Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 20

Chapter 20

After all that was settled the days seemed to pass by faster. I accomplished what Zhu/Troy never accomplished because he was too closed minded and didn’t understand the women around him very well. It’s kind of sad when you think about how they constantly tried to win his favor despite the way he behaved.

A recount of everything that happened over the last few months as I chose to skip a lot of the “adventures” Troy had in the novel and how things became different.

Troy City was built, I had nothing to do with it. Humans and elves there exchanged ideas and both Vyvyan and Elizabeth were skilled at bringing it together. They did it better than Troy did in the novel, and handled the problems better.

A defense force was placed up… and the Anthropoids first attack was completely nullified. Ling Yue was saved and I didn’t touch her this time… thank goodness. The full moon seems to make my ability to impregnate go much higher.

Nier and Lucia didn’t have a child just yet as I told them to hold off for now because of the upcoming war. Well the war came and I went to watch them fight. Lucia and Nier participated as well, and the four of them killed and destroyed the enemy to the point where it wasn’t even a war but just a slaughter.

Seeing the women I plow at night cut down and kill hundreds of enemies each day only made me put in more effort when I had to act as the gigolo.

I realized that everything that happened in Volumes 10 and 11 really seem like a joke with people needlessly suffering from Zhu/Troy’s leadership.

While I skipped out on Ling Yue and I dont’ plan on meeting Ying or Xia either, the four of them during that campaign made me sleep together at the same time. I remember what Elizabeth would tell the general.

“He’s my son and hers as well, sleeping with him near us gives us strength, what’s wrong with a parent sleeping with their child? His wives should also be with us… don’t bother us! Also we need the maid here to help us with things too!”

And Vyvyan would put up a magical barrier so no noise gets out. I don’t want to waste time describing those nights, I don’t think anyone would be interested in what the five of us did together since I’m not exploring the psychology behind the women around Troy anymore.

The aftermath of everything was actually better in my opinion than what happened after Troy became King of the North. First the mana started flowing north.. So it began to become warmer. The Empire statesmen and nobles went to the North and the ones benevolent to Anthropoids were chosen so Ling Yue was able to make the majority of it into a vassal state. The Queen surrendered peacefully and was given leniency but she still couldn’t return home due to banishment.

All I had to do was enjoy a show and thrust away at night while collecting books from libraries. Eventually we returned home.

“Come to the river…. Come to the river… there is a spot… I’ll mark the map… come to the nameless River…”

That same voice again as I woke up. I was in the elven lands right now after the war was over.

“What’s wrong?” Lucia was in my arms.

Nier woke up from behind: “Did you have a bad dream your majesty?”

I pulled off the covers and Luna was laying there with her cheek sleeping on my eggs and carrot. Niether Nier nor Lucia were jealous, rather they took it as a matter of fact.

“Is mommy Vyvyan here?”

“You have three of us here and you still need more?” Nier said suddenly.

“No… not that… I just had to ask about a river here in the elven lands.”

I felt the carrot beginning to rise and that woke up Luna. Who was still a bit sleepy.

“Is it morning your majesty?”

Luna had been using the morning wood as her makeshift alarm clock. I don’t even know how she came up with that idea. Since we had a habit of sleeping nude together they would take turns for the morning yogurt… I never asked them to do it… they just decided it themselves.

“It’s night still but I need a map of the elven lands, I need to see the nameless river.”

I had been studying quite a bit, so the three of them are used to me looking over maps and things in books. Most of the time I spend in the Library. I don’t want to bother the dragons over the life extension, yet the same voice that told me to forget the dragon egg is telling me to look at the river.

“Luna it’s my turn today for wood so go to get the map for his highness,” Lucia said.

Luna dressed into her maid uniform and went down to fetch it while Nier continued to hold me from behind.

“I’m still waiting for you to give me a child,” she said. “So is her majesty. I don’t think mouths can create children.”

This is Nier’s teasing. This is her form of teasing. I know… she should already have a child by now. She’d be talking to that child the same way my two moms talk to me about how she would protect them. When she gets ready for battle she sharpens a sword even in front of that child.

There were numerous mentions in the novel where Zhu/Troy would argue and fight with Nier, Lucia, and even his mothers. Yet ever since Elizabeth’s birthday there seemed to have been very little friction between all of us.  Why was it so hard for Zhu to make everything this smooth?

I mean, I guess this is a boring novel if there isn’t friction. What got me started on the novel was the desire to read about twisted relationships, and what kept me despite how much I hated Zhu/Troy as a character was all those twisted relationships that I’d never do if I never came here myself.

Come on… banging your own mom… seriously.. Yet I’m doing it here… somehow… and not feeling ashamed of it at all. Was it a mistake? No, it wasn’t. If I didn’t Elizabeth would never have been able to come out of her shell… she’d remain the desperate mom up until volume 11, then she’d become the lonely depressed mom after that who has to give up on her son.

Luna brought the map and laid it on the table. I go over to look at it and mark where I saw in the dream. The other three looked over it with me.

“That’s where the nameless river is,” Lucia said. “There’s nothing there except a large rock. There were some mana fluctuations according to the scouts when they go over that area but it’s not a very inhabited area. Monsters and other forest animals avoid that area.”

“Is it safe for me to go there?”

I don’t want to die.

“I think so,” Lucia said. “We can ask her highness in the morning but she teleported away tonight.”

She was probably with Elizabeth. When we weren’t over in the empire, she would skip some nights with me for “mommy’s time with other mommy.”  At least Elizabeth and Vyvyan had each other… it’s hard for me to be enough for everyone like this.

“I need to go there,” I said. “If it’s safe let’s go early.”

The morning came and we take some horses. The trip was safe but even if it wasn’t Nier had kept up with her training, Lucia was stronger than before and Luna… well Luna didn’t want to get left behind so she came as well.

We arrive at a rock.

“There is nothing here where you marked,” Lucia said. “It’s a dead end in the river.”

“I guess so,” I said. “Well, thanks for coming.”

“Was there something you were looking for here your majesty?” Nier  seems to be the most vigilant.

“I was hoping to find a way to extend your life, as well as Mommy Elizabeth’s,” I told her. “Humans have short lifespans compared to elves and I wanted more time with you. There was the idea of getting a dragon egg, but for that I would have to kill a dragon and bathe in it’s blood, and then go north kill all but one of the dragon elven hybrids and force the last one to give me an egg in exchange for me impregnating her.”

“Master says some strange things…” Luna defused the tense mood.

“I guess I do don’t I?” Sighing I look at the rock again. “Oh well, it’s not like I can do anything about it. I’ll probably talk to both moms about the dragon idea. One of them is a master swords woman and the other can put cages on the dragons so it shouldn’t be too hard. Actually if we just kill the dragons we could just take the eggs that way but I hate the idea of killing just for my own selfishness.”

“I like it better when you’re gentle and not killing as well, your majesty. I’ll kill for you so you don’t have to hold a sword.”

Again… Nier…

“I will too your highness!” Lucia was just competing but Luna kept quiet.

Still I wasn’t just going to leave without at least investigating. Everything looked safe. I went up to the rock and suddenly I fell into it. The rock wasn’t solid?

I hear the three of them yell for me but they don’t follow me in.


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