Almighty – Ch. 358

Meeting with Meng Yunxi Again

Three days flew by. The entire Eastern Continent was wild and active. Disciples were sent to see the arranged duel at Vacant Sky City. Vacant Sky City, which was under Li Clan’s jurisdiction, could fit … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 357

Yang Clan’s Treasure

Yang Tian turned his hands into cannonballs when he saw Qing Yuan’s reaction to his question. He had a bad feeling and recalled what he told Qing Yuan when they parted ways. He took in a deep … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 356

Demon Token

Having pledged to become Yang Tian’s sworn brother, the gorilla was in a dilemma and embarrassed, hence the bouncing. Yang Tian nervously looked at the two beasts. He couldn’t bear to part with Xiaoqing. He prayed the two … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 355

Meeting Qing Yuan Again

Despite the golden-winged dapeng’s level, it was unable to see inside Yang Tian. His body’s interior was akin to a Chaos illusion; there was only a golden light and mist. There was a mysterious energy in … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 354

Shocking the Golden Battle Gorilla!

Two divine light beams engaged in a destructive engage. The gorilla crushed everything his rod touched.

Yang Tian fired divine beams from his eyes and performed hand seals, generating energy on his fingertips, burning through … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 353

Heaven Sundering Technique

The golden battle gorilla dyed the area around it all golden. His divine sound shook mountains in the distance. The energy alone was enough to reduce a Mutated Beast to smithereens. He energetically roared. He overpowered the … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 352

Intense Duel!!

Utilising Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps at maximum capacity, Yang Tian leapt in a similar motion to a small tianpeng, leaving afterimages behind. He threw a double punch on the iron rod. Their fight ripped apart the landscape and void. … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 351

Intense Duel!

Xiaoqing’s memories resurfaced when he made eye contact with the golden-winged dapeng. The two communicated before he was born. He, therefore, was familiar with the golden-winged dapeng’s aura. Xiaoqing circled around the dapeng excitedly as a child would.… Read more

Almighty – Ch. 350

Golden-Winged Dapeng King Arrives!

They could escape if it was just the gorilla, but the dapeng’s cultivation was a notch above the gorilla. If Yang Clan’s erstwhile patriarch hadn’t intimidated the dapeng enough, they’d be in serious trouble – not … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 349

Facing the Lightning Tribulation Together

The silent forest was desecrated. The air was oppressive. Only one mountain escaped annihilation.

Not believing what the golden-winged dapeng in front told him, the golden battle gorilla with electrifying golden eyes scratched his face.  … Read more