Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 762

Guarding Sunshine Valley

“L-Lord True Dragon!” blurted the doctor, standing up and then hurriedly genuflecting again.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t need all those formalities,” declared the dragon vine, standing atop Mu Yu’s shoulder.

“It’s not that I don’t trust the residents here, but the more people know, the higher the likelihood someone has a slip of the tongue. For that reason, please keep it a secret between us,” Mu Yu stressed.

“I will keep the secret. Lord True Dragon is the one we all revere. Though the dragons are always boasting, Ancestor Green Dragon hasn’t acknowledged any of them. We will only ever acknowledge true dragons.”

The dragon vine raised its chin. “I, too, look down on bootleg dragons.”

“Oh, put a sock in it. There are tonnes of bootlegs dragons that are realms ahead of you. You’re just decoration,” Xiaoshuai ridiculed.

“I’m still growing!”

“A generation would’ve passed by the time you grow up.”

That was part of the reason for their visit this time. Besides, the dragon vine was steadily growing stronger, for a fact.

“Doctor, I’d like to ask for your aid in leading the residents because you hold the highest authority here at present. We need to set up security measures before Jade Dragon invades,” Mu Yu opined.

“Just say the word. I’ll handle the delegation.”

“For starters, please provide me with detailed information on Sunshine Valley’s terrain; we can’t afford any blind spots. I will erect formations to prevent his minions sneaking in again.”

“Consider it done.”

While the residents of Sunshine Valley were busy with their tasks, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue used the foliage and creek nearby to construct an invisible barricade with more formations installed within it. Thanks to the numerous items Fiend King Phoenix left behind, Mu Yu had sufficient formation foundations to cover the entire valley. The only way into the valley, therefore, was the route the residents took turns guarding.

Though Qiao Xue couldn’t find any flaws in their setup, she still questioned, “Will these systems be adequate?”

“If he forces his way through, no. There’s no way he isn’t going to sneak in, nonetheless,” Mu Yu asserted.

“In the first place, why would he sneak in?” the dragon vine asked.

“He won’t. If he tries to take the valley by force, the other dragon factions will leverage his actions against him, and there’s no way he can hide such a large-scale attack” Mu Yu explained.

“Exactly, idiot earthworm. We mainly need to be wary of the ones trying to creep in.”

“Yes, but what if he comes here under the guise of apprehending you to avenge his son?” queried Qiao Xue.

Mu Yu’s bloodlust featured an appearance in his eyes for a split second.

“I hope he’s poisoned to death already,” commented the dragon vine.

“I doubt he’ll die from it. It’s a pity I can’t employ the plants by the border of the plains in case I harm anyone innocent, or he’d have it coming.”

In his spare time, Mu Yu pushed to progress his cultivation as much as possible for the imminent clash as well as to begin his climb up Ultimate Immortals Ranking afterwards.

Breaking the seventh day streak of peace, a patrol fiend frantically reported Jade Wyrm was at the entrance and demands permission to enter under the guise of arresting Mu Yu.

“I bet he’s personally coming here and sending someone to report because his infiltration teams failed,” Mu Yu opined, regarding Qiao Xue with a nod before the two took off to the entrance.

The doctor was the first resident of the valley to confront Jade Wyrm and his hundred-odd men. “What are you here for?”

Jade Wyrm snickered. “I am here to arrest a human who has trespassed into fiend territory. Doctor, do you know what the penalty for sheltering a human is?!”

“Ancestor Yujiang invited Mu Yu here as a guest, and he is Ancestor White Ape’s saviour. You tell me what our ancestors should label your arrest.”

“Indeed, both have stated a human helped them. In saying that, we have never seen said human. Just because you claim the human in the valley to be the one, doesn’t make him the one. How do we know he isn’t an imposter?”

Jade Wyrm actually held a grudge against Fiend King White Ape but couldn’t pursue it owing to the difference in hierarchy and power. Jade Wyrm never wanted to let his son leave his sights in case the other four factions tried to assassinate his son; however, Fiend King White Ape insisted Long Xingyun join Ocean Fiend King’s rescue mission, leaving Jade Wyrm with no choice but to comply.

“Qiao Xue was present in both rescue missions. Are you accusing her of mistaking him?”

“I heard Mu Yu is a conniving human capable of using formations. Qiao Xue is susceptible to deceit at her young age. I, consequently, must put him under arrest for the sake of our race until our ancestors return. If they confirm he is their saviour, it won’t be too late to release him,”

“Uncle, I believe that will not be necessary for I can tell who is deserving of my trust,” Qiao Xue asserted, arriving by the doctor’s side with Mu Yu.

“You two are not qualified to judge. What I do know is that he murdered my son. I must take him into custody now. Should you get in my way, I will not pull any punches.”

“Jade Wyrm, you already got rid of the ruins poison?” Mu Yu inquired.

The doctor and Qiao Xue flinched.


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