Almighty – Ch. 855


The individual outside was likely Herb Deities’ Valley’s core member because his voice rocked the palace. Yang Tian wasn’t surprised he got on someone’s bad side after gaining so much. The elders took it as a chance to see Yang Tian’s cultivation and determine if there was any point in letting him and Xiaobai in.

The formations outside activated. The two youths looked annoyed. There were a group of creatures outside. Yang Tian wasn’t surprised it was Murong Feng. Yang Tian clenched his fists. Murong Feng found the divine herb familiar but was unable to put a name to the face. He didn’t mind Yang Tian and Xiaobai going in, as he would have time alone with Yuan Xia.

“Xuan Ming, Xuan Yuan, what can’t you accept?” asked Fist Elder?

Xuan Ming pointed to Yang Tian. “How come they can enter First Ancestral Grand?”

Xuan Yuan: “I cannot accept it, either. The right to enter is supposed to be determined based on skill. It is unfair for them to take it for nothing!”

First Elder ignored the comments from the creatures around. “We have decided. Stay out of it.”

Xuan Ming couldn’t defy First Elder despite the indignation. He said to Yang Tian, “I fought to advance every inch into the list. You want my spot? Beat me!”

Xuan Yuan nodded. “Show us what you’ve got if you want our spots.”

The creatures nodded.

First Elder: “I have no opinion if you want to fight. Use the ring.”

Yang Tian thought, They won’t give me an artefact if I don’t show them what I’m made of.

They went to the ring.

Xuan Ming and Xuan Yuan thought nothing of Yang Tian.

The scenery was lush – beautiful.  The plants were cultivating. There was a flowing spring in the distance. Spiritual birds soared in the sky. They were on a wild mountain. There was a giant ring for combat floating in the air. The metal ring was shiny. The walls were bronze in colour. There were bloodstains that had yet to dry after years.

Xuan Ming and Xuan Yuan didn’t like the fact the humans weren’t shocked unlike others before them. First Elder asked Xuan Ming and Xuan Yuan, “Who’s first?”

Xuan Ming stepped forward after exchanging eye contact with Xuan Yuan. “I shall start, First Elder.”

Xuan Ming flew up to the ring.

First Elder gave Yang Tian a smile. “If you would please. I hope you don’t fail.”

Yang Tian shrugged calmly. “Do not forget your promise. I am not going unless you provide me with an artefact.”

The annoyed elder turned back to the ring. “Unfettered Steps.”

Xuan Ming powered up as he advanced. Thunderclap was audible. Boom! He punched a massive lightning bolt at Yang Tian. Yang Tian’s feet sunk a little, and then he powered up, unleashing golden light and shattering the lightning bolt.

Although the punch was only a feeler, Xuan Ming was tense. He roared in a deep voice and discharged countless lightning bolts. He thrust the plethora of lightning bolts forward.


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