Almighty – Ch. 88

Pill Mystic’s Sect Ruins

Yang Tian threw the sect’s stamp at the formation shrouding the heart of Pill Mystic Sect. After a while, circles of markings rapidly spread out in every direction until a light gate emerged. He put the stamp away and headed in.

The group came across many secret rooms on their way in. Sadly, they were completely empty. Yang Tian focused all of his attention on young herbs.

Yang Tian picked up a big pill furnace absorbing ancient qi. The ancient pill he found was also capable of automatically absorbing ancient qi and converting the qi into ancient pills.

The group stayed for a while before continuing in. Xiaobai suddenly jolted. They then headed in the direction Xiaobai guided them in. The six hundred thousand and sixty hundred square metre herb garden was home to nothing but rare herbs. However, only a minute number of them were ready.

Before Yang Tian pulled the herbs out, he heaved a big breath. “Even if I do grow them, they’ll probably take ages to grow.”

Yang Tian collected the dragon beard herbs at the centre of the garden. Legends had it that the herb was a dragon’s favourite food and beneficial for their bodies.

The group was exhausted after collecting herbs for half a day. They soon reached the last building – Golden Pill Palace. There were three grooves where pill furnaces were placed next to the magma pool at the centre of the fire-red palace.

Yang Tian slapped his head for being greedy. The pills he collected during the day were incredible and enough to last him a long time already.

Yun’er inquired, “Brother Yang, what is this sign in the shape of a token?”

Xing Hao: “I think you need something to activate it.”

Yang Tian took out a golden token and compared it to the shape of the sign on the wall. “Move aside for a second.”

When Yang Tian placed the token into the slot, a golden light illuminated the room.  The wall then split open, intensifying the turbulence until the two walls opened.

As the turbulence reduced, they spotted a secret room. Yang Tian summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace to his hand. The group then went inside the room approximately three thousand square metres in size.

On the stone bed was a solid golden skeleton.

“A golden skeleton would mean that it’s the skeleton of an adept!”

There was a scroll painting on the skeleton. A benevolent elder was drawn next to a column of ancient text, which read, “This revered one is Pill Mystic, one of the former three esteemed elders. Due to the heavenly tribulation, this revered one formed Pill Mystics Sect under Master’s orders. In spite of the sect existing for ten thousand years, we were unable to match Devil God Palace. As such, Pill Mystics Sect was moved into the ancient dimension. Should one be able to obtain what this old one left, he hopes the next generation can put him to rest at Pill Sect as Pill Mystic!”

Yang Tian and company bowed several times. Humanity had a place to reside thanks to the ancient adepts sacrificing their lives in the fight against the foreign races.

Inside one of the jade containers below the skeleton was a token that exuded a similar energy to the pure gold token he had. On it were the words “Pill Sect”.

Yang Tian: The world of cultivation is massive; it’s not going to be easy to locate Pill Sect.

Yang Tian stored the token into Ancestral Dragon Ring, then looked to a second jade container. As soon as he opened it, a fire element rippled through the air. The red jade slip was hot to hold on to. He honed in on it for a moment to discover that it was the exact same as the jade slip he acquired from Star Sect. By the same token, he couldn’t open the contents.

Yang Tian handed the jade slip to Qing Yuan. “Give it a knock. See if you can access it.”

Yang Tian then opened the last jade container. The map fragment was similar to the fragment he picked up on Fierce Beast Mountain even in terms of size.

Dan Qu stole a glance of the map and pinched his eyebrows together: Why does it have a primordial aura?

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