’t have those ugly scales anymore. If it were really horrifying to where kids were afraid, you can only imagine how much all the women around Troy loved him to stay with him despite that.

I walk over to sit on her lap but she puts her arm out to stop me from sitting down.

“Take off all your clothes first son,” she said. “If you don’t Mommy will do it for you…”

I do it as ordered. Everything off… I was stimulated and it showed.

“Looks like mommy has a healthy boy,” she said as I sat on her thighs. “You know mommy knows what you’re going to do with that woman when you go back. You already told her everything. Mommy understands but it still makes mommy Jealous.”

“So is mom wearing her military uniform now because she’s jealous?”

“Son is very smart, you know when mommy is going to punish you.”

She holds my waist firmly with one hand and presses her breasts into my back while her other hand moves slowly back and forth. She seems to have figured out my spots after I’ve spent the entire month with her… it was… hard… I began to breath a bit harder…

“If you make too much noise they’ll hear you outside and if anyone sees this I’ll have to order them to die. Relationships like this between us aren’t well accepted in the empire even if they’re accepted by elves.”

“I know mom…” Breathing hard… “I know…”

Her hands kept going up and down, the grip was strong and it was hard but I forced myself not to moan. It was very similar to that scene.

“Oh, it’s almost dinner time so perhaps mommy needs to go faster otherwise the cooks will alert us by opening that door…” She rubbed my belly a bit. “You didn’t want the chef to die despite not liking his cooking right? His food improved but mommy is still angry at him so maybe he should come in…”

What the heck… wow… what… it’s so dangerous…

“Mom… I’ll move with you… please go faster… but I don’t want the.. Valkyries… so put your hand over my mouth…”

I tried to look at her face where there was a smile there. She took the hand off my waist and put it over my mouth so I could only breath through my noise. I got excited and moved in with her rhythm.

I loved this so much… I don’t know why… it was just… thrilling!

“You’re so eager and mommy doesn’t know how this is punishment anymore.”

It all came out and she looked at her hand that made sure it didn’t go anywhere.

“Wow… well the cook can’t see this… hurry up son…”

“Wait, aren’t we going to do this together?”

Mom smiled… “Why? It’s yours so shouldn’t you take it back?”

There was just too much… but I wasn’t getting out of this… I put it in my mouth and it was hard to swallow. Before I did I felt lips against mine and a strong suction.

Mom kissed me, stuck her tongue inside and licked it out before swallowing it all herself. She licked her lips and smiled at me… something that didn’t happen or perhaps wasn’t described in the original novel…

“Mommy loves it when you feed her,” she says. “Mommy is almost always hungry for more, so whenever you are here you must always remember to feed mommy. Mommy fed you when you were a baby so it’s your turn to feed mommy now right? Feed mommy lots and lots…”

Wait… how? This stuff wasn’t mentioned before. Despite just losing a large load it started standing up again as I saw her eyes look down.

“Oh, looks like you want to feed mommy again,” she said with a devilish smile. “I won’t make you put it in your mouth again today.”

I stood up and quickly got dressed. The chef would be coming soon, then I leaned into her to give her a quick kiss.

“Mom, I loved your punishment but next time make sure the people who can discover us are those you wouldn’t kill if they found out. If mom wants to kill others I won’t mind but I don’t want to be responsible for someone’s death unless they want to harm me or someone I love… like you.”

Her eyes changed when I told her this so I had to kiss her again.

“I love you mom, even if you do it I’ll still love you but it’ll put burdens on my heart because I don’t like seeing needless blood.”

I felt her strong arms hugging me, “Okay mommy will still punish you when Mommy gets jealous but mommy won’t put others in danger for these punishments.”

There is a knock on the door, and thank goodness it was time for dinner. Who would have thought Elizabeth would become someone addicted to that disgusting tasting liquid?  I mean, blood is pretty disgusting and she drank it with wine before… so maybe it’s not that out of the loop… is it?

The victorious military commander, majestic in her uniform now drinking her favorite drink after conquering important strategic locations…

Wait… if I remember correctly… Nier and Vyvyan were the ones who regularly ravished Troy.  Luna did it only every so often. Lucia mostly preferred spiritual intimacy over physical intimacy and Elizabeth only did it when Troy came to her… or a few times when she punished him due to jealousy.

She got the least amount of action compared to everyone else during the course of the novel… but from what I’ve guessed it was also because her stamina was lower. There was even a reference how Nier was better than her at that… Now that she prefers drinking rather than taking it there though…

What have I done?

Will there be enough of me to go around?

Wait, no… Nier didn’t get hit by the drugs from the Church this time around but then again based on what I’ve known just because something was said in the novel doesn’t make it true. There were numerous times Elizabeth said something that made the timeline incorrect like telling Troy he was born 18 years ago in Volume 9 chapter 44… but wait a minute… I don’t get much of it…

“What’s wrong son? Won’t you go with mommy to dinner?”

Elizabeth asked me snapping me back from spacing out.

Dinner… she just had a whole course…

Well, she definitely needs her life extended no matter what. I need her!


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