Almighty – Ch. 90

Opening a Divine Soul Dimension

“Has Martial Arts platform closed? Why is the available ancient qi diminishing?”

“That can’t be right. The platform is supposed to be open for one day; it can’t have shut before the scheduled hour.”

“Wait… Yang Tian absorbed the energy around… Look!”

“What’s going on?”

“Is he challenging a lightning tribulation?”

Dark clouds loomed. A force bound Yang Tian. He sighed in response and dove into Ancestral Dragon Ring. There was still some time before the tribulation. Prior to swallowing the soul crystal, Yang Tian muttered, “It’s time to open a divine soul dimension!”

Yang Tian was violated with fatigue when he tried to muster up divine soul energy. “Let’s slowly gather energy.” Yang Tian entered his soul. The soul crystal was by the side of his soul. “How do I use this soul crystal?”

Yang Tian didn’t know how to open a dimension. The soul crystal suddenly budged when he was spacing out. The divine soul he just condensed gradually drifted onto the soul crystal. The entire crystal’s interior appeared as though it had melted. He observed the crystal’s change; however, the outside resembled a pot that exploded. There was nobody around in the vast place.

“What cultivation method does Yang Tian follow to produce lightning?”

Lightning tribulations were a cultivator’s greatest fear, yet Yang Tian called for one the moment he entered Warrior Realm. The number of times that had been done could be counted on two hands, and it was always the sages of Ancient Sacred Grounds who were able to do it.

If someone needed ten years to reach Warrior Realm following a Mystic Rank cultivation method, then they still wouldn’t be able to cultivate from Blood Refinement Realm to Heaven Rank cultivation method even if Heaven Rank Cultivation was dozens of times more potent.

The jet-black light inside Yang Tian’s soul actively moved about. The soul the size of a sesame seed was clearly in the process of growing larger. At the beginning of the black aura, a dimension about the size of a finger nail had taken form.

“Could that be soul qi?” Yang Tian noticed the divine soul energy amplifying. Noticing the charcoal clouds, he consumed a divine lotus. “There should be some more time before it commences.”

A five-coloured light suddenly beamed out from Yang Tian’s soul, illuminating the entire area. His divine soul’s power began to quiver as the light rushed into the divine soul. By the time it was the size of a fingernail, the rumbling eased off.

“So I was right. It can help amplify my divine soul’s origin, which is hugely helpful for my divine soul’s birth.” Yang Tian could detect the energy within his divine soul growing.

Divine souls were split into seven realms: Soul Formation, Divine Journey, Forging Strength, Soul Tempering, Soul Refinement, Sage Manifestation and Primordial Deity. Beyond that, each realm was split into four grades: Elementary, mid, High and Peak.

At present, Yang Tian’s divine soul was classified a Mid-Grade Soul Formation. Once he advanced it to Divine Journey, his divine soul could leave his body.

Yang Tian hadn’t gone through one-tenth of the energy in the soul lotus for there was too much energy for the divine soul to consume at once. Detecting the absorption rate slow down, he complained, “If only there was a manual that allowed me to cultivate my divine soul that didn’t need to absorb on its own, either.”

Such cultivation methods existed; they were just unbelievably rare. One wouldn’t be able to exchange a Dao Weapon for one of those manuals. Not even ancient clans were guaranteed to have one. The majority of the manuals were fragmented and incomplete.

Silver light began to flash behind the dark clouds. The ancient qi around started to thin out.

“I wonder how many bolts of lightning there will be.”

Yang Tian was the only person in the thirty -thousand square metres zone. If somebody approached the cultivator while they were undertaking the tribulation, the lightning could very well strike them down.

Yun’er had also broken through, grasping a quirk called Blue Sky Illuminates a Jade Wave. “Brother Yang must make it through the lightning tribulation.”

“Don’t worry, Sis.” Xing Hao patted Yun’er on the shoulder when he noticed her shoulders gently quivering. “Yang Tian has the heavens on his side. He’ll be fine.”

Yang Tian opened his eyes. “This is an ancient era, so I suppose the lightning’s energy would be considerably stronger.” He took in a deep breath to recompose himself.

Beasts were supposed to be fearful of lightning. A Spirit Beast needed to go through a heavenly tribulation when going from Level Six to Demon Beast tier, not to mention less than one in ten of them succeeded, yet Yang Tian heard Xiaobai hooting as though he was challenging the heavens. “This fellow isn’t scared in the slightest.”

Cultivators needed to prepare lots of items to undertake tribulations. Yang Tian had nothing but his strong body of flesh. Did it sound rational to stop a lightning tribulation with just a sack of flesh?

The thunder boomed, and the lightning parted the cluster of clouds. A thumb-sized lightning trail reared its head out from behind the clouds.

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