Almighty – Ch. 91

Thunder Tribulation Strikes

Sensing the violent thunderbolt coming, Yang Tian got to his feet and summoned his qi and blood river. He vaulted and rammed his fist against the violent thunderbolt with all his might. The thunderbolt pierced his body. He shuddered and fell down on the stone platform. The impact left his arm rotten. His bones were broken, and he bled profusely.

“Yes! Yes!” Li Hongtao laughed as though things played out exactly how he thought.

Qing Yuan and Xing Hao knew Yang Tian had a Dao Weapon, not to mention that it was very powerful. However, Yang Tian didn’t use it, opting to use his body, instead.

Yang Tian adopted a cross-legged sitting position and suppressed the painful sensation. He consumed a sovereign’s sacred heart pill then thundered, “Heavens Conqueror, begin tempering!”

Yang Tian’s qi and blood river, which almost dried out, collected the ancient qi around. The ancient qi manifested as countless small whirlpools that circled above the thunderbolts inside his body. His rate of absorption increased again. He refined the thunderbolts on his body, turning them into nourishment for his body.

After approximately an hour, when almost all of the thunderbolts inside Yang Tian were refined, the thunder in the sky continued to stir until the aura was one third more powerful than what it previously was. Yang Tian’s vitality shot up exponentially.

Yang Tian opened his eyes to see a silver light zipping down toward him from the sky. Again, he stored up energy to his maximum capacity vaulted up to clash with the thunderbolt.  The thunderbolt pulverised him back onto the ground, breaking countless bones.

Yun’er shut her eyes. She understood Yang Tian was leveraging the thunder to cultivate, consequently curious as to what he went through to risk his life on such a high-risk method.

Another thunderbolt the size of an arm came down, piercing Yang Tian’s body. His body was up in smoke. He focused all of his resources on recovering as fast as he could. He didn’t plan to consume any of the vitality water unless absolutely necessary because he didn’t want adepts hunting him down for it.

Xing Hao: “It’s nearly the fourth strike; it should be over soon, right?”

Qing Yuan: “I hope so.”

Dan Qu: “I doubt it’s going to only be four bolts.”

Yang Tian blew a breath of air and stood up. With his body glowing silver and his life force restored, he vaulted up to the intercept the next thunderbolt!

Yang Tian’s flesh quickly decayed, and his bones broke once he made contact with it. The thunderbolt forced its way into his body and sent him flying thirty-plus metres. He struggled to sit back up and resume absorbing the ancient qi around.

Qing Yuan: “Is it over?”

Some of the clouds left, but the ancient qi in the vicinity coalesced in the sky and forced its way out from behind the clouds. The entire sky was caged in thunder.

A fifth bolt prepared to descend.

Qing Yuan: “If Yang Tian can survive eight bolts, he’ll be able to stand against deities in the future.”

Their concern was useless. Yang Tian needed to blaze the trail for himself!

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