Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 06

Chapter 06

Alice had a horrible glare at me knowing she had to follow orders as a Valkyrie.

“What is your ploy?” she asked.

“I want to tell you two things,” I said. “First is that it should be obvious now killing me will cause her majesty to kill herself as well. She’ll do anything I say as long as I promise her some form of affection.”

Alice stared at me now seemingly acknowledging that fact.

“And second?”

“I want you to know the difference between our places in her heart,” I said. “All her subjects, the valkyries, you love her because she gave you a place to be. I haven’t loved her in my life, but the reality is she raised you, lead armies, and conquered everything just so she could keep me safe. Without me she wouldn’t have continued conquering or turning into the harsh ruler she is today.”

“Your meaning?” Alice was short.

“I’ll be clear, I don’t want political power. I’ll try to make her happy, and I’ll make sure to prevent her from dispairing. You already can see she’ll do almost anything to protect or comfort me. She’s unstable because of my existence, but as someone whom she’s given so much of herself for just so she could have me at her side she will kill herself if something happens to me. I don’t want her to continue being sad, nor do I want to be her weakness or a threat.”

Alice stared at me. “Fine, but even if her majesty kills me, if you harm her in anyway I will still cut you down.”

“I understand.”

We left the room and Elizabeth was staring away at the wall. I couldn’t leave her that way, she had anticipated improving her relationship with me because I had sent a letter.

“Mom, I’ll come back for dinner tonight, there are a few things I need to do today. Also I need an elf maid servant, and I’ll explain it to you tonight. Have someone escort me to your room tonight. I want to get to know you more mom, but I also know that you need to be an empress in front of everyone else so I’ll only be myself when we’re in private. I promise mom.”

“Yes son,” she said softly still not turning to face me but her voice was trembling slightly.

“Mom,  I promise we’ll start over… but promise me you’ll be strong because everyone in the Empire still needs you.”

“I… I promise,” she said.

“I’ll be going now.” I walk out and find Nier standing there.

Nier is going to be cold for a few days, perhaps even the whole month. That’s what took place in the novel. It still doesn’t feel nice to have such a beautiful young girl hate you though. Especially when that girl could cut you up easily. I didn’t want to talk with her much because I knew that opening her up couldn’t be done in one day, however I knew of a way to liven her up.

“Take me to the blacksmith area,” I told her.

“Yes your majesty,” she said.

I followed and found the blacksmith Lorana owned. It was the one ‘that hardly accepts any jobs.’  It was small and quaint, I had brought some paper with me and writing instrument.

The original protagonist was fearful of making more than the simple flint loader and revolver.  I had no such qualms, I drew several items including the guns in a more advanced state.

“Nier,” I said. “The blacksmith’s identity here is someone who can call her majesty and her highness by their names, and if they meet her they will call her teacher. Don’t get any ideas about fighting her. Her name is Lorana. “

Nier kept her cold gaze,. “Yes your majesty.”

Well at least the gaze wasn’t something like I was her enemy now. I didn’t try talking to her much so maybe I’m behind in trying to get her affection?

Lorana came in, I could recognize her red hair. “Why are you here?”

“I think you’ll be interested in these.” I handed her all the documents I drew up. Everything I could remember and I even wrote about rifling, the production of bullets and many other things.

The internet contained a wealth of information and I could get lots of things there. When I had originally read about this scene with Lorana I kept thinking he was too conservative and he made a wind pistol or something for Lucia but throughout the story she hardly ever used it. So why waste time and effort on this.

Lorana’s eyes widened as she looked at this. “This is incredible, this solves so many issues, how did you come up with this? Who are… you?”

“You don’t recognize me just yet?”


Looks like she sees the resemblance. “No, you must be… I see… was it Elizabeth who told you to come here with this? Vyvyan would never want you to create such things since gun powdered weapons are taboo among the elves.”

“Stop Nier, obey me!” I yelled.

Nier drew her sword on Lorana but was promptly put down with a pair of tongs Lorana casually picked up. I guess she still didn’t believe me, but the surprise on her face indicated now she had to believe me.

“I told you this is her majesty’s teacher, sword saint Lorana. You can’t act rash in front of her.”

Nier looked at me then she turned to Lorana and bowed, “I apologize for my offense teacher.”

“My, my, a young prince and already bossing and trying to keep up with your subordinates,” Lorana laughed. “Loyalty isn’t earned quickly though.”

“She’s not my subject or subordinate, she was just ordered to protect me today by my mom,” I said. “I don’t have any subjects, I’m just a prince in name and blood.”

“You still ordered her with that prestige even if she didn’t fully follow it,” Lorana kept smiling as though proud. “So I’m very intrigued and interested in these, do you want me to make them for you?”

It just felt comfortable talking with her. I had read about how she helped him Troy on the adventure in the desert, and how she tried to mend the tear with him when he had an outing with his mother over Luna. Truthfully Zhu Liangzhe was supposed to be a 21 year old university student with military training but in actuality he spent most of the novel acting like a spoilt brat without understanding how to “do as the romans do” when in Rome.

I do love insulting him.

“No not for me, for my mother,” I said. “I’m going to tell her I left some blue prints with you as well as a new gun powder recipe. If she incorporates it into her army then I’m sure they’ll get stronger, but I want her to decide what to do with it.”

“I would have guessed you would have sided more with Vyvyan because you grew up being taken care of her, why did you suddenly start favoring your human mother?” Lorana was smiling.

“I can’t exactly tell you why right now,” I said as I handed her one more drawing that garnered her extremely curious gaze. “This is probably the most important of them and it’s not actually a weapon. I just have to ask you if there have any special materials that are soft, clean and any oils lubricate the small stick attached to the strap that isn’t harmful to humans.”

“You, what’s this for?” Lorana had a weird smile. “I’ve been alive for a long time and I don’t even know what this is but I have the feeling it’s something you shouldn’t be giving to her.”

It’s used between two women normally. I know I shouldn’t be giving it to her but man… when did I get that idea? I just drew it without thinking. At the same time though I have a plan I’m going to do when I talk to Mommy Elizabeth tonight, again I’m not looking forward to that plan right now, but when we’re in private then maybe… no… don’t get anxious about it yet… there are still things to do.

I take out the stone I bought at the elf merchant.

“Please keep this discrete but does this work on humans?” I showed it to Lorana.

“It should, humans have no mana,” she said.

“Nier come here and put out your hand.”

Nier walked over still remaining silent as she was told and I placed it on her hand. It glowed a bright blue. It’s obvious since Nier had Daisy as a daughter so she definitely should be able to get pregnant.

“Is that your interest?” Lorana asked.

“Be discrete,” I told Lorana. “Please be discrete. I’ll tell her majesty you’re working on something here if that’s alright. You can send her attendant a message when it’s ready for her to pick up. I want her to pick up that last item.”

“Very well,” Lorana said. “You want me to put the unique item into a box with an oil for you?”

“Yes, discretely as well please.”

There was a smirk on her face. “You’re a very interesting child, but I’m not sure how you’re going to convince one of them to wear that and use it on the other, but at least if you’re trying to make peace I can tell you they did have a very close relationship in the past.”

She totally misunderstood the intent of that device… I was going to have her use it on me to “punish” me because the thought turns me on… but at the same time… would that actually work?  Let her continue to misunderstand.

“I suppose I am,” I said to her. “I already have the Valkyries wanting me to kill myself thinking that it’ll make her majesty go back to her self and start killing and slaying enemies again. In order to prevent another war over me… I don’t know… I feel like there has to be something I an do.”

Lorana sighed, looked at Nier then said. “The Valkyries are used as tools in battle, they’re resistant to change and think that one way should always be the same, but they will not act in killing you even if they want to as long as Elizabeth doesn’t order it so you should be safe while around them.”

Nier had a look on her face, seems she might have realized without speaking.

“It’s all I can do when I can’t use mana or fight with a sword, so in all honestly I should stay home all day.  How much for the work I want done?”

“Free,” she said. “If you ever want to go on an adventure I’m sure your mother’s would allow it if I accompanied you. I’m really interested in you as a person and your ideas.”

I smiled.

You must be joking right?

Every time Troy goes out he gets hurt. In the last volume that already took place his hurt came from being an idiot and having his mother throw Lucia out the window with him following, after almost dying to those dragons. Well technically he did die because I’m now here in his body.  The only reason I killed the Earth Dragons was because I had a plan and it was very easy to do.

“Can I get some of that acid?” I asked pointing. “In a small vial would do.”

“Sure.” She handed me a vial after filling it up, the muscles from her arms bulged.”

Now that I think of it, almost every female character in the novel is stronger than the main character. The fact he kept going out of his way to try and get in trouble was ludicrous. I don’t even understand why anyone would say Troy/Zhu was excellent. I always felt it was the author making fun of his readers. I mean at the end of the novel Sylvanas the Dragon mom did tell Troy that everything he did was inconsequential… except it probably just got him a new mistress each time, made him suffer or made his mothers and wives and all those around him worry to the point of demented craze.

Wait a minute, when he became a dragon he was stronger physically than Elizabeth… but he was still useless. My goodness… Troy really was trash.

“Thanks, Nier there are two more places to go, then we will head back.”


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