Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 763

Four Major Dragon Factions

“You will die,” Jade Wyrm declared in a low voice, recalling what happened days ago.

“Let me guess: you couldn’t figure out the antidote formula, yet ruins poison is no longer attacking you. Oh, I know now,” Mu Yu mocked, clapping his hand. “You directed the poison to a limb and chopped it off. I can see all your limbs are attached, so what did you lop off, eh?”

Xiaoshuai’s eyes moved south. “He didn’t cut off his manhood, did he?”

“Say that one more time if you have the guts!” raged Jade Wyrm, who opted to sacrifice his manhood because it would not ruin his appearance as an “almighty” dragon.

Jade Wyrm finally surrendered to his anger and sprung. Mu Yu summoned Shadow Splitter Sword, knowing he would need to rely on his bloodlust energy to tackle the Ascension Realm fiend.

“Wow, this looks fun, hahaha,” jibed a middle-aged man, as he arrived on the scene with his erect torso and hands behind his black robe. Strangely, he wore a cultured smile, yet his eyes told a different story.

“What do you want, Black Tigerdragon?!” Jade Wyrm thundered with his face twisted in fury.

“If Ancestor Phoenix found out you led this large group to riot at Sunshine Valley, I’m sure she’ll hunt you down. Last time I checked, you can’t afford to lose any more manpower, hey?” satirically asked Black Tiderdragon.

“What’s. Your. Point?!”

“I heard Jiao Guanwen and Jiao Dalang lost an arm each in a fight two days ago, while Jiao Dahu is missing. The death of my poor nephew, Xingyun, also makes my heart ache. North Shore Abyss is having a really harsh time.”

“Mind your own business. I have plenty of men. I’m here to capture a spy among our race. If you know what’s good, don’t get in my way.”

“Hahaha, calm down Brother Jade Wyrm. Contrary to your claim, I heard Mu Yu saved Ancestor Yujiang and Ancestor White Ape. I don’t think Ancestor Phoenix will be too pleased to hear about this, and I don’t think you’ll like the consequences,” pointed out Black Tigerdragon, pouring oil on the fire.

“A young human did liberate the two, but none of us have seen him. How are you sure it’s that Mu Yu? All I see is a spy who must be interrogated!”

“You don’t trust Qiao Xue? Okay, how about…” Black Tigerdragon wore on a grin as he set his sights on someone in the distance and snapped his fingers.

“Long Yeli? What’s he doing with Black Tigerdragon?” Mu Yu blurted, watching Long Yeli fly over to Black Tigerdragon’s side.

Qiao Xue shook her head, feeling somewhat sorry for Long Yeli, who had an arm and leg removed in addition to other wounds smothered all over him.

“Long Yeli? Didn’t I tell you to go apologise to my son?!”

Jade Wyrm blasted a qi blade at Long Yeli, freaking the latter out. Black Tigerdragon dragged Long Yeli behind him, simultaneously defusing Jade Wyrm’s attack. Shaking his head, Black Tigerdragon then said, “You’re still as murderous as always. Long Yeli has filled me in on how Xingyun died. How foolish of you to try silencing him.”

“He deserves to die for failing to protect my son!”

Long Yeli reported Long Xingyun’s death faithfully. Unfortunately, Jade Wyrm decided to go down the denial route and sought someone to take the blame. In a desperate attempt to save himself, Long Yeli cast the blame on Mu Yu. Alas, Jade Wyrm didn’t excuse Long Yeli and executed his long-time subject – or so he thought he did.

“Ancestor Green Dragon made it very clear that we need to stand united. Long Yeli is a Body Synthesis Realm adept and experienced pugilist we regard highly, yet you thoughtlessly tried to kill him.” Black Tigerdragon assured Long Yeli, placing a hand on the latter’s shoulder. “Long Yeli, let us all here the truth behind my nephew’s death. Say it loud and clear. I will protect you from any harm.”

“Brother Black Tiger, why didn’t you invite me to hear the true story?” voiced Purple Lightning Flying Dragon, a striking man younger than Black Tigerdragon, purple qi swirling around him.

“Hahaha, aren’t you already here, Brother Flying Dragon?”

Black Tigerdragon didn’t appear surprised. As a matter of fact, he peered around and, unsurprisingly to him, a maiden donning a yellow robe sauntered over to Jade Wyrm within just two steps.

“Why didn’t anyone notify me there was a party here today?” questioned Long Keshuang, the elder sister-in-law of Jade Wyrm.

In order of descending age of the four faction leaders was Long Keshuang, Black Tigerdragon, Jade Wyrm and, last but not least, Purple Lightning Flying Dragon.

“I’m more VIP than VIP out here. All four are here just for me,” Mu Yu joked brightly.

“Is this any time to be having fun?” Qiao Xue chided.

“Relax. They didn’t come here as a team, so there’s nothing to worry about. To the contrary, I’m excited to see what happens when all hell breaks loose. If there’s anything worth worrying about, it’s that Long Yeli might’ve informed Black Tigerdragon about Dragon Vine. If the others find out, it’s going to turn out as a fatal four-way fight. That said, I’m sure that three of the four will dump the responsibility on whoever tries to strike Dragon Vine first when Fiend King Green Dragon asks what happened.”

“Long Yeli, you can start now,” stated Long Keshuang, sending chills down Long Yeli’s spine.


“It’s all right. Bravely tell us what happened to Long Xingyun. We all watched him grow up from the day he was born. None of us what to see a young hero’s premature demise, do we?” Black Tigerdragon loudly verbalised.

“He’s right. Long Yeli, are you afraid someone will silence you?” added Purple Lightning Flying Dragon.

“Young Master Xingyun…” Long Yeli convinced himself to continue and recounted all of the events faithfully.

“Xingyun tried to harm Ancestor Yujiang?!” exclaimed Black Tigerdragon, feigning surprise.

“Long Yeli, don’t make up stories! Xingyun would never do such a thing. I’m going make sure you can never shirk responsibility and malign others again!” snapped Jade Wyrm.

Black Tigerdragon shook his head as part of his façade. He clearly brought up Long Xingyun during the attempted invasion to dethrone Jade Wyrm.

“This one swears on his life that is a faithful account. Qiao Xue can also testify!” Long Yeli hastily added in hopes someone would protect him.

Long Keshuang trained her stare on Qiao Xue and dimpled. “Qiao Xue, you grew up alongside Xingyun, so you know he isn’t the sort of fiend to do that, right?”


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