Almighty – Ch. 71

Grave Injury

“Earthquake Seal!” Yang Tian ran through various hand movements in the air while discharging qi and blood to form a seal. The hand-sized seal rotated while unleashing a crimson wave of qi.

The raging bull crashed down on top of Yang Tian, subduing the crimson seal. Yang Tian took seven to eight steps back, cracking the jade on the ground with each step. Li Hongtao broke the jade he crashed into and rubbed his numb arm.

Yang Tian unleashed another punch combo. Li Hongtao rained azure energy from Heavenly Cauldron down comparably to a waterfall, throwing off all of Yang Tian’s punches, yet Yang Tian persisted. Heavenly Cauldron possessed amazing defence attributes, but wasn’t so good for offence. Consequently, Yang Tian’s attacks were unable to damage it.

“Blood-stained Jade Sword Technique, Sundering the Nine Heavens!” Xing Hao had his river of swords slash Earth Spirit Ancient Bell, sending Huang Li reeling.

Huang Li’s his injuries opened again. He subsequently donned golden armour forged from the shell of a turtle that had lived for ages covering his entire body.

“Useless.” Despite how vexed he was, Xing Hao couldn’t just kill Huang Li because it’d lead to a big war between their two sects.

Dan Qu expended a lot of energy to maintain his speed, but a lot of the pressure was alleviated once Xing Hao joined.

“Xing Hao, I’ll kill you soon enough. Li Hongtao, can’t you tell that they’re stalling, you retard…” belted Huang Li, resisting the urge to kill Li Hongtao.

“Hahaha.” The others looked over to Yang Tian and Li Hongtao after Huang Li’s fussing.

“Yang Tian, you’re dead!” Li Hongtao activated the divine markings on his cauldron.

“Imbecile…” Yang Tian stopped his attack and retreated.

Almost half of the star pills in the room had been collected, but there was still plenty left.

“Heavenly Cauldron, Seal Heaven and Earth!” Heavenly Cauldron whizzed down.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian’s black hair fluttered.

“He really has learnt to create a quirk.” Li Hongtao didn’t believe the rumour at first, but he was jealous beyond words when he saw Yang Tian produce a quirk with his own eyes.

“That is a quirk, indeed. Who is he? How can someone that powerful not have a treasure on him?” Murong Jie and Tuoba Bao looked at each other surprised.

“Hmph, mind your own business first. If you don’t pick up any pills today and get in trouble instead, don’t cry to daddy.” Xing Hao swung his sword toward Murong Jie.

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Murong Jie whipped his rose purple fan to intercept Xing Hao’s attack.

Scorching Sun appeared in the air. Yang Tian’s crimson glow pressed the attack on the azure river to reach Heavenly Cauldron. Meanwhile, sparks flew from the cauldron as a result of Scorching Sun’s heat waves getting into its opening.

“Get it!” thundered Yang Tian.

The cauldron suddenly began to wobble. The divine markings dimmed, and Li Hongtao took a series of steps back. Yang Tian raced over whilst enveloping his fist in a crimson glow.

“Damn it.” Li Hongtao widened his eyes as the shockwave approached.  As Li Hongtao donned his fire-red sacred shirt, he retaliated with a punch shockwave.

Yang Tian followed up with dozens of consecutive punches, forcing Li Hongtao backwards.

“You asked for it.” Li Hongtao’s let a grin spread across his bloody lips and summoned a shiny silver pearl he found in a secret room to his hand.

Noticing the fluctuation in the air and seeing the small pearl in Li Hongtao’s hand, Xing Hao cautioned, “Run!”

Life in peril, Yang Tian squinted and explosively sprang backwards right as the pearl landed down.

Boom! The deafening explosion cracked the jade walls around them.

Once the dust settled, Yang Tian staggered to his feet, dishevelled and bleeding. The impact broke several of Yang Tian’s bones. If he didn’t have Ancestral Dragon Ring holding him together from inside, his foundations most probably would’ve been destroyed in the blast.

Li Hongtao aimed a kick at Yang Tian’s head.

Anxious, Xing Hao tried to go to Yang Tian’s aid; however, Murong Jie stopped him from going to Yang Tian’s rescue.

Yang Tian watched the kick approach through his foggy vision. Instead of feeling pain, he felt a warm body and smelt a familiar scent that helped him clear his mind.

“Pfft!” Yun’er bled.

“Yun’er!” Yang Tian frantically struggled out of her arms. When he saw the footprint on her back, he seethed with rage.

“You’re dead!” Yang Tian gave Li Hongtao with the stare of a death.

Li Hongtao felt a chill down his spine as a result of Yang Tian’s stare. “Screw you!”

Yang Tian’s fighting spirit rose as he walked the thin line between life and defeat, fuelling his limp body.  He went mad, unleashing everything he had on Li Hongtao. He relied on his desire to avenge Yun’er alone to hold himself together.

Growing up as a jaded child, it was Lu Hongtao’s first time experiencing crippling fear. His brain refused to let him fight back. He couldn’t stop coughing blood as he bore the brunt of Yang Tian’s assault until his sacred shirt had to save him of its own volition.

Eventually, the two passed out at the same time.

“Let’s go,” Murong Jie said, after exchanging eye contact with Tuoba Bao. The two generated a vacuum to propel themselves toward the pill room.

“Don’t kid yourself.” Dan Qu got into position and fired off dozens of purple arrows.

“Get lost!” Murong Jie threw his ochre folding fan up and expanding it to a hundred metres to act as a shield against the lethal arrows.

The fierce qi in pursuit vanished. Two were sent backwards, while the others disappeared into the pill room.

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