Almighty – Ch. 89

Breakthrough to Warrior Realm

“Path?” The other map fragment had “Drum”, so Yang Tian figured they might be connected.

Qing Yuan handed the jade slip back to Yang Tian after examining it. “Yang Tian, I think you need the power of a divine soul to access this.”

“I hope it’s a flame control technique.” Yang Tian stored the skeleton into his interspatial ring. “Let’s go. There’s nothing else here.”

Xiaobai suddenly poked his head out to check out the scroll.

Yang Tian took the painting down. It was the same as any other ordinary painting. Interestingly, time didn’t diminish the quality. “This can’t be an ordinary painting, can it?”

The group left Pill Mystics Sect and rushed to Martial Arts Platform, which was located right at the centre of Martial Arts Mountain. It was also where the most potent ancient qi was located, which was why it was their ultimate goal when they came to the mountain. The entire platform was tens of thousands of square metres.

It was much more likely to forge a quirk if one had access to ancient qi. There were even rumours that several of the ultimate beings were able to summon lightning at Martial Arts Platform – a result of ascending to Warrior Realm. Henceforward, every breakthrough would require them to overcome increasingly difficult lightning tribulations.

The only other place with the energy besides the secret sacred grounds was Martial Arts Mountain. Needless to say, there were the occasional secret locations that appeared one every few centuries that would provide the same opportunity.

“Is it commencing?”

“It is.” Qing Yuan’s sentiments surfaced on his face all of a sudden, and he clenched his fists. One will always have something they protect at some point in life, especially a woman they love.

“Qing Yuan, once we leave the mountain, please hand these interspatial rings to my adopted father. I won’t be returning.” Yang Tian passed Qing Yuan three rings.

Yang Tian enraged all of Yin Yang Cultivation Sect when he booted Wang Long out. Their adepts, consequently, would hunt down Yang Tian. Hence, he needed to make preparations. The pills and vitality water after was enough for Lin Yuan to break through to a higher realm.

“Rest assured. I’ll take care of everything else,” Qing Yuan promised, ascending the platform to cultivate with everyone else.

“It’s starting soon.”

Inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, Yang Tian had out a lotus, soul crystal and a side packed with ancient pills. “Heavens Conqueror Bronze Body, let’s see how hard it is to master you.”

Yang Tian dived into his body. The miniature qi and qlood version of himself arrived at a half-open vital point. “Vital point, open!”

The humanoid hammered the point using Nameless Style, tearing the point open. The condensed ancient qi whirlpool appeared overhead. Like a black hole, Yang Tian devoured the viscous ancient qi in the surroundings.

The others simultaneously opened their vitals. The energy Dan Qu spurred forth was barely weaker in comparison to Yang Tian’s. Yun’er and Qing Yuan’s were next. Honestly, Yun’er didn’t need to cultivate because she had an enormous volume of energy sealed inside her.

Xing Hao shifted back a tad. “Damn freaks. I’m the weakest among these monsters, damn it.”

Yang Tian’s small figure opened the vital point half way with his punches. It wasn’t enough, though, so he kept punching it.

Li Hongtao thought he’d get a chance to make a name for himself and defeat Yang Tian in front of everyone on the platform, only to find out that everyone around the latter was a monster in their own right.

“Vital point power, open!” shouted Yang Tian.

When his vital point finally released its last inch, Yang Tian’s figure stopped. He recovered all of his expended qi and blood. Next, he needed to overcome a lightning tribulation that was going to test his mettle. People looked over to Yang Tian and wandered if he failed due to the quirk’s disappearance.

Qing Yuan: Ignorant bunch.

“Keep rambling, and I’ll feed you to the dogs,” aggressively threatened Xing Hao.

They stopped looking just as Xing Hao glared.

“Failed?” Yang Tian opened his eyes after recovering., “I’m just getting started.”

“Release!” With Yang Tian’s command, his figure resumed punching until the golden vital point was punched open. The vital point trembled as its savage energy surged up similarly to tidal waves. His energy whirlpool overhead expanded to twice its original size. The heaven and earth quirk intensified.

Once Yang Tian broke through, Dan Qu broke through. The quirk Dan Qu grasped was Yang Tian’s Sundering the Nine Heavens. Qing Yuan broke through. A purple wyrm rose from his head, rippling through the air and unleashing a roar that saw Qing Yuan’s aura shoot through the sky – Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens. Qing Yuan’s quirk was on par with Yang Tian’s Thunderous Heavenly Sound.

A potent crimson colour connected with Yang Tian’s qi and blood river. The energy in the river was amplified by three folds, making it difficult for the others around to even breathe.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood river wildly expanded as it absorbed the ancient qi in the atmosphere, then poured it into his body. The absorption power was twice as strong as before.

A quirk suddenly appeared in the sky, covering three thousand square metres.

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