Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 01

Chapter 01

It was around 2 in the morning and I just finished reading Son-con on that site. I read it continuously until I finished it for 3 days straight, I don’t know why but I just had to read it. I was also mad at it. The main character never really fulfilled anything someone else couldn’t have done better. It was almost ridiculous!

Like the description, he was a man of contradictions. Majority of the time he goes out,  he ends up almost dying with both his moms coming to save him. It was tragic how they seemed to keep pushing up his ego each and every time he did something small that they could easily do better. It seemed like both of them realized it but they kept pushing the narrative.

The weakness of Zhu/Troy, I call him that because he’s basically the transmigrator who became Troy… was that he couldn’t sit still and wanted to accomplish something so badly to the point where he just kept his moms in grief.

Yet somehow the more I read it, the more I wanted him to do it with Elizabeth, you know his actual biological mother.  He doesn’t even start kissing her regularly. I mean the more I read it the more I kept saying the title is “Son-con” but his real mom didn’t have the relationship with him until much later. There were many moments where it was just heartbreaking to think about Elizabeth as a person despite the fact she had a son complex.

It’s taboo… it’s so wrong but in fantasy anything can be made right. That’s why we read fantasy and use the internet right? We all enjoy things that are not possible in this world.

I went to the facebook group and posted my frustration. I posted why I thought Elizabeth was the best character. Seems a lot of people didn’t like her and I’ll admit it was hard to like her at the beginning when she was killing people left and right for almost no reason. When the story went on however, the mask of the Empress continued to fall off bit by bit.

The post didn’t register so I just left it… after posting over ten paragraphs. Forget it, no one cares.

The ending wasn’t unhappy, but the payoff for all the frustration Troy did was that he just “really liked or loved everyone around him” even though he was practically useless almost the entire time.

But there were stimulating moments, and the ones with Elizabeth seemed to be the best for me for some reason. One of the comments in volume 17 mentioned he was a philanderer and when Elizabeth punished him… oh yeah, he deserved it but it was still very exciting how she kept him in her lap even though a chapter later she was embarrassed about it.

The memes were also awesome. You just can’t get enough of people’s reaction when those scenes come up but I still ended up enjoying the comments more. While I get it’s a slow burn and I know more chapters mean more potential readers, I still hated how Elizabeth with a human life span originally kept getting older. People still have children in their 40’s… wait… I was really hoping for that wasn’t I?

Yes… Yes I was…

Still as I sat there stewing over it someone called “River God” (probably not his real name) sent me a message over facebook. An email, which I opened:

“You really think you can do better?”

I responded: “I definitely would have done better for his two mother’s, can’t say for the rest of them.”

I hit enter.

Of course Nier was nice, I didn’t really care too much for Lucia though but I guess it’s just because she was the most rigid of them.  The elves in this series were stubborn but Troy continued to threaten his own safety to finally get them altogether, still all his ambitions were kind of stupid. He didn’t even know basic economics but then again he was a university student… so whatever… I guess it fit the story. I’m a bit older… I’m also way more shameless than he is and would have no worries just staying safe behind the two crazy powerful women with a son complex.

A few seconds letter a reply came:

“Let’s see how you do instead.”

Wait what? I felt chest pain and it was hard to breath and I blacked out.

“Troy! Troy! Troy, I beg you… Troy… Wake up… Troy… I’m beg you… Don’t… Don’t make mommy worry… I beg you, please wake up… How can I continue on living without you? I’m begging you, please wake up…”

What’s going on?

I opened my eyes to see the most beautiful blonde woman I’ve ever seen and she calls me Troy. Wait… I did didn’t I?

“Troy!! My son! My son! I’m so glad! I’m so glad! I’m so glad you’re still alive! Thank you Goddess Clementina for protecting my son! Thank you! Thank you!”

I take a glimpse at her.

“What’s wrong? You must be in lots of pain! It’s all mommy’s fault… It’s all mommy’s fault… Mommy shouldn’t have let you go and hunt Earth Dragons… It’s all mommy’s fault… I’m so glad you’re alright, my son… I’m so glad… Mommy will take you home… Mommy will take you home…”

I take a look at her and couldn’t help but stare. All the official artwork of her didn’t do her any justice. First of all her breasts were much larger than the art indicated. I would say “massive” is a more appropriate definition than “very large.”

“Troy!! My son! My son! I’m so glad! I’m so glad! I’m so glad you’re still alive! Thank you Goddess Clementina for protecting my son! Thank you! Thank you!”

Zhu Liangzhe was the original transmigrator. This must be Vyvyan Galadriel, and since I’m Troy. Well, this is surprising… I had chest pain then I’m suddenly here? I didn’t die did I? I wasn’t unhealthy at all.

Still it’s a good trade, even though Troy is currently a weakling. I should just accept this reality since all my senses tell me this is real. Again though, Troy is a really bad weakling. Swordsmanship and fighting takes talent, and the body I have never held a sword before. Magic takes the ability to use mana, and then it takes effort to learn it. Berserk mana means I can’t use anything, not to say that it would have helped against those Earth Dragons.

“What’s wrong? Do you still recognize me? It’s me, I’m your mom!” She caressed my face in her palms and held it up so that our gazes would meet. Perhaps she noticed the look of bewilderment on my face. As she held my face in her hands, she shouted: “I’m your mom! Son… I’m your mom! Don’t scare me… Don’t scare mommy… You’ll be fine, you’ll definitely be alright!”


After I said that many thoughts gushed into me, but I remained calm. It’s not like I haven’t seen too many movies before. Plus these are the thoughts of the so called “mom-con” Troy who followed his Elven mother everywhere not understanding how deep that love goes. Oh it’s exciting in some ways, this Troy was still a virgin. I guess Vyvyan hadn’t succumbed yet to her ravishing tendencies and remained just with the kissing and bathing.

“Your highness! We have finally found you!”

There is the elven commander. I have to say elves are pretty good looking. They all look like pretty boys. Most of them seem to look weak. The males are supposed to be stronger than the females but they don’t look strong at all.

Vyvyan, or should I call her Mommy Vyvyan continued talking to me. “It’s alright, it’ll be fine now. My dear son, it’s fine now. Don’t be scared, mommy is here for you. Don’t worry, we’ll be home soon. I won’t ever let you come to such dangerous places again… It’s all my fault… It’s all my fault…”

She loved me but underneath I know she just wants to ravage me, but I’ll keep that to myself for now… even though she’s just so gorgeous… no… I was just writing about Elizabeth… Elizabeth is first!

Still with Vyvyan looking like this I’m wanting to meet Lucia. In real life versus artwork… which is really better?

I put on my head cloth to cover my ears and looked to her and I throw out the scales as she had instructed. I didn’t see the point in fighting her over this and got off the carriage and followed Mommy Vyvyan into the palace. The Elven City is beautiful and marvelous, nothing like you’d see in the modern world. I continued to stare at it when Mommy Vyvyan wouldn’t let me alone.

“Son, I’m so glad you’re okay… Son, I’m happy you’re aren’t traumatized… I’ll never let you go out gain… wait for mommy to get a bath… mommy will take care of you tonight.”

The two pretty maids come out, I don’t think their names matter because they only show up here. I go with her to my room where I find an elf sleeping in the bed. This must be Lucia, she gets up somersaulting and grabs my hand. She looked like a westerner, beautiful green eyes and dark brown hair but she was small and agile.

She tilted her head to oneside and asked: “So you won?”

“But, Atta… Tracy… and Gela aren’t back.” She let go of my hands, looked down and I noticed a slight tremble in her tone. I juggled the names around in my hand for a bit, but I couldn’t recall ever hearing those names. I never met those people before. But for some reason my heart was aching.

Why did I feel ashamed? Because I guess Troy would feel ashamed for being such a weakling… well I guess there is some shame. I’ll act the part but I now have my goals set.

“I failed,” I tell her with a grim tone.

Well the original Troy failed, I didn’t. I already know the weakness of those Earth Dragons. To be honest, it’s a lot of work and I remember the author explaining every detail. I already have a plan and I will carry it out.

Vyvyan came back and the maid asked Lucia if she wanted to join but I stopped her.

“Lucia I know this is difficult,” I hugged her. “I need to spend time alone with my mom tonight. Please, come see me tomorrow. I have to talk with her about the Earth Dragons, it’s something I can’t let go of right now.”

She is so small and frail looking and yet this girl can supposedly Princess carry my current body over the high fence that Troy can’t get over himself. The Queen of Elves really wanted to spoil him rotten… or maybe what she wanted was Troy to be weak… If he was weak he couldn’t really leave her and go for adventures… like how Inard did since Inard wasn’t actually that weak. Wasn’t as strong as Vyvyan of course but also not that weak.

Mommy Vyvyan had a smile on her face from listening to that conversation.

“Yes, I understand,” Lucia said as she hugged me.

She seemed a little disappointed and went off but Mom was standing there looking at me with that same grin. I smiled back at her. Mom is a yandere and everyone who read the web novel knows that. She has some ability to read my mood so if I get aroused she will know, she also has that ability to see my dreams and erase memories. I don’t like that memory erasing ability though… but if I ever find I don’t know what I did I’ll go accuse her of it.

“You never looked at me like this before,” Mommy Vyvyan had a smile on her face. “Son you always looked at me differently before.”

I smile at her. “Mom… I’m sorry but I want to talk to you about something important after we wash…”

“Son… son you can always talk to mommy. Mommy will always listen… mommy will do anything for you to be happy but mommy wants you to always be safe. Mommy knows you want to fight the Earth Dragons again so mommy is going to lock you in. This is for you because mommy loves you and wants you to keep safe.”

Why does her wanting to be so overprotective like this turn me on so much? Well, doing it with Vyvyan is easy. If I ask she would do it more than happily. It’s Elizabeth. I need to get Elizabeth. In fact I want Elizabeth more because since she’s my actual biological mother the idea of it being taboo… I don’t know why… it’s just so stimulating… but no… stop for now.

I’m here with Mommy Vyvyan and I have a task to do as an Elf. I will do it. I grab Mommy’s hand and walk towards the bath.

“Son, you’re so eager today, you have naughty thoughts about mommy?”

I blushed as she smiled and then carried me into the water where I couldn’t move. I didn’t care if it hardens and goes up. She’s my biological aunt but elves don’t care about such arrangements as long as they can produce a pure offspring. Something that was done I believe around volume 6 of the novel.  I can’t move in water here but I can still be comfortable.

Vyvyan naked… amazing… her body had major curves in all the right ways as she kept saying sweet things to me while washing. Inard, you’re a real idiot, but then again if you didn’t do it, Troy wouldn’t be born or live to this point and I wouldn’t have read this novel online… or well… I mean when I think about it, does this mean a lot of web novels are worlds out there independently as well in different dimensions?


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