Almighty – Ch. 87

Pill Mystic’s Sect Ruins

Yang Tian: “Gu Mo, did you want to leave a souvenir before leaving, or did you want to leave on your own?”

“Yang Tian, I’ll remember this. Watch yourself from now.”

Seeing Gu Mo gnash his teeth and flee with his tail between his legs, Qing Yuan enjoyed it. “Haha, those haughty venerated people will probably have holes ready to climb into from now.”

While Yang Tian’s group was engaging in idle chatter, the ochre gourd levitated and illuminated the room. Divine markings landed in Xing Hao’s hand. His break through popped the lid off, and the gourd absorbed the energy around.

It was only for a short while, but Xing Hao rapidly burnt through his energy. Dao Weapons were formidable. Unfortunately, the group was unable to employ a fraction of the weapons’ full potential. Therefore, he determined he wasn’t at a level where he could operate it.

“Arms Sect’s treasure store is closing soon. We need to hurry and collect a few Half-Complete Dao Items,” said Xing Hao.

It took Yang Tian’s group ages to find a Half-Complete Dao Weapon as a previous group swept up lots of them.

At a desolate location, Yang Tian watched Meng Hao leave and muttered under his breath, “He’s not leaving, is he?’ Yang Tian took out a stamp and smiled. “Let’s go. It’s time we check out Yin Yang Cultivation Sect’s treasure storage.”

Qing Yuan: “Yang Tian, where did you get that stamp from?”

Yang Tian patted Qing Yuan on the shoulder and laughed. “I stole it from Wang Long. Pretty good, huh? We’re heading to their storage now.”

“This is the key to Pill Mystics Sect.” Qing Yuan took the stamp from Yang Tian. “Pill Mystics Sect? I think I’ve heard that name somewhere. Yang Tian, let’s hurry. Martial Arts Platform will be opening soon.”

The group got into a flying jade chariot, which was powered using high-grade bloodstones and offered three hundred square metres of space. Qing Yuan wouldn’t have used it if Martial Arts Platform was opening.

Inside the chariot, Yang Tian dived into Ancestral Dragon Ring. The tens of thousands of star pills that took up the majority of the space could be consumed once he reached Warrior Realm. As for whether or not he could forge A Bright Blue Stellar Sky quirk would depend on his luck.

Yang Tian sat there with a shiny star jade pendant, which he found at Star Sect, in his hand. Despite experimenting with numerous methods, he couldn’t view the contents inside the jade slip, leading to him querying.  He continued contemplating for a while before sighing and storing the two away. “Let’s figure it out later. Perhaps I need my divine soul to access them.”

After travelling for a day, they hardly came across anyone since the majority of people already headed to Martial Arts Platform.

Yang Tian’s group reached Pill Mystical Sect’s ruins, which was a scene consisting of a series of mountains. Once they passed through the cave, they arrived at a palace.

Pill Mystical Sect was once a branch of Pill Sect. Yin Yang Cultivation Sect always occupied the branch.

“Once we get inside, I surmise we’ll run into a fair number of Yin Yang Cultivation Sect. Be careful of formations,” warned Qing Yuan.

Yang Tian’s group headed into the inner court. The countless pill rooms had been emptied out. After travelling for an hour, they slowed down, as they heard a faint unbecoming sound…

Yun’er’s face and ears turned rosy.

Listening to the voices inside heated up Dan Qu’s entire body. “Brother Hao, what are they doing inside?”

“Er…” Yang Tian’s expression stiffened on his face as a result of hearing the question.

Xing Hao straightened up and fumed, “What blasphemy!” Xing Hao then glanced over to Dan Qu and rushed into the pill room with the demeanour of a righteous man.

Qing Yuan patted Dan Qu on the shoulder. “Haha, I’ll take you out for research another day.”

“Really…? Oh, wait, I can’t do that.”

When they pushed the stone door to a pill room open, Yang Tian clicked his tongue at welcoming scene.

“Who goes there?”  Six people woke up and immediately entered combat mode.

One of the maiden coldly exclaimed, “Audacious intruders, how dare you sneak into Yin Yang Cultivation Sect’s cave for immortals!”

“Kill them!”

“I’d say you’re the audacious ones!” Xing Hao summoned his gourd and popped the lid off. “Absorb!” exclaimed Xing Hao, generating a powerful pulling force that plunged the room into chaos and dragged the group in.

“What in the world is that?” The group inside summoned weapons and tried to attack the gourd, but the gourd sucked them straight into itself.

“What sort of item is that?!”

Xing Hao quickly shut the gourd to trap the six he imprisoned. “This thing is awesome.”

One would require some god-level cultivation to escape the gourd once they were sucked into it.

“Eject!” commanded Xing Hao, ejecting dozens of interspatial rings onto the ground. Once he opened all of the interspatial rings, Xing Hao effused, “I’m rich! Damn, how much is there?”

“These ancient pills are treasures that ancient cultivators independently refined,” explained Qing Yuan.

The group split the pills up and then headed in.

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