Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 19

Chapter 19

It was late at night. Nier was asleep with me in her arms. We’d taken care of business earlier. She was just as described in the novel, wanting to go over and over again until she was satisfied. She was a young human woman, she wouldn’t feel sore the next day so she didn’t have to stop with just once. Vyvyan was be the same.

That was probably why Elizabeth preferred to take it where she would be able to walk the next day but I didn’t understand her desire to ingest it constantly.

Vyvyan appeared despite me sleeping.

“Don’t wake up your fiance son,” Vyvyan said. “Mommy just wants to tell you everything is settled. Elizabeth and mommy settled it and everything is fine now.”


There was something I did want to ask her.

“Yes son? Mommy is here.”

“When I almost died to the Earth dragons, did you sense anything different about me?”

Vyvyan stood there as though thinking about how to answer my question.

“You became aroused when you saw mommy naked,” she said. “Before you would never get aroused. Mommy can’t read your exact thoughts but the mana fluctuations make it easy to guess. Mommy wanted all to herself after that. Mommy wanted you to have children with mommy… and Mommy knows Elizabeth also feels the same way even though it would ruin her reputation and humanity can’t accept such relations. It was actually a good plan you had: to pretend to be your father and visit her get her pregnant then leave and disappear again. You know how to scheme despite being such a gentle boy. You made Elizabeth dance to the palm of your hand tonight.”

She paused for a bit and seemed to take off the mommy face that wouldn’t take me seriously.

“If you think you’re no longer Troy and someone else I already explored that idea. If someone else were in your body, I would be able to sense their mana soul, or mana imprint and destroyed it. Everything about your body was the same but your personality suddenly changed. People tend to change as they go through trauma but when you told me you had visions of the past and the future I guess that might have also helped you change. Seeing things happening and wondering if you should change them, that’s a normal response. You’re my son and I didn’t want you to suffer. Even if you don’t believe you’re that same Troy anymore you’re still Troy no matter how much you change and you’re my son whom I love… and when you started getting aroused towards me I was thinking of ways to get rid of Lucia… but since you love her I’ll tolerate her with us.”

Vyvyan gave off a hint of a smile.

“So even if my personality changes I’m still…”

“You’re still my son no matter what,” Vyvyan said. “You’re still our son.”


I’m perplexed here, or maybe they really did it together… another new development.

“Oh, you’ll know tomorrow morning, but mommy has to go back now. Mommy just wanted to come see you and say goodbye.”

Vyvyan kissed my forehead then teleported off. It must be nice to be a demigod and able to use all sorts of mana abilities. Berserk mana will make me hide behind Lucia and Nier in the future.. Well also my two moms.

I woke up with Nier and we went to have breakfast with mom. She had the Valkyries leave so we could talk together all in private. Elizabeth wasn’t upset in any way, in fact her mood was one of elation. It seemed like her aura also became stronger.

“Son… you really are daring son. Mommy is proud of you though, you cared so much for her you tried to fix everything even though you only just started opening up to her.”

Wait… no… Yes? Maybe…

“Did you use those things in the box with Vyvyan?”

Elizabeth suddenly flushed red.

“Okay mom, okay, it’s not something to talk about at dinner and that’s your private business with her. I understand I won’t bring this up again mom.”

“Good,” Elizabeth said.

Still the smile on her face kept me going forward.

“So I wanted to ask the both of you how we’re going to proceed from here. There is going to be an alliance with the elves and Vyvyan and I are thinking about making a city in between both kingdoms and have you mange that city son. It’ll be part way between us and a place where humans and elves can start living together so they can get used to each other. This way later on when we try to make way for an alliance it’ll be easier to do using that as a pretext.”

She looked at me intently as though valuing my opinion.

“Mom, I don’t want to manage a city and I don’t want anything to do with country leadership. I want to be your son only when it comes to this.”

“Son, you keep going and giving Castell information and advice that works better than expected. You even give him recommendations when you see things here in Hilles about how to fix certain issues and almost everything you’ve suggested worked well. You have talent and Mommy doesn’t want to see it going to waste.”

Troy city would be infected by a bad well in the future, it’ll be attacked and lots of bad things happened to it. Sure it gets rebuilt as the place the alliance meets but I don’t want to burden myself running a city or a nation. I guess I can’t sponge off my moms forever though.

“I’ll only manage it if it’s just a job and I’m doing it for you mom, I don’t want to own the city even if it’s named after me. City work isn’t what I want to do, I want to read books and study because there is something I need to find out. Besides, if I stay there I won’t be able to be near you or Vyvyan.”

I want to find out how to extend your life without meeting the dragons. That’s what I really want to find out. We could probably go find Sylvanas and she would let us kill her once knowing about the time magic so the dragon heart could extend Elizabeth’s life… but then Nier would be left out and I didn’t want that either. I’m not too concerned about Vyvyan and Lucia because their life spans are longer than my own as a half-elf.

“I can have someone else run the city but I still insist on naming it Troy City since you’re the start of this talk of an alliance.”

Business mommy… different from let me spoil my son mommy… Elizabeth has too many faces.

“That works for me then, but I’m going to be spending a lot of my time in the library and looking through books.”

“That’s fine son, but don’t ignore your wife.” Elizabeth made a smile. “And don’t ignore mommy when she wants you to come sleep with her. If Nier wants to come she can come as well.”

Did I just open doors that were not supposed to be opened? Still, I think this is much more preferable to what Zhu/Troy did in trying to hide it from everyone because he was embarrassed. I guess what I’m doing probably wouldn’t be good for a novel since I’ve been able to be successful. Most authors want the protagonist to struggle quite a bit.

“I would be honored your majesty,” Nier said. “There are a lot of things I want to learn.”

No… this… well I guess that’s good too.


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