Almighty – Ch. 86

Golden Crow Furnace

“Unless Yang Tian can grasp the same level’s Invincible Will.” Xing Hao argued.

“Invincible Will? No way…” Qing Yuan recoiled.

Said Invincible Will derived from corpses.

After six hours of cultivation, the next flame Yang Tian devoured didn’t do much harm to him, indicating he was done.

When a drop of blood landed on Sun Divine Furnace, the furnace trembled, and the three-legged golden crow appeared to come to life. An energetic seal was also imprinted in Yang Tian’s soul. He opened his eyes and moved his hand through the air, summoning Sun Divine Furnace in his hand. He then imbued the furnace with his qi and blood, thereby intensifying the flame within. As flames landed, the rocks around melted without anything able to stop them.

With the furnace as part of his collection, Yang Tian could definitely defeat the divine descendants who had yet to mature notwithstanding the fact that he couldn’t utilise one-one-ten-thousandth of its potential.

As Qing Yuan was done turned around to face the others and asked, “Who wants the rose gold gourd?”

Meng Hao: “I won’t need it. I have a Dao Weapon. You guys can decide amongst yourself.”

Yun’er obtained a treasure back at Formation Sect except that it was sealed. But nonetheless, as she improved, the seal would gradually unlock correspondingly. “I won’t take it. I have an item already.”

Dan Qu raised his purple bow and smiled. “Brother Hao, you take it. I’m used to using a bow. You also happen to be in need of a Dao Item. I bet the gourd has some unique effect.”

Xing Hao: “All right, I’ll take it, then.”

“Wait, take this. It might come in handy.” Yang Tian tossed a jade vial over to Xing Hao. “There are one-hundred drops inside. Feel free to use it.”

Yang Tian didn’t give them a bottle each in the end after contemplating it. It wasn’t a trust issue; he merely didn’t want people targeting them for it,

“This is an imitation Sun Divine Furnace, so I guess I’ll call you Golden Crow Divine Furnace.”

Xiaobai rubbed his head against Yang Tian’s leg, thereby shaking his bell.

“Sheesh, I didn’t expect you to have the best pickup.”

Qing Yuan and the group jumped to their feet upon hearing people encourage.

Yang Tian put away Golden Crow Divine Furnace. “This is a perfect opportunity to test my cultivation.”

Gu Mo: “Haha, it seems we’re fated for each other.”

Yang Tian showed his pearly whites. “What, you want a treasure?”

“Don’t waste your breath on them. Kill those who the Dao Weapons have recognised.”

“Li Hongtao, let’s settle our score.” Yang Tian went to intercept Li Hongtao.

“Yes, time for you to die!” Li Hongtao uncorked a punch.

“Yang Tian reached out and caught Li Hongtao’s punch.

Li Hongtao increased his qi and blood output to escape Yang Tian’s clamp. When he noticed that Yang Tian took his shockwave punch head on with his body without taking damage, he uttered, “What the hell?”

“What the hell, indeed.” Yang Tian slammed his palm flush onto Li Hongtao, breaking the latter’s arm. “I love people with backbone most, especially those from Li Clan.”

Yang Tian vigorously rotated Li Hongtao’s arm and yanked it toward the ground. Li Hongtao’s blood spread from his arm.

“Withdraw!” commanded Gu Mo.

“Uh, I don’t recall letting you go,” Qing Yuan sardonically said.

Xing Hao and the others zipped over to cut their enemies off.

“Yang Tian, you’re dead. Just you wait,” belted Li Hongtao, before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

“Useless trash,” cursed Gu Mo.

Bam! Yang Tian didn’t hesitate to send a group of stooges flying.


*Golden Crow – The golden crow is often used to symbolise the sun in Chinese culture owing to the folklore surrounding it. That was why Yang Tian named the furnace “Golden Crow” when it was originally “Sun”

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