Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 05

Chapter 05

The end of the month came. Mommy Vyvyan sucked my saliva, kissed me and violated my chest. First time going through it… the red eyes are freaky. I don’t think it was much different than described in the novel. Lucia watched by the side and it was kind of exciting.

I kept up with Mom’s whims. Yanderes shouldn’t be angered without good reason. She’s overprotective and doesn’t want to lose me.  Lucia is accounted for now. Next Elizabeth, and then I’ll work on Vyvyan. I’ve got a good feel for Vyvyan because I know she is definitely down to do it. She would ravish this body as soon as I give the okay, but I guess I’m a little obsessed over Elizabeth.

Elizabeth first, then Vyvyan. I need to bring them together, and if Elizabeth can’t have a child, Nier too. Nier shouldn’t be too difficult to win over since I have information ahead of time. I know her weaknesses and what she likes and doesn’t like.

The elf festival came up and I danced with Lucia just like in the novel, only instead of promising her I’d only be with her I told her I would never forsake or abandon her. Since I had dance lessons in my previous life, copying the elven dances wasn’t that difficult.

Then I left. I remembered the first chapters of the 2nd volume. Elizabeth wasn’t the cute Tsundere mother in that volume. She was the tyrant who killed happily as a hobby.  You know, I just realized that a lot of these authors love to make beautiful women slaughter sadistically. I mean I guess it works to an extent but at the same time I remembered how uncomfortable I felt when I read how Elizabeth killed a maid by kicking her and having Nier stab one through the heart. She also ordered her loyal Valkyries to kill themselves on her whim and they happily did so due to their fanaticism in following her.

I’m uncomfortable with those things still… but I really want to bang Elizabeth. If she kills me accidentally then so be it… but even if I get injured I know she won’t do that. I’ll die a shameless son who tried to seduce his own mother in the most cringe way possible This world is scary the more I think about it. The plan in my head is really going to be cringey… really… if it was written out I think people would probably stare at it and wonder why they would subject themselves to reading something like that.

But if I analyzed Elizabeth correctly enough while reading the novel… I think this is the only way.

Remember Elizabeth drank wine from a severed head and had a taste for blood along the beverage… but strangely… somehow when I think about it… I just want to do it with her. I mean, the punishment she gave her son later was awesome. Also she eventually does soften up, takes away the Valkyries right to kill. Well most of the Valkyries were still loyal to her despite Alice, in fact Alice had to kill a lot of them just to get to Troy and kill Luna the first time around.

If I am able to successfully seduce her and make her feel less lonely would she be happier sooner? There wouldn’t be as much heart ache through the terrible competition between her and Vyvyan then.

The truth is Elizabeth hates doing those things despite doing them… She hates having to rule the empire and she had to develop her taste for killing. She only became a sadistic murderer because it was necessary to maintain control and order. People in the empire were full of individuals who would for small gains start problems and kill others. Often, the only option to save the rest was to kill and kill without mercy.

Yet when I think about it… I feel blood going to a place that should only be reserved for…. Eh…

Many die even if they are undeserving of death, but even in chaos people would die. I can’t judge her for the fact the world is a cruel place, and love doesn’t fix everything. The best thing to do is to stay away from politics, but luckily for me Elizabeth is a son-con who will become overexcited for anything positive I do towards her at this point. So I have to try and “heal her” as much as I can over this month.

First things first though, I’ll have to find out if I’ll be needing Nier.

The carriage comes to a stop and I get out. The woman riding over to me should be Nier.

As described Nier is a beautiful girl with black hair. The same height as me with blue eyes. Definitely curvy with nice physique and muscle. She would put fitness models of the modern world to shame. Must be the killing of all those challengers.  There was a cold expression on her face, yet I felt my heart beating much faster.

No… I don’t know if I’m going to need her yet… I can be friendly with her sure but… look… if I don’t need her then I won’t… I mean… I’ll think about it later.

““Welcome your majesty! I, Nier Gilliante, have come to take pick you up! Her majesty is just behind me. Please follow me into the city!”

It was so emotionless… like she really hated me. Well she does hate me. I let her finish what she is saying, I go to my mom in the carriage and again I’m surprised. Elizabeth is really gorgeous and just like Vyvyan they are massive… though just a slight bit smaller. It’s amazing but I wish the baby memories Troy had could come flushing back too.

There was no motherly love because she had to keep up appearances but I followed them back to the palace and Castell as arranged brought us to a room where my beautiful mommy Elizabeth who looked in her twenties took the elf spring water from me. Alice stood next to her with an almost scowl.

Nier… said nothing after asking me to refer to her as Galliente, I didn’t say anything either.

“Can Galliente leave the room so that I can discuss this with only the four of us?”

Elizabeth kept up her demeanor. She didn’t have any change whatsoever even in my presence except for a little noticeable quivering in her hands, she waved her hand and Nier left.

I took a deep breath.

“Your Majesty, can you order Alice not to kill me no matter what it is I say. I need to speak to you freely?”

“Alice, I order you to stand down and meet this request.” Elizabeth was quick to do that.

Castell stared at me and the air was tense. So here it goes.

“Mom, first if anyone dies because of this conversation, I will feel guilty and will no longer speak with you,” I said. “Alice has been harboring a wish to get rid of me. Her attitude is the attitude of the valkyries. I don’t wish for her to kill herself, nor do I wish for any valkyrie to die today.”

“Nonsense, Alice is my most loyal Valkyrie who has been with me the longest,” Elizabeth now said coldly.

I stared at Alice.

“Mom, ask Alice and order her to tell you the truth. She can’t disobey your order can she?”

“Alice do you harbor intent to get rid of my son?”

Alice had an angry look on her face and turned to Elizabeth.

“Your majesty, if I may speak freely. He is your greatest weakness. If he were to rule as he is the empire would be in ruins. With him here we don’t even dare finish the war with the elves of which we would be victorious.”

“Why do you believe that, so you do have intention hurt my son? You want to hurt my son?” Elizabeth began to break down.

“Mom, I want Alice to understand that I don’t want to be the Emperor. I also don’t want to be involved in politics and I also don’t want to be your weakness. I don’t want to be the reason you suffer. I want to have a relationship with you, but not if I’m going to be your weakness.”

I took another breath, this acting is kind of hard.

“Mom, you make bad decisions because of me. You neglect your duties because of what I do, and there is still the war with the elves that would never have happened if it weren’t for me. The reason I stayed in my room, the reason I never spoke to you before isn’t because I was afraid of you but I was afraid of all the implications any of my actions have.”

Elizabeth continued staring, as did Alice and Castell as though no one knew what to say with what I was bringing up.

“If I want to speak to you as a son in front of others, then there is the implication I’m vying to be your successor. There will be factions who will try to gain my favor and factions that will want to get rid of me if I don’t favor them. Then there is your faction that’s loyal to you, and if I cause you to fall they will find there is no choice but to get rid of me. Everything I do here is watched. Every time I act or do anything they see your reaction.  Alice is loyal to you, if you order her not to harm me she won’t but if you become weak she will worry for you and try to come up with solutions.”

I have to give her some understanding now though right?

“Mom, I’m sorry. I don’t know how to act here. I don’t know how to act as a Prince, and I don’t know how to rule. I don’t want to be emperor and I don’t want to play politics. Every time I come here I feel as if I’m a burden to you which is why I often prefer to stay in elven lands. If you keep pushing me up amongst your subjects then I will become a weakness. Think about it, what if an enemy nation captures me… you would give up everything in a blink of an eye… I know you would which is why I’m afraid because mom, you can’t stop being the Empress just because of me. It’s only because you’re the Empress that you’re able to keep me safe, isn’t that what you believed?”

Elizabeth looked at both Alice and Castell. She seemed to be breaking down as though to say, ‘son you really understood me, I’m so happy.’

“That’s what your subjects believe, and Alice believes in you, your long time friend and follower. They would all cut me down if they believed it benefitted you. I’m sure they would also ask me to commit suicide.”

I look to Alice: “Besides killing myself, what can I do to not be considered a weakness to her majesty?”

Alice stared at me as though a bit surprised before I continued.

“I can’t use magic, I’m not talented with a sword. I’m weak, so weak that any ordinary soldier could probably beat me. I can’t even win a fight against a rabbit. I wasn’t born with anything but berserk mana and only the Queen of the elves can take it… this is the reality. Alice, I’m asking you because I know you will attempt to kill one day if this continues so tell me what I should do. Please, just tell me? Am I supposed to put myself in danger to get achievements? In your eyes I’m just a spoiled kid who can’t do anything right? That’s the truth isn’t it. Ever since I started coming here, ever since I stepped foot here it’s always been this sort of oppression like I’m the enemy.”

I’m going on a rant… and quite honestly it’s kind of fun. Elizabeth is definitely a son-con who won’t let anyone hurt me in her presence.

“Just tell me Alice, tell me what I’m supposed to do. You won’t follow my orders so Mom order her to speak! Also order Castell to go the auction and buy the female Elf, he’ll listen to you if it’s an order but he won’t listen to me.”

To be honest, I hated that Alice killed Luna, however I also know that this will be a problem later. Somehow the three of them are speechless. Alice can’t refute me, Castell is just standing there and Elizabeth doesn’t seem to know what to do as she appears to be breaking down on the inside while forcing herself to maintain her composure.

Alice kept Quiet.

“Son I promise I will investigate this,” Elizabeth said. “I promise so please don’t leave, mommy just didn’t know any of this of what you felt. You said you didn’t want anyone to die right so please let mommy handle this.”

Time for the tears.

“You all love my mother and are loyal to her as subjects, but I’m not even allowed to get close and love her as my mother without your criticism behind my back! You know… I often thought of killing myself. I thought of just taking one of your swords and stabbing myself.”

I’m such a shameless man that now Elizabeth is breaking down in front of her subjects. Alice won’t know what to do with me but to be honest she will try to kill me, so doing this play now should work. According to the novel, even if Troy is “excellent,” which he isn’t… but even if he were if he didn’t find a way to stop Elizabeth from acting like a fool in front of others he was a threat to her and her weakness.

“Alice, I order you not to harbor anymore ill thoughts about my son, if you do then kill yourself.”


I did not expect that.

“Stop her mom!” I suddenly yell.

Elizabeth quickly stopped Alice all of a sudden before she could run the sword through herself. Incredible movement, was she really a human? Why am I so different? Still Elizabeth seemed to listen to whatever I wanted to say.

“I don’t want Alice to die,” I said. “I don’t want anyone to die. Mom, please let me talk to Alice alone.”

“Why son, she has made you so upset, why?”

“Mom, please, I promise I’ll sleep in the same bed with you tonight if you do.”

“Okay, mommy will do that,” Elizabeth said with her face suddenly changing and she glared at Alice before leaving. “Castell come with me, Alice, I order you not to kill him no matter what you do. I beg you not too if you’re still loyal to me.”

I see Castell following Elizabeth out of the room, he has a disapproving look on his face.


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