Almighty – Ch. 72

Heavenly Nourishment Pill

“Brother Yang.” Yun’er held Yang Tian’s bloody body in her arms while her tears coursed down her face.

Dan Qu bolted over, popped off the lid on a jade via and held out a crystal-clear potent pill. “Hurry and give him this.”

Heavenly nourishment pill is a Level Five High-Grade pill prescribed for body refinement, external injuries and could even treat severed arms. Heavenly herb, its main ingredient had essentially gone extinct and needed to be nurtured for a prolonged period before it could be used.

“I’m amazed that Brother Yang only has external injuries after being caught in that violent blast,” Xing Hao commented.

“I agree. Brother Yang must have a precious item protecting him,” opined Dan Qu.

Whatever it was that Yang Tian had, it was rarer than a divine soul type due to its ability to protect one’s qihai.

“Hehe, you’re quite wealthy, eh? You even got heavenly nourishment pills.”

“Hehe, my family gave it to me.”

When he felt a clear and cold sensation on his nerve, Yang Tian’s sombre emotions settled and some colour was added to his mind. The white mist nursed him back to health and boosted his attributes.

Dan Qu mumbled, “He activated the nourishment at his cultivation level? Brother Yang must’ve always had a tough body.”

“We can’t stay here for long; let’s go somewhere else.”

Star pills needed to be refined until there was a hole in them before they could be consumed.

The group attracted attention since they had three people protecting one. Nevertheless, with how imposing their auras were, nobody dared to harbour silly ideas.

Before they knew it, they had cultivated inside a stone room for two days. Most people had already scouted the area, so the pills in the storage were basically gone.  A number of people had pinpointed where the heart of the sect was but couldn’t get past the big killing formation that killed on contact. There were corpses on the ground to dissuade them from being too experimental. Xing Hao’s group had the central zone’s marking and planned to open it today.

“Haha, he’s finally done.”

After half a day, splits ran across a crimson cocoon Yang Tian sequestered himelf in.

Dan Qu: “Brother Yang has improved substantially. He’s going to give us a beat down the next time he encounters us.”

As the energy in the cocoon increased, the cocoon gradually came undone. Once Yang Tian stood up, the entire cocoon shot out beams of light. “What happened?” Unconvinced of his suspicions, he pinched his arm muscle to realise how tough it was. At the very least, it was over twice as strong.

Xing Hao patted Yang Tian’s muscles. “How do you feel, Brother Yang?”

“What sort of pill did you feed me?” Yang Tian was aware how critical his wounds were before he passed out.

Xing Hao, green with envy, answered, “Dan Qu gave you a heavens nourishment pill, which kick-started the nourishment phase. That’s what helped your physique improve by leaps and bounds.”

Dan Qu went over to Yang Tian and copied Xing Hao. “Hehe, Brother Yang, do you feel any residue medicine in you?”

Yang Tian focused in on his body sensations. There was a white mist residue saturating every inch of his muscles. If he wanted to absorb more of the residue, he needed to reach Warrior Realm. With a palm and fist salute, he conveyed, “Thank you, Brother Dan.”

Startled, Dan Qu quickly performed a hand and fist salute and smiled in an embarrassed fashion. “Hehe, don’t mind it, Brother Yang.”

“Okay, you two. We’re brothers in arms. Don’t do that again,” teased Xing Hao, patting them both on their shoulders.

“Yeah, brothers in arms.”

One does not explicate bro-mances; just keep it buried deep down.

“By the way, how long was I out for?”

News of Yang Tian’s injury leaked, leading to them becoming public enemy in the ruins.

Xing Hao: “Two days. The group outside searching for us are losing their minds.”

“There are lots of lilling formations in the central zone. Dismantling the outside formations isn’t much help.” Yun’er beamed.

Yang Tian’s recollection of the scene of Yun’er taking a blow for him was a boulder on his chest.

Xing Hao and Dan Qu nodded. “Guess we have no choice. Let’s head to the central zone.”

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