Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 134

Mountains and Oceans

“Hahaha, since you’ve been in my secret chamber, you should be aware I have a vengeance to take.”

“I do.”

“After grasping Repository Sword Theory and forging this sword, I, after ten years, finally see a chance of success for the first time.”

For anyone to claim they see “a chance” of winning against the calamitous monstrosity mentioned as calmly as Luo Ming did was worthy of admiration.

“So, what gives you the right to preach to me?”

Luo Ming, still confident after failing to overwhelm Ming Feizhen, smiled: “You saw the previous version of Repository Sword Theory. Ever since obtaining this sword, I’ve redefined my comprehension of Repository Sword Theory. You’ve seen Seven Emotions Theory already. Since it won’t work, I doubt Fleeting Theory will work, either. I shall not embarrass myself again.”

“Pragmatic. I like it.”

“Let’s hear what you think of this theory.” Luo Ming awoke red energy on the blade, reinforcing it to become a castle wall. “This is Mountains Theory. In the sword is Mountain Yin, Mountain Yang, Mountain Cover and Mountain Phenomena. Sword strikes are heavy as mountains and never ending like a mountain range.”

Any other sect’s swordplay would be more convoluted than Luo Ming’s straightforward thrust. The reason for the “Mountains” name is to imply the innumerable calculations the opponent can make. Just as one cannot move a mountain to take the route of their choice, regardless of what variation the opponent tries to answer with, they will find they are restricted, therefore must deal with the thrust. For the theory to work, the user must have knowledge of all swordplay in existence.


Ming Feizhen offered an equally straightforward chop. The difference between Luo Ming’s thrust and Ming Feizhen’s chop was that latter, unlike the former, didn’t run any calculations.

Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer vibrated as though it was baring its fangs at a mighty foe, while Ming Feizhen’s black blade didn’t vibrate or leave sparks when it collided with Purple Forbidden Enclosure Dragon Slayer.

Ming Feizhen expected Luo Ming to try something complicated, but the latter really didn’t.

Luo Ming summoned more energy, activating the golden energy of his sword, battering Ming Feizhen with bomb after bomb before the latter could react. Mountains Theory wasn’t about “profoundness” or being flashy. It was about burying the opponent under increasingly heavy blows as though you were piling mountains onto the opponent.

“Your internal energy is astounding; it even puts Abels’ to shame. Still, no amount of strength can surpass the laws of nature. Water may be soft, but it can work around rocks. My internal energy may not be as potent as yours, b-”

“I like it.”

He’s… smiling?

Ming Feizhen started pushing Luo Ming’s sword back.

H-he can push me back?!

“It takes ages for water to penetrate rocks. If we’re talking about a moment in time, though, smash the water with a rock, and all you get is droplets of water. Have you ever envisioned your downfall? Hargh!”

Because Ming Feizhen abruptly ejected himself from the deadlock, Luo Ming’s sword automatically chased its target. Logically speaking, someone retreating cannot deal with so much pent-up force. Nevertheless, Ming Feizhen blocked his backward momentum, using the ground as a springboard to travel forward again. He pulled his black weapon behind him and then swung out in front at Luo Ming’s incoming sword.

Luo Ming couldn’t believe Ming Feizhen terminated his force and still had enough forward force to drive him backwards. In the spur of the moment, Luo Ming spawned two qi vortexes on either side to redirect Ming Feizhen’s forward force sideways. Even so, Ming Feizhen’s force dismembered the vortexes and splintered three bricks on the ground.

“Be careful.” Luo Ming confidently lifted his sword overhead, generating one vortex on his sword tip and another three metres in front. “Try Abyss Theory.”

Both Abels and Ming Feizhen already figured out they needed to reverse the direction of the vortexes’ rotation to counter Abyss Theory, but that was prior to Luo Ming’s recalibrated version. This time, Luo Ming had two rotations in opposite directions happening simultaneously, making it impossible to reverse what’s already being reversed.

The vortexes’ depth increased rapidly, dragging Ming Feizhen toward it – reminiscent of a wrathful ocean as soon as he harboured the comparison. Abyss Theory alone wouldn’t have as much force, but, when combined with Fleeting Theory, it would pull mercilessly the moment one had the thought.

“Having improved the theory…”

From the bottom of the vortex, Ming Feizhen swatted through to the surface, sending a column of water shooting up at the clouds and pulling all the water along for a ride. At the bottom of the now dry ocean was Ming Feizhen and his disinterested look.

“What were you saying? How did you improve your broadswordplay?”

“… It’s a sword.”

Ming Feizhen rested his weapon on his shoulder: “Is that all?”

Luo Ming reduced his eyes to slits: “I do know of people who could defuse Mountains and Abyss theories. In saying that, it’s hard to even name a few people who could dismantle them through sheer force as they would need more might than mountains and oceans.”

“What’s your point?” Ming Feizhen yawned.

“… Shaolin’s Yijin Jing consists of ten layers.”


“Mountains” in Mountains Theory – It’s also the term for the oldest form of divination. If you want to go down the rabbit hole, read “Book of Changes”, which is also translated as “Classic of Changes”. Be warned that the rabbit hole will lead down more rabbit holes. You’ll need to go down two to find “Mountains”. I don’t know what the translation quality is, but I can tell you the Chinese is hyper-deluxe-paimonly-extremely difficult to comprehend. I believe these theories will play a more important role in the story than mere components of a martial arts manual.


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