Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 07

Chapter 07

I went to get some Castor coins, finding two that were slightly different.  Then went to the candy shop. Nier was following me as I bought a large bag of candy and then handed it to her.

“I don’t need anything, her majesty gives me enough,” Nier said.

“It’s not for you, but I need you to hold it,” I said. “Take me to where the orphanage is.”

“The orphanage, why do you want to go there?”

“To give candy to the children.”

Nier was startled for a moment but then listened to the order. The kids were ran up to her. The novel had always mentioned she visited them often. She no longer had that cold emotionless look on her face and honestly it was nice to see that differnce. She isn’t a tool, but she tries to behave like one.

I had to sigh again. This is a messed up world.

When she was done, Nier came up to me. “Thank you, your majesty.”

“You’re welcome.”

We head home. Nier wasn’t as chatty as she was in the novel. I guess it’s because I didn’t have the same behavior. It makes me wonder how different this world is going to be since I’ve already been making different interactions with others. Lucia, agreed even with me taking my moms as brides.


It’s so ridiculous.

It’s stimulating though.

So very stimulating.

We come up to my room and I stop with Nier standing next to me. She stares at me with the cold look gone. I could take solace in the fact her hostility isn’t there anymore.

“Nier check the room, if the elf servant is naked in my bed tell her to get dressed so that I can speak with her.”

Nier walked in saw the elf and told her to get dressed before coming outside to report.

“You don’t want her naked?” Nier had another surprised expression.

“I don’t,” I said. “Castell purchased her today at an auction for me. She’s going to be my personal servant while I’m here. Still I need to speak with her.”

The Pink Haired elf in the room was named Luna and she timid and afraid. It’s always things like this. The conversation went fine as I was kind to her and had her sleep in the same room as Nier who couldn’t object. I then told Nier to use the bath here when she needs to and put up a signal that she is in there so I don’t walk in on her. Again she had another surprised expression and thanked me for my kindness.

There was still some time before dinner so I went to find Castell who was in the outer area of the palace. He was working on a desk processing paperwork, like any assistant of the Empress would normally be doing.

“Castell,” I called as I walked in.

“Your majesty,” Castell acknowledged.

“May I have a few moments to discuss Castor with you?”

He was a bit surprised.


I took a seat and took out the castor coins as well as the acid which I poured into a glass. I then placed both coins in the glass without saying a word so he could see that one of the coins turned into a bronze like color while the other stayed the same.

“Castor is in financial crisis, they’re planning on circulating fake silver so they can later try and collect real silver. If you stop them from taking all their silver coins before they leave you’ll be able to cause them to fall financially without taking military action.”

“It’ll likely be very soon, and when their people come over to beg that’s when you decide whether to take military action. If you want them as a vassal with their current leader, give them terms. If you want to kill them while causing minimal damage to the port, then wait a few days for their people to leave and strike when they’re hungry. Most will probably surrender and you can just slay their vassals.”

Castell stared at me with a surprise then with a smile.

“You might not be the same as her majesty but I’ll investigate and if this is true then you’ve done a service to the empire. I’ll let her majesty know.”

“You can let her know but I don’t want it put out to the public,” I said. “I’ve already said I don’t want to be the emperor, so I don’t need achievements.”

Castell stared at me.

“Castell, did you write in a telegram that the only way to keep me here was to try and help me find a girl I would like?”

He was surprised.

“You don’t have to answer,” I said smiling. “You’re loyal to her Majesty. If her majesty wants me here you’ll try to help her find a way to figure it out. I hope the information about the coins helps you, but there’s one other thing I’d like to say.”

“Yes, your majesty?”

“Even if you make Castor into a vassal state, it’s rulers won’t be happy with the terms no matter how fair they are. They’ll probably target me and try to use me as leverage against her majesty. I just thought you should know.”

“I understand” Castell said. “Your safety is of great importance in the palace.”

“I’m sure it is.”

I left and followed a maid to eat with Elizabeth. She was smiling over the food extremely happy that I was there with her and so I asked her if she could hold a stone. It glowed red. She was no longer able to have children. At least that answered why Troy couldn’t get her pregnant after the finale volume. Well, at least he was regularly doing it with her even if he called it an error.

“Son, tell mommy what this means,” Elizabeth said.

It means what happened in volume twelve when you thought of doing what Vyvyan did… would never have worked. It was Volume 12 chapter 18… it was sad. Come to think of it, why did Zhu/Troy leave with Nier? He conquered the North.. Nier should have stayed with the Empire… I just didn’t get it… well I’m not going to let that happen this time.

“It means there are more things I need tell you when I come to your room mom,” I said softly while eating. “I promise I’ll tell you everything mom.”

The excitement on her face showed all her desperation… I wanted to cry for her so badly but I had to hold it in now.

“How’s the food? Did mommy get you good food tonight?”

“Mom, please don’t kill the chef,” I said. “I don’t want the chef to die or be punished because of me.”

Sorry Chef, at least I tried to help you this time. There was tinge of anger and irritation on her face. A woman in her late 30’s who looked like someone in her early 20’s, that was trying to win the affection and favor of her adult son. Some might think it’s a hot situation, but watching her and knowing everything honestly made me sad.

“Mom, I want to talk with you soon, let me go bathe alone because I have to organize my thoughts, after I bathe please let me come into your room. I promised to sleep with you tonight.”

“Yes son, mommy is happy and excited. I will go get ready!”

“Mom, I called to her.”

“Yes son, yes? You need mommy for something?”

She had an excited smile on her face, nothing like the dignity of the Empress I saw when she first greeted me. Nier who was standing nearby watching seemed to have a pained expression seeing her like that and that was the main reason the Valkyries hated me. I bet she takes it out on them during training as well.

“Please where your military uniform mom. I want to sleep with you while you’re wearing that.”

Nier had a slightly startled expression but Mommy Elizabeth didn’t seem to care.

“Yes son, mommy will wear it. Mommy will do anything! Hurry up and bathe and come see mommy!”

I get up with Nier following me.

“I don’t want to see her majesty acting this way either,” I told Nier. “Killing myself won’t help her so I have to find another way. I promise I’ll help change her from what she is like this.”

There were some tears in Nier’s eyes.

“Don’t watch me bathe,” I told her.

“Fine.“ She stood outside the door.

I bathed, changed and then followed her to the Inner Court where Alice was standing there with other Valkyries. They didn’t draw their swords and let me pass. Alice glared at me, but if she’s loyal to her majesty at the very least I shouldn’t have to worry about myself dying right now. The attempt though is a few months later. This is only day one of my first month here.

Walking inside I see Elizabeth standing there with her military uniform. Long sleeves, clean pants and boots. She looked majestic like a god of war returning triumphantly despite her beautiful face. It’s hard to believe she’s human. Compared to Vyvyan she doesn’t lose out at all. Nier and Lucia… I’m sorry… but I at least know why the original protagonist liked spending nights with his moms over you.

You’re both beautiful in your own right… but man… Inard… really? He was a sis-con. I’m now a mom-con, and these are two son-cons. Since I know their personalities and how they develop I can either speed it up or die trying. Elizabeth, if you kill me then it’ll be worth it. I still loved you the most when reading the novel.

Still, I’m really afraid of how shameless I’m going to be tonight.


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