Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 14

Chapter 14

“You don’t need a dragon egg,” a voice seemed to echo in the darkness. “Don’t go for the dragon egg… you can have Dragon Mom with you but the egg is pointless… don’t become a dragon hybrid.. It’s ugly…”

I woke up in the morning. The voice was a dream wasn’t it?

I didn’t have time for a bath with Nier and Luna last night… because after dinner I started to try and think of a way to extend Elizabeth’s life. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly but I guess extreme intimacy over a period of one month can do that. I didn’t want there to be a day where I couldn’t see her.

Still a dragon egg… in order for that deal to work I’d have to turn into a dragon which required one death of “dragon mom” and then… wait… I don’t need the dragon egg?

I’ll think about this later. The first thing is to unite both moms together. After that’s done getting a dragon egg won’t be that hard if I can find a way to strike a deal with Irina. We could always try to convince another servant to become a dragon… and then have him mate for an egg as well… but who… I mean the Empire has lots of people right?

In volume 12, Troy does it with Elizabeth… I remembered that the most. Elizabeth then asleep reaches for Inard in her dreams and so Troy wants to find Inard. After he does it he went to ask Vyvyan about where his father died and gets his memories erased.

I never once heard Elizabeth mention Inard this time. It’s kind of strange… still the dragon conversation made Vyvyan erase Zhu/Troy’s memory because he was going to look where she believed he would definitely die. Perhaps she stopped missing him once I started planting my seeds in the barren lands.

Troy was really an idiot… though in reality if he went there he would have just found Sylvanas. A lonely dragon who would have become his third mother. Still an idiot for always wanting to do dangerous things he was incapable of handling on his own to the point where

“You’re leaving today your majesty?” Luna said.

“I’m going back to the elves, I’m the elven prince after all.”

“Elves don’t have human princes,” Luna said laughing. “Well if you don’t believe me I can’t help it.”

I think I’ll have Vyvyan handle the elven trafficking when I get back. There’s nothing else to do besides that. Nier was there so I gave her a hug, she didn’t resist.

“I’ll wait for you to come back.” She spoke softly. “We can talk about our plans… then… marriage?”

The blush on her face was nice. Was Nier like this in the original novel? It feels a lot like this world has changed but somehow the events are still the same. If it’s a breathing world things will be different. Is the butterfly effect that strong? Elizabeth was doing it before the end of volume 2… not having to wait until volume 12 for the first time and volume 15 after he became part dragon the second time.

Elizabeth was barren though… but when I think about it… I had a plan for if she wasn’t but since she was there, there wasn’t any fear from me going into her room every night. No one would be allowed to suspect mother and son to do those activities in the human empire, and since she can’t get pregnant there is no evidence needed to be hidden.  I could still get Vyvyan pregnant though… but she has some control of herself as a demigod that Elizabeth doesn’t as a human.

I left the palace and got onto a carriage with Elizabeth there to see me off, of course she was under a veil so no commoners could accidentally see her.

“Be safe son,” she said.

“Yes mom,” I answered. “Thank you for taking care of me here. I’ll speak to the person you refer to as ‘the other women’ since you only want me calling you mom in your presence.”

“You’re such a sly boy son, but mommy likes sly boys so of course you’d grow up that way.”

Since hugging in public was frowned upon for royalty and she had to keep up appearances I simply stepped into the carriage and began the trip to my other home. Vyvyan Galadriel is next on the check list, then it’ll be time for Lucia and Nier.

I have to be careful because Vyvyan once even tried to let Lucia die from giving birth. Sometimes I wonder about Vyvyan… I mean it’s true she has much more freedom to act as Queen versus how Empress Elizabeth acts but while she claims Elizabeth is more emotional than she was… it was more often the case Vyvyan simply had more freedom to act and calculate. She had more time, more skills of manipulation and could hide things humans without magic or mana could hide.

She had the cards while Elizabeth did not, but her priority was always Troy’s safety above everyone and everything else no matter what the cost was. After his safety, then maybe there was a little bit left for what he wanted, because she still wanted to see him happy.

It’s a long trip.

I took the time to organize everything that happened so far. Elizabeth was physically intimate, not embarrassed at all and relishes it. She became prettier and stronger.  Spending all that time with her means I’ll have her strong scent when I see Vyvyan. Only Vyvyan doesn’t know the plan at lal yet.

Nier accepted Luna and will allow the 3 others, Luna is fine no matter what. Lucia knows only about Elizabeth and Vyvyan… meanwhile Elizabeth knows about all of them. She still didn’t want others to know due to her reputation. The fact I was her actual son however made it so everyone would be unable to even make it a rumor.

Lucia and Nier were never this agreeable in the original novel. Either it was because I’m an effective communicator or the novel isn’t exactly 100% on everything like I’ve been basing it on. I’ll think about it later. I suppose there were some clues though, Nier still allowed Luna around despite knowing her relationship with Troy.

I always felt Nier knew about Troy and his mother even though she pretended not too. Volume 17 chapter 29 showed her comparing her size to his mother, and how she would try to become like his mother while he literally told her a few chapters earlier that he could only think of his mom when she was trying to do it with him.

Reason for such speculation though was because Zhu/Troy always sounded like an unreliable historian and not everything he wrote was seemingly consistent. Also everything after the time skip of volume 18, five years later didn’t seem to be consistent with everything up to that point. It felt the author only made the threesome happen because fans wanted it… also even if it wasn’t an unhappy ending for Zhu/Troy’s story… it still didn’t make sense.

The other noticeable trait was how writing switched between first and third person often. The third person perspective seemed more consistent except after the time skip where it felt like it had no actual place.

However… regardless of everything that’s happened, there are still more changes. The Valkyries are getting stronger and Alice seems to be supporting me more now that she’s seeing the change in Elizabeth. Before, Elizabeth was constantly competing for Zhu/Troy’s attention… she does that until around volume 12 and then after that she just becomes a shell of herself… Even when I first read about her in volume 2 I felt she was a Tsundere… but from 12 onward you knew she was just desperate and shy… and she really did want physical intimacy with her son but could never outright say it.

The mirror in the carriage reflected my face. I was thin, good looking, not that tall but also very weak. The humans here can become very strong while my own physical ability was worse than my former self. Even though I look human I have no body hair.

I’m really Troy now. This world is real which mean everyone I see in it is also real. Then love is also real.

Planning ahead though I didn’t like volumes 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13-14… so I’m going to do my best to skip through them. I’ll have Vyvyan take care of Luna’s trafficking town when I get back.

I’m going to try to bring them altogether this time instead of letting them constantly be hostile to each other.


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