Son-con Fan Fiction – Ch. 15

Chapter 15

I reach the Daurgana and Lucia is already there to escort me.

“Welcome back your highness.”

Lucia’s smile was so sweet, innocent and bright. I still have this constant inner monologue going while she is there in my presence.

“I’m happy to see you Lucia.” I hug her tightly. “I’m sorry for all the scents on me.

“I understand because you already told me,” she said. “If you didn’t tell me before I don’t think I could accept it because it would feel like betrayal if you lied to me or broke a promise. I know you won’t leave me because you made all your intentions very clear and I feel you aren’t lying in anything you’re saying.”

“My mom is going to be upset with me so it might be better not to come by for a few days. I’ll try to find a way to work something out where we can have children without upsetting the elders of the Galadriels.”

“I trust you,” Lucia said. “I love you.”

“I need to see Mera to confirm something, then we’ll go to the palace.”

Lucia held my hand, but she pulled me back a bit.

“What is it Lucia? Is something making you bothered?”

“The White Deer King Hunt is this month, I was thinking of participating in it.”

Oh… I’m not going to do it. I don’t plan on traveling much so there is no need to try and meet the White Deer King.

“I’m not going to participate in that, I have a feeling I’ll get beaten up by a rabbit if I do.”

“A rabbit your highness?” Her eyes perked up and she had a smile as though she would laugh. “ A rabbit will beat you up? Your highness rabbits are weak. Even children can kill them easily… how would a rabbit beat you up?”

I didn’t actually see the scene myself, I just read about it and the description.

“Lucia… I’m very weak and I’ve never held a sword. Mom babied me since birth and I never got out much. I can’t use mana… the only reason I’m useful to the elves is because I have the ability to produce a powerful successor otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the palace as the prince here. You never made fun of me for how weak I am but you’re laughing at me now?”

“But your highness?  A rabbit?” She kept giggling. “How could you lose to a rabbit? Even if you’re weaker than female elves… how?”

She pulled me to the perfume shop laughing as we went. Mera was there still working. I remember how she always seemed sad but today her mood is one tone higher than before.

“Mera, have you seen your brethren lately?” I could’t help but smile.

“So that was your doing your highness? Thank you.”

I nod to her. “That is all. Lucia let’s go.”’

Lucia pulled me with her now to the palace.

“She look like she still wanted to talk to you,” Lucia said. “I didn’t you consider her your friend?”

“I do, and if she needs help I’ll find a way to help her. I got the human Castell to send soldiers to rescue and free her brethren from captivity while I was over in the Empire.”

“Then why not let her thank you properly?” Lucia still so innocent.

“I don’t want her to fall in love with me,” I said. “I hate rejecting those who do… do you want more than four other people who love me? The more other women interact with me the more they’ll fall in love with me and I don’t want that.”

Lucia slightly pouted while she thought about it as we walked to the palace. It seemed she was still the one who didn’t like surprise lovers. Jealousy is a horrible thing, but so is a harem. I’d have preferred not to have a harem but I didn’t want to throw away women who would already develop feelings for me, and Nier was needed because of the successor of the Empire issue.

I would just end up hurting more women. Troy’s situation between two crazy powered moms who would throw the continent into chaos on his whim basically let him control the fate of millions of people.

“I’m glad you are keeping your promise,” Lucia said. “I hope you always keep your promises to me in the future and always tell me the truth even if it’s something you think I don’t want to hear.”

“I will promise you that I won’t lie.”

Anything involving intense feelings is very difficult to handle. Especially since the two women I’m stuck between as a son/lover developed those intense feelings from the trauma of loss and loneliness. Truthfully I don’t know if either one of my moms could be fully healed. Elizabeth is at least acting normal and sensible except for the part she’s doing it with me when I’m around… which I admit isn’t normal but very satisfying. Vyvyan is also going to do the same… but I guess that might be considered normal for elves since the Elders approved of it when she secretly got pregnant by Troy on a full moon before erasing everyone’s memory.

“We’re here,” Lucia said. “I’ll come check on you in a few days. Promise me you won’t abandon me. Promise me again.”

“Lucia, I promise I won’t abandon you or throw you away. You’re more important to me than my own life.”

I kiss her again as I feel eyes planted on me. I can feel Vyvyan’s stare already. Supposedly she never liked Lucia but for some reason she seemed to get along well with her except for the few times she wanted to kill her.

“Pray for my safety,” I whisper into Lucia’s ear before letting her go and walk into the palace with Vyvyan.


“Son why do you smell like her? Why do you smell like that woman? Is mommy not enough for you? Mommy took care of you! Why did you sleep with her? Why did you let her touch you? Mommy is your only mommy, not her!”

Vyvyan was going crazy as predicted. I guess Zhu/Troy should get some credit, he was able to get this crazy mom to calm down about him seeing Elizabeth in a little over a year, but he did it by constantly causing heartache and going on adventures no one wanted him to go on.

Even if he often did it with Vyvyan on what he called her “night raids” he never seemed to “want” to do it with her. You could say the lack of acceptance of her feelings were always in the back of her mind. Even Nier and Lucia didn’t like how he wouldn’t go seek them out for a romp on the bed.

There’s nothing to say, take action.

I grab Vyvyan and kiss her pushing my tongue inside her mouth. Instead of resisting she immediately starts kissing back. I move my hands to her chest and start fondling clumsily. I then try to carry her… elves are lighter… but I struggle.

Vyvyan had already dismissed all the maids my first day here so there was no issue with anyone watching. I took her to the top room and set her down on the bed.

“Son why are you so naughty today? Is this a way to apologize to mommy?”

I give her a smile and push her down thrusting away. She indeed is beautiful, more curvy than Elizabeth. I wouldn’t be able to say who was more beautiful, but I know Vyvyan with her Elven lineage would last longer.

“No, it’s because I love you mom. I know you want me to love you this way. It’s not enough just to be a mom to me right?”

I kept going and going until she was satisfied. Vyvyan was very open with every position and it seemed her only preference was doing it with me. Anything I wanted she enthusiastically went for like a ravenous beast. She seemed to also know all my sweet spots where Elizabeth had to learn.

We then laid down together in bed, nothing on us as the cool air in the room circulated.

“Son, while mommy is happy about this… the matter of Elizabeth’s scent being on you is still not good. Why was her scent on you?”

“I did it with her like I did it with you,” I flatly said.

“Son you can’t do that with her, don’t you know humans are different? Humans don’t allow relationships like that. It’ll ruin your reputation! If you want to do it with mommy you can always do it with mommy, mommy will do everything that makes you happy you don’t need that other woman. She can’t love you like mommy can, she has to be the empress she can’t  be your mommy. She abandoned you, she left you because she wanted to be the empress.”

“Mom you’re wrong about that, she didn’t leave me because of that. I saw the past mom. I saw what happened, I saw what she did and I saw what you did. When she left me with father, she left me because humans kill all the family members of royalty when they take over. Her father died, her country was in ruins and she had to smash her throne and sell it to raise an army. She didn’t leave me with father to come to you because she abandoned me, she did it to protect me.”

“You’re wrong son,  she could have… she could have…”

“When father brought me to you at first and asked to put me inside you mom, you didn’t love me at all then did you?”

Vyvyan’s face suddenly stopped. It was like a dark secret about her feelings to me were suddenly revealed. The novel described how she was just going to have Troy and go through with it so she could remain with Inard. After using her body to nurture the child and giving birth and feeding him with her breasts she couldn’t stop developing strong motherly feelings for him. Not to mention she loved Inard a lot, and so Troy… or the me now… is the last bit of Inard she has left.  First loves are quite scary aren’t they?

“No mommy never… mommy always… no son… mommy was hurt at that time… she was hurt… she was upset… you can’t blame mommy.. Please son.. Don’t blame mommy… don’t blame… mommy will never do anything to make you unhappy… mommy won’t.. Mommy…”

I put my arms around her and kiss her again, this time slowly to keep her quiet and holding her closer than I had before.

“I’m not upset at that mommy because I know today you love me more than yourself,” I said. “If you hurt yourself because you love me I wouldn’t know what to do, I’d be sad and unhappy and I don’t want you hurting yourself… so I won’t be doing anything like hunting earth dragons or participating in hunting the white deer king because I know I’m weak mom. I can’t do anything without you. If you weren’t here I would be dead so I cannot do anything but love you too. I always have to rely on you mom.”

Those words seemed to calm her down as she rested her head on my chest. Who knew Vyvyan had this side of her too. Regardless of her Yandere tendencies the fact is she always put Troy first no matter what his whims were.

“Mom you wanted me to grow up a gentle boy didn’t you? Someone who didn’t kill, who never held a sword and who could love and be happy right?”

“Yes, that was always what mommy wanted…”

“You raised me that way and now I have four girls who love me that I know would die for me.”

“Four? You said four right son?” The mood shifts… the mood shifts…


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