Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 761

Ruins Poison

Jiao Dalang and Jiao Guanwen were overwhelmed with relief to see the formula working because there was enough blood for them, as well.

Jade Wyrm, who had a high level of self-awareness, declared, “I can imagine myself back at full power. I should be able to progress my cultivation again, and then I’ll shred Mu Yu!”

Suddenly Jade Wyrm felt something amiss for the herbs’ effect wore off, leaving him with residue poison. Even worse, the poison that the herbs drew out started rioting inside him. The divine silkworms’ blood started to bite back as though something aggravated it. Blood forced its way through Jade Wyrm’s mouth and to the floor.

“He’s coughed up the bl-, white blood? Isn’t that the divine silkworms’ blood?!” exclaimed Jiao Guanwen, excitement turning into bafflement.

“D-does that mean our lord has been cured?” asked Jiao Dalang.

“Argh!” Jade Wyrm grunted, yellow patterns starting to surface on his skin as his energy level plummeted. “That isn’t an antidote.”

Jade Wyrm coughed another mouthful of white blood, eyes wide due to the more excruciating jerk inside him. Enraged with his exacerbated condition, he pulled Jiao Guanwen over by the collar. “Did you get the wrong formula?!”

“I-I strictly adhered to the old fiend’s procedure.”

“Why has my condition been aggravated, then?” Jade Wym wished he still had enough strength to crush Jiao Guanwen, but all he could afford was to throw the latter side. He reverted to his true form – a white wyrm – and start writhing in the sky. As he dove back into dragon pool, he could be heard blustering, “Mu Yu, I swear I’ll rip you apart!”

“Sir Guanwen, what should we do, then?” questioned Jiao Dalang, worry written all over his face.

Jiao Guanwen bolted into the room and created a formula, consuming his formula and then directing the poison to his left arm. “Mu Yu!”

Jiao Guanwen took a blade and lopped his left arm off, scaring the wits out of Jiao Dalang with his harrowing cry.


The two kidnapped divine silkworms recounted the kidnap upon waking up back at Sunshine Valley. Thankfully, they were spared from execution because Jade Wyrm intended to keep them, though he left them in an unhealthy state when he drew blood from them.

“You don’t need to feel guilty. I’ll do my best to protect all of you until Fiend King Phoenix returns,” Mu Yu conveyed to all the residents of Sunshine Valley. “Doctor, I am the root of these complications. Jade Wyrm wants my head due to him believing that I killed Long Xingyun.”

“You don’t need to dump all of the blame on yourself. Qiao Xue already clarified what transpired. Long Xingyun deserved to die by all accounts,” opined the doctor, waving his hand. “The fact that you rescued two fiend kings could right any wrong you could’ve committed. Since Jade Wyrm wants to pursue a vengeance with you, I guarantee Ancestor Phoenix will have it out for him. We should be the ones apologising to you for jumping to conclusions after everything you did.”

“Since we can’t cry over spilt tea, I won’t idly stand by. I will help protect Sunshine Valley from Jade Wyrm’s rage. I will protect Elder Tiantu’s family with a formation. I have set up formations around the valley so that alarms will go off if a foreigner tries to infiltrate.”

“Speaking of Jade Wyrm, I wonder how he is doing. I wonder if they can figure out the antidote since they managed to learn it from me.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry. Besides you and me, nobody can save him from his misery anymore. If he’s the type of fool who arbitrarily thinks he can use the same dose as your case, he’ll be in trouble. Context will always be the most important variable.”

“Well, I hope he dies from it. Mu Yu… I heard from him that you have a true dragon with you. Is that true?”

“Mu Yu, there’s no point hiding anymore now that it’s come to this,” voiced the dragon vine.

From what Qiao Xue gathered, Jade Wyrm was the only one to know about the dragon vine among the three major factions, fortunately. Despite that, Mu Yu still had qualms about revealing the dragon vine’s existence as it would mean that they would be fighting more than Jade Wyrm. Nonetheless, he chose to trust the doctor in the end.

“Due to the importance of this, please don’t tell anyone else about it.”


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