Almighty – Ch. 70

Star Pill

When Xing Hao’s Sword Aura made contact with the jade door, a strange light ran over the door, stopping it from inflicting damage before vanishing. That said, the door didn’t budge in the slightest.

“Let me try.” Dan Qu loaded his bow.

Xing Hao: Even his arrows are Half-Complete Dao Weapons? This guy is pretty wealthy.

Dan Qu infused his bow with qi and blood, turning it purple. “Part the Clouds!”

The purple arrow ripped through the air toward the jade door. Boom! The magical text on the wall gradually dimmed down as the arrow drilled a hole into the jade door.

“You go, man. Damn, you seriously destroyed the magical text. Good stuff.” Xing Hao whacked Dan Qu on the shoulder.

“Hehe, just some tricks is all. It’s nothing worth mention,” replied Dan Qu, blushing as he put his bow back.

“Hmph, hot shot now, are you?” Xing Hao pushed the door open.

“Star pills…” remarked Dan Qu. Beautiful was barely enough to do the glow of the star pills awaiting them justice.

Star pills were the child of mixing energy from stars in the sky with ancient qi to assist in refining the Star Brightens the Nine Heavens quirk. It could also do as much as help one refine their body into a Star Sacred Physique, which empowered one with the ability to absorb starlight. Needless to say, that required one’s cultivation to be highly advanced.

“Don’t just stand there. Hurry up and grab them.”

Unlike ancient pills, it had been ages since anyone found star pills. After all, one of the necessary ingredients to concoct one was the energy of stars. Only the supreme adepts could pluck stars. Just as importantly, it was impossible to make them nowadays.

“Hurry and collect them; I’ll go hold them off.” Xing Hao stepped outside when he heard people encroaching. “Either get lost or die!” Xing Hao triggered the divine markings on his sword.

Some, who recognised him, turned back to go to the other pill rooms. Others charged him. Xing Hao plunged his Sword Aura into those who challenged him. With the passage of time, a big group arrived. Some “warriors of justice” decided they couldn’t stand Xing Hao’s approach and fumed, “Buddy, aren’t you being unreasonably overbearing? What would you lose if you shared some with us? It’s not as though you could take them all with you.”

“Hmph, overbearing?” Xing Hao slashed one of the men’s legs open.  “My patience has its limits. We found this place to begin with. If you’re not afraid of dying, come try me. I’ll accept all challengers.”

“Brother Xing Hao, don’t be so overbearing. Can you hoard all of the pills on your own?”

“Murong Jie, Tuoba Bao.” Xing Hao pulled his eyebrows together.

“Those are… star pills.” Mu Rongjie and Tuoba Bao recognised the pills. Naturally, their eyes lit up.

Xing Hao sneaked a glance of the room interior then shook his head. “Whether I’m overbearing or not is not for you to decide. I never thought I’d see you two together. So, were you looking to get past?’

“Haha, there’s no need for you to stall Brother Xing Hao. We have more men then you,” taunted Murong Jie.

Li Hongtao and Huang Li stepped out from behind Murong Jie.

Huang Li: “Him, again. Let’s see where you run this time.”

“Wait, haha. Run?” Xing Hao shook his head and shot Huang Li a glare. “The one who had his backside handed to him and then ran away with his tail between his legs was you, wasn’t it?”

Noticing the people trying to collect the pills, Li Hongtao turned back to the crowd eager to get their hands on them. “By the time I’m done taking three breaths, you better be gone. Otherwise, you’re all dead!”

“All right, cornhole.” Yang Tian clapped his hands once he detected their presence. “Yun’er, stay here and collect pills. Dan Qu, let’s go.”

Besides Yang Tian’s group, everyone showed themselves out.

Once Li Hongtao saw Yang Tian and Dan Qu, he raised his hand slightly. “Get them!”

Dan Qu let three arrows rips, homing in on the chests of his three targets looking to flee.

Li Hongtao brought out Heavenly Cauldron. “Be careful. There’s something odd about his arrow.”

“Leave him to me.” Murong Jie whipped out a purple fan.

“Dan Qu, you’re fast, so do your best to stall Murong Jie and Tuoba Bao,” suggested Yang Tian.

“Leave it to me, Brother Yang.”

“Yang Tian, it ends today.” Li Hongtao, controlling the floating Heavenly Cauldron with one hand, unleashed several wind punches aimed at Yang Tian’s vitals.

Yang Tian stepped forward and raised his aura, turning the vicinity around him into Power and erasing Li Hongtao’s blasts.

“Not bad. I’ll turn it up a notch.” Li Hongtao’s energy collected in his hand made the wind blow faster. “Yellow Bull Mighty Fist!” Li Hongtao punched out a raging bull.

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