Almighty – Ch. 403

There Goes Another Dao Rank Weapon

An elder, livid over the unfair play, huffed. “Now this is dangerous.”

Li Qingxue’s flames’ temperature was on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to her cold gaze. She used an ornament to … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 402


The lightning and flames bell vanished after the Dao Rank furnace’s appearance. The once arrogant and now furious Li Qingxue emerged in a frayed state. Some of her hair was burnt. Some of it covered her face.

Yun’er giggled … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 401

Pill Flame Technique

The genius and ethereal Li Qingxue treaded on air. The gazes of admiration on her stroked her ego. She utilised her optical illusion technique again. Seeing the same technique repeated, Yang Tian stood his ground and awaited … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 400

Pulverising a Dao Weapon

The audience was in uproar over Yang Tian’s punch that rattled the Dao Rank lotus and even knocked a petal off without any consequences.

Shangguan Hao patted Qing Yuan on the shoulder and laughed. “He really … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 399

Spirit Circle Divine Technique

The audience discussed Li Qingxue’s discharged aura. Xing Hao was confident in Yang Tian. Yun’er hated Li Qingxue to the point she clenched her fists and hurled profanity. Li Qingxue was confident and determined to win … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 398

Yang Tian VS Li Qingxue

The black seal’s energy trying to blow apart Acala Bell seemed infinite.

Yang Ba’s phantom Buddhist wanted to emerge. Though his face was ashen, he was delighted that his relic could compare to his golden … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 397

Acala Bell

All eyes in the arena were on the small, shrouded black seal. The Celestial Weapon was capable of putting a hole in Vacant Sky City when its ability’s output was dialled up to its max. The rumbling was … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 396

Thousand Buddhist Palms!

Monsters dwelled in the back of the black hand. On Tian Wei’s palm were patterns that spread, pulling vital essence toward it rapidly. If his technique landed, it could melt a living organism.

In response, Yang Ba … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 395

Thousand Buddhist Fingers!

Tian Wei built up energy and then punched a black blast that ripped the air apart. Yang Ba deflected the black blast with a meditation-enhanced palm strike. Tian Wei immediately unleashed a black violent wave and surrounded … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 394

Lin Yuan

Lin Yuan, who was in the black iron cage, was dressed in messy green clothing – restrained and muted. He looked pale, but there wasn’t a trace of fear in his determined eyes. He was prepared for death … Read more