Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 18

Chapter 18

The night of the birthday celebration came quickly and Nier was in a dress with her mask on. We go to the inner court together telling the Valkyries in the front that we are there to see Elizabeth. In side Elizabeth and Nier switched clothing and Nier no one could tell the difference between them under that mask. It was quite uncanny but volume 9 was right.

“Nier, thank you for doing this.”

“Thank you Nier.. My son and I never got to spend time together like this. I always wanted to go out with my son, the only time I can see him without others watching and gazing is in private. So thank you Nier, thank you for giving me this opportunity with my son.”

In front of mom I grab Nier and make out with her passionately. I reach my arms around her and I could feel her tremble a little bit but after I’m done kissing her she has a smile on her face. Nier is such a sweet girl. She didn’t suffer for me in this world like she did in the novel, I never want her to go through that kind of suffering even though she can still kill without hesitation.

“Mom, let’s go.”

“Yes… son… let’s go… Mommy will go with you now…”

Elizabeth and I lock arms, she’s leaving here with me as Nier. We’ll be able to go out and have fun without issue. Freya made some carnival games, with my elven eyesight I’ve realized my aim is much better than before so winning some of them shouldn’t be difficult. What I want was to get her a hairpin she could wear even if others may not know the meaning of it.

“Oh… look at that… son let’s go see that!”

“Oh.. Son… this looks fun…”

“Let’s bet on horses! I want to win!”

“I lost! This is rigged! What kind of game is this!”

“Big sis is just bad at knowing which horses are good.” A little girl made fun of her. “You are a dumb big sis! Hahaha!”

“You, little girl where are your parents? I’ll have your parents—”

“You’re not that person right now,” I grab her arm.

Elizabeth stopped. Then she put on a smile completely ignoring the girl as we walk away. It’s not as if she needed the money as the Empress. I get the feeling this is who Elizabeth wants to be the most, someone who can just act however she wanted without worry of propriety.

I won the hairpin for her at one of the games. We ate some of the snacks provided by the stands. Walking around the city among the crowds made Elizabeth have looks of bliss on her face, the night went by quickly and when it got to the end we went to the square of the city near the palace.

Nier was sitting in the chair surrounded by Valkyries with no one around her. Commoners couldn’t approach her, and in public even her subjects had to keep a distance from her. It was a lonely position at the top compared to the happiness Elizabeth expressed towards me all night.

Freya had fire works planned towards the end. We found a good spot to watch them and as they went up I confessed to her just like what happened in volume 9. This was much earlier in the time line though.

“I love you.” I placed my hand on her shoulder.

“I love you too.” She answered back.

Our lips locked and honestly I just didn’t care if she was supposed to be my biological mom. This was the first time I’ve kissed a beautiful woman under fire works. I’ve kissed other women in my previous life but none of them could actually be considered beautiful like the five currently around me. Of them, Vyvyan and Elizabeth were the most beautiful with Lucia and Nier only minutely inferior.

The bright smile turned into a calm comfortable one where her lips curled upward. She held my hand and we returned to the inner court to wait for Nier to return. The Valkyries didn’t question us as I told them we were going to wait for her there to wish her a happy birthday and good night. Elizabeth seemed a bit giddy at tricking her own body guards.

Haha… this is kind of funny I’ll admit.

When we got into her room she let go of my hand and seemed to be on a mission. She quickly changed into military garb and the smile on her face turned scary.

This woman has so many different kind of smiles. She also has so many different sides of her. She goes from son complex, sad woman, happy little girl… the real her is probably the happy little girl who wore her mask for far too long.

“Son… you understand what mommy is going to do now right? You kissed Nier in front of mommy, while kissing mommy tonight and spending time with mommy was good, kissing Nier even if she is your fiance in front of me did not make mommy happy at all!”

“I understand mom.”

I took off all my clothes including the jade pendant and placed it near the door. I walked over and sat on her lap.

“Son, you said it has to be someone I wouldn’t kill this time… so mommy won’t kill Nier but how will Nier react if she finds you like this with mommy.”

One of her hands reaches over and her grip strength left a little pain but it was still getting me off too much. It was almost an instant rise.

“Wow son, does mommy really make you that excited? You know mommy is getting old. You getting this excited makes mommy feel nice.”

I sat there controlling myself and my moans. I tried to hold it in as much as I could. The minutes going by seemed longer and longer. Nier would come back soon.

“The ceremony is over son, are you going to release soon? Nier is coming. Does mommy need to go faster? Come on…”

Her hands started moving a bit faster and I started breathing harder. I put my arm around her shoulders and leaned back limp. I kept trying to think of other things.

“Troy, you need to work with me now. This is your punishment. Troy? Troy, what are you doing? Are you trying to get caught by your future wife doing this with your mom? Troy?”

Yes mom… I’m trying to get caught by my fiancé. I start panting as Elizabeth grips harder… now it isn’t as stimulating as it hurts a bit but I need to endure.

The door opens and Nier walks in and Elizabeth’s hands immediately stopped as she’s frozen there with Nier staring at us. This was genuinely a situation that Elizabeth doesn’t know what to do. She can’t kill Nier because that was my bottom line. She was embarrassed because she was caught doing this with her son.  She would be ruined as Empress if Nier didn’t want to cooperate.

I squirted everything out now that Nier was here and gave my mom a blissful smile.

“Mom, that was great… I love you!”

Nier picked up the Jade Pendant and in the next moment Vyvyan was in the room. She immediately took out vines and entrapped Elizabeth also covering her mouth as she tried to scream.

“It’s been a long time Elizabeth. I think 10 years since I last saw you? No, I didn’t come here as enemies or to take Troy away from you, but I have to talk to you.”

Elizabeth was struggling against the vines.

“You’ve… you’ve gotten a lot stronger,” Vyvyan said then turned to me. “Son, get dressed and go spend the night with your fiance, hopefully you still have energy for her. Let your mommy’s talk with each other. I promise everything will be fine. I won’t hurt her. You trust me right son?”

Vyvyan gave a smile and a wink.

“Can we really trust her?” Nier asked.

“We can, she’s also my mom,” I said.

I get dressed and wear the Jade Pendant once more. Nier changes into the dress Elizabeth was wearing and we walked out of the inner court back to my quarters.

“Your majesty, your mom punishes you when she gets jealous right?”


“Then when I’m your wife shouldn’t I be able to punish you when I get jealous as well?”

Nier… what…

“Only if it’s really my fault for you getting jealous. I have to actually do something in front of you, it can’t be something you hear about. When I kissed you in front of my mom she got jealous and so she needs to do something to vent.”

“I see… so if I need to vent then you need to help me vent.”

Nier would be my wife. Nier was someone who dearly loved Troy. Even this version of Troy I’m acting out.


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