Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 25

Apprehension Operation “AR15…” M4A1 lowered her rifle and emotionally hugged her comrade. AR15 irritably shoved M4A1 back: “Don’t do this, M4A1. We’re still in Sangvis Ferri’s territory. What’s the situation on your end?” “SOP and I are safe. We are currently serving under a commander. Rest assured. Strategic Area S09’s Sangvis Ferri forces have suffered … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 01

Mysterious Young Man Liu Yue looked left and right to check that there was nobody, and then went to the lawn as fast as a flash. Nobody was permitted into the flower garden in the Imperial Palace’s inner section. The gardeners worked hard to amend the flowers. Liu Yue was aware that she was doing … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 18 Ch. 19

Finale “Would Her Majesty and Her Highness not be angry with you here?” “They’re asleep.” When I appeared at the chair outside the short-stay palace, I found Mommy Sylvanas already sitting at the table with her legs crossed. On the table was a huge flagon of wine. Only Mommy Sylvanas would use such a big … Read more

Young Girls, Their Guns and Commander – 24

Springfield in the Cafeteria “Commander, I am glad to see you well,” remarked UMP45, smiling with her hands behind her back. “Please give us your command now. Team 404 is fully prepared.” “How is HK416?” “She has finished her repairs.” I was aware Team 404 went out on a mission Miss Helian directed while I … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 6 Ch. 03

Liu Shan Men Divided in Three – Caught Red-Handed Jin Wangsun’s whereabouts were unknown; however, his family slave, A-Hu, offered Golden Crow Moon Eater to the imperial court, but the Emperor gave it back to him as a reward. That marked the end of the incident. A-Hu then took the sabre back to Gold and … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 6 Ch. 02

Liu Shan Men Divided in Three – Ministers in the Imperial Court “Today’s topic doesn’t concern vassals. I have found seven individuals I identify as my kingdom’s pillars.” There were three people lined up on either side of the room. One in the centre wore a smile. The seven of them were loyal to the … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 6 Ch. 01

Liu Shan Men Divided in Three – Yiren Has Hope “A man departs with no hopes of return in the harsh and gloomy weather,” was a poem originally used to illustrate the scene of a fearless warrior venturing out on a journey for the greater good in spite of the sorrow he felt deep down. … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 18 Ch. 18

Friend Irina hopelessly sighed. She turned to Sylvanas and softly remarked, “I thought that we were going to soak in the spring after transforming into our dragon form…” Sylvanas patted Irina’s shoulder with a laugh; then, she pulled her over. The King and Consorts didn’t share a spring. In the past, they shared one. Nonetheless, … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 18 Ch. 17

Hot Spring “This sort of stuff is annoying. I can’t just ignore it, though, because if I do, it’ll spiral into something worse.” I curled up in the water. While I grabbed berries from the tray in front of me, I complained to Mommy Elizabeth at the same time. I wasn’t actually in the water. … Read more