Almighty – Ch. 92

Cultivation Method Exposed

Gu Mo silently observed Yang Tian. “I thought so. He’s absorbing the energy from the thunderbolts. What cultivation method is that? I must get the cultivation method… I must get my hands on it. I might become a deity… a deity!”

Absorbing thunderbolts meant that Yang Tian wouldn’t need to worry about heavenly tribulations in the future. There was nothing more frightening to a cultivator, supreme adepts inclusive, than thunderbolts zapping them. A Warrior Realm cultivator who can absorb thunderbolts is just cheating.

Recovering from about half of his injuries, Yang Tian was already stronger than he was compared to the previous strike. Yang Tian realised that he might’ve caught the attention of some monsters and adepts with Heavens Conqueror Manual.

If they’ve seen it, then might as well dazzle them with it, decided Yang Tian.

Yang Tian took the thunderbolt head on with a raging punch. The thunderbolt easily knocked him away and tore his skin apart in the process. His bones felt the breeze.  He groaned and forced the thunderbolt into his bones, cloaking them in silver light. Only a tiny portion was used to temper his flesh. The potent vitality in two drops of vitality spring water purged Yang Tian’s damage as well as healed his wounds.

Another lightning bolt knocked Yang Tian again and cooked him, only for him to rise to his feet. He used another two drops of vitality water.

The seventh thunderbolt fired down, knocking Yang Tian away again. His hair splayed out. He used vitality water again. His skin was nearly transparent.

Qing Yuan: “Haha, last bolt.”

“Okay, he can’t reveal that,” muttered Dan Qu.

The eighth thunderbolt, which was twice as powerful as the seventh bolt, charged down and destroyed the back of Yang Tian’s hand. His life force almost completely went out.

The thunder tribulation was over. The black clouds disseminated for the most part. The ancient qi in the vicinity gradually returned.

“Wait… What the? How come there’s a ninth bolt?!” exclaimed Qing Yuan.

In the entire history of the Eastern Continent, only a handful of people survived an eighth thunderbolt. Nobody ever triggered a ninth bolt.

“Haha, that’s what you called The Wrath of Heaven. Not even the heavens want the cornhole alive.” Li Hongtao laughed hysterically.

Hearing “The Wrath of Heaven”, people looked over to Li Hongtao. They weren’t convinced. Only those who were at the top of the world of cultivation could trigger The Wrath of Heaven. They were the ones who could destroy the world. That was why the heavens refused to let them break through.

The thunderbolt locked on to Yang Tian. He discharged a magnificent silver glow. “Why is there a ninth heavenly tribulation?”

The thunderbolt gathered ancient qi even from kilometres away.

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