Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 17

Chapter 17

When I got to the inner court, mom was already sitting on the bed with a box next to her. She had a smile on her face like she usually does when I come.

“Mom, can I tell you the plan for your birthday first?”

“Plan for my birthday? What kind of plan do you have?”

“I spoke with Nier about this. Since Nier is the same height as you she can wear your mask and sit where you have to sit during the ceremony and offer gestures to others behind the black veil. Wearing a mask I don’t think anyone can tell. We just have to have her wear a dress once she’s summoned to the inner court with me, you can exchange dresses and Nier will pretend to be you. You both have the same height and same long black hair.”

Elizabeth’s face lit up. She seemed excited at the idea.

“Then we can sneak out and go on the town and no one will know it’s you mom.”

“Mommy likes that idea!” She starts laughing as she thinks about it. “Nier will do that for me, Nier will keep it secret?”

“Yes mom.”

Elizabeth stood up, walked around. She opened the window she normally kept closed and looked outside over the city from the palace. It seemed like it had been too long from when she could just freely roam and enjoy the ability to walk unknown amongst others.

Castell and Freya came through…

“That’s why son told Castell about that kind of party to celebrate… with activities and places for commoners to go and enjoy right… You’re always thinking of mommy… it makes mommy so happy…”

She moved over and suddenly hugged me tight with my face right in between the perfect mounds covered by the cloth of her military uniform. I felt myself get crushed, my bones about to break. She always seems to forget her own strength and sometimes I wonder if I’m risking my life every time I come to see her like this at night.

“Mom— oof— mo—“

“Oh son, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Mommy was just so happy and squeezed you a bit too hard!”

She carried me to the bed and snuggled with me… giggling.

“A night out with my son… we can sneak out secretly like forbidden lovers… hehehe… no one can tell hehehe”

According to Zhu/Troy he bought a hairpin for her when they snuck out during her birthday celebration… or was it his birthday… I can’t remember… the more time passes by the more I forget which volume and where something is. I only remember the more important points and the details are getting lost bit by bit.

I put my hand around her and stroke her hair. It was just nice seeing her so happy as she kept rubbing her face into my shoulder. If we go back to my original age I was before coming here, I’m actually older than she is… so despite being my mom here she would actually be my junior.  Vyvyan would still be older than me though… even though she acts about the same as Elizabeth.

Can I really live the rest of my life this way though? It feels like I’m just manipulating everyone around me because I know who they are better than they know themselves.

I mean I know Zhu/Troy eventually accepted being Troy… but it makes me wonder if I should really be doing this. Who you are is often who you should be right? Still, it complicates everything if I start telling people everything.

“Son… mommy is calming down now… mommy still has to punish you.”

“Why? Shouldn’t what I’m doing make you happy?”

She pulled the box off the bed and looked at me.

“No, we agreed about this punishment so we should follow through. Face the wall and take everything off.”

“I have a fiancee now mom, why mom?”

“Mommy never got to punish you as a kid, please do this for mommy.”

She’s smiling at her punishment. I don’t think Elizabeth was ever like this while not being embarrassed. It makes me wonder if the novel got her right, or maybe I triggered something in her by the actions I’ve done up until now.

There is a theory in psychology that people will only show certain sides of themselves to certain people depending on how they’re treated. Since Zhu/Troy never fully embraced shamelessness towards Elizabeth… well maybe this is a fully embracing shameless version of Elizabeth because I started it.  I mean she was obviously willing to do it with her son since the first time she was in the book, wanting to take a bath with him, wanting to kiss him even before she learned of Vyvyan doing it.

The trigger for her wanting a baby with Troy in volume 12 however was when she learned Vyvyan had a child with him, though she hid it.  So it was something she was also open too but later on realized she couldn’t do it because she couldn’t hide it, or it would ruin Troy’s reputation and future since he was the future King of the North… well he just “conquered” the North and I say “conquered” because he used troops that weren’t his.

I just get more and more mad whenever I think of Zhu/Troy.  He’s epic trash… even his ideas on economics are trash… I don’t even know how readers stuck to reading it… I mean I guess they just wanted incest banging… isn’t that why a lot of us read it? No, I read it for the story!

But here I am… as Troy taking off my clothing and facing the wall for Elizabeth my biological mother so she can stuff something up my behind…

I hear her foot steps approaching behind me and the squishing noise as she uses oils to lubricate. I feel it… it’s kind of large… it’s stretching… no wait it’s too… no what…

I begin to move and try to speak in protest but a hand covers my mouth, and one is around my waist and even though I use my arms to push it off I just can’t overpower her.

This isn’t right… I don’t remember this feeling before… why is it stretching?

Mom’s face comes over my shoulder as I took a deep breath

“Son… just breathe slowly son…”

I wanted to ask her what happened… I tried to relax, but no matter how I tried to relax it didn’t even feel like I took the whole girth.

Elizabeth has another of those scary smiles: “Mommy bought a bigger one.”


A few minutes later I was laying in mommy Elizabeth’s lap… I can’t even feel my legs now… I don’t know if I could walk anymore. She cradles me in her arms..

“Mommy is sorry son, mommy is sorry… mommy didn’t realize that was too big… are you hurt do you need me to kiss you where it hurts?”

Hold up! Wait… kiss me… okay wait… I can accept… no… that’s not where a mouth should be…

“Just kiss me on my lips mom…”

She pulls me up in her strong arms and kisses me. It makes me wonder if Inard was bullied by her often with her brute strength.

“Mommy won’t punish you this way anymore,” she says. “Mommy doesn’t think this is healthy. Son, will just have to be punished differently from now on.”

Again how did I get her started on this punishment stuff. I’m practically a masochist now with nothing else to do besides getting turned on. I mean if you ask me if I like being treated this way… I would be lying if I said I didn’t.

Being pressed against Elizabeth’s big boobs while she cradles me naked. Her face is perfect along with her strong body that goes through training everyday. I’m just glad she doesn’t look as lonely anymore and she can also bring herself to act normal outside, but somehow I think this is more of her true personality than the cold empress.

“Mom, can you dress me and let me sleep? I’ll try walking in the morning when the soreness goes down.”

“Okay son… mommy is still happy you let mommy do this with you… but mommy won’t punish you like this anymore. Mommy can’t wait for her birthday… we can go out hehe… if you get punished like this and can’t walk that night then mommy might lose the opportunity she always wanted to have for a long time… hehehe!”

She changes me into my own clothes then herself her own night gown before giving me the usual embrace to sleep.

“You seem to have a little difficulty walking today your majesty,” Nier said as I walked with her through the palace and outside.

“I just fell last night slipping in when I went to relieve myself.”

Nier scrunched her face at that but said nothing else. We went to the candy store, gave to the kids and I decided to look around the city and observe things.  When we returned before dinner Castell found me.

“Your majesty I wanted to report on the results from our team in the desert.” Castell seemed to be a bit happy as he spoke. “We received the map and Sochino city will become our Vassal once Karana takes over. Your majesty seems to be well informed with the far reaches of the empire.”

I remember this.

“Are you going to talk about her unique way of managing the city after she becomes a vassal?” I remember Zhu loved it, I obviously hate the things he loves in that way because I think he’s stupid.

“Yes… actually… your Majesty.”

Poor Castell, he probably will never be able to figure out how I know all this.

“Her ideas are stupid. They can only be implemented if the leader is absolutely all knowing and has the best interest of everyone constantly, and in order to do that they’ll get exhausted. So no… stupid idea to implement, however there is no reason not to let her do it herself. It’ll last a few years, look good but after a decade it’ll crumble and you’ll get to see the real effects.”

Castell again gives me a look.

“Oh, Castell, are you always wondering how I know all these things? Actually tell me why you think I know this. I kind of want to know the rumors.”

Castell gives a smile.

“Your Majesty, you have two identities. One in as prince of an empire and the other as prince of the elves. Your fiance among the elves is someone who is part of the shadows and can spy at night. If my guess is correct, you’ve sent elves to spy on every part of the continent and pretended to be weak most of your life. It makes me believe you are secretly trying to unite both the elves and the empire together and I support that work.”

Imaginations… I’m just staring at Castell as he is smiling as though his deduction is correct.

“I guess you should keep thinking that, come on Nier lets go buy candy.”


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