Almighty – Ch. 69

Pill Galore

Yang Tian kept looking at the stone door that was forced open in the corridor. The shelves were empty; there were even some hardcore people who took the jade shelves, as well. The pills inside may have been remarkable, but they leaked lots of the medicinal properties already. It was commonplace to find famous and lost pills there, only to find that most of their medicinal properties were gone. Taking them for research wouldn’t work, either.

“Let’s head in. We’re mainly searching for pills refined with ancient qi. These pills are valuable, but they’re not much use to us.” Yang Tian clapped his hands after losing interest.

It would take the four of them combined some time even if they went all out, yet there were people trying to tear it down. The further they went in, the less people they came across. The stone doors, however, were still there.

While Yang Tian was running, Xiaobai suddenly began twitching. He stopped and checked on Xiaobai to find him still asleep. “What happened?” Yang Tian noticed Xiaobai drooled again.

Does this little guy still think about eating in his sleep?

“Brother Yang, what happened?” The team turned back when they realised Yang Tian stopped.

“Uhh… nothing… Wait, something’s weird.” Yang Tian waved his hand as he scrutinised at the wall behind him. It was faint, but he could detect a flow of energy inside.

“Eh? … Yeah, something’s odd.” Xing Hao questioned, “What do we do? Shall we break the wall down?”

“Sure.” Yang Tian took a few steps back and cracked the wall.

“The wall sure is sturdy.” Xing Hao witnessed the power of Yang Tian’s punches before and knew how tough his body was, yet all he managed was a crack.

“Let’s do it together.”

The group combined their might for a heavy attack that enlarged the cracks with shockwaves. Dan Qu’s purple arrow, in particular, did a lot of damage. Once the dust settled, a wide corridor constructed using top-of-the-line jade greeted them.

“Get in already,” Xing Hao pestered.

Both sides of the corridor strongly resembled the scene outside. Specifically, there were pill rooms, all of which were closed off with stone doors.

No formation? Yang Tian pushed the jade door open with a smile.

Ancient pills covered over three hundred square metres of flooring in one room, and there were close to hundreds of other pill rooms in the corridor left to go through.

“Hurry and grab the pills. The ancient qi is too potent; it’ll attract people here if we leave them,” Yang Tian urged.

“Right, right.”

They took out their interspatial rings and absorbed the ancient pills as fast as they could. In seven and a half minutes, they went through a total of five rooms.

People began to fight to get in, destroying the jade door in the process.

“Brother Yang, I can kick them all out by myself,” hollered Xing Hao, annoyed with the chaotic crew.

“No need. They won’t be able to take them all. Let’s pack away our own first. I have a feeling there are more inside.”

As soon as they entered a pill room, Xiaobai jolted and took off.

“This guy is so sensitive to treasures even while his asleep. You glutton.”

Very soon, another group of people rushed into the room with Ancient Pills to join the contest.

Ending his collection, Yang Tian cut off Xing Hao and company to head inside with them, leaving behind the crazed people killing each other for a pill room.

“Thought so.”

People were going to be attracted to the jade door soon. They longer they took, the more trouble they’d have on their hands. Hence, Yang Tian took upon himself to punch the door without a second of hesitation. The energy within burst from the door, and the magical text on the door also began to glow, negating Yang Tian’s force.

“What the…?” Yang Tian put all of his qi and blood into the punch, yet couldn’t do much to the door.

“Let me.” Xing Hao slashed at the door several hundreds of times using Sword Aura.

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