Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 120


Rewinding a little.

“You really resemble your father. Even your plans are identical. Had I not crossed paths with your father before, I might’ve suffered a little today thanks to you. Do you still think you have a chance, though?” Shen Yiren recalled Luo Ming saying over and over in her head as if someone was chanting a curse.

Because Shen Yiren’s father was a taboo topic in her presence, anyone who mentioned him at Liu Shan Men would have to fetch ten buckets of water and chop five logs of wood – same punishment for not being punctual. On the day anyone was caught mentioning him, even the group who often demanded a raise would keep their mouths shut.

Long Zaitian patiently waited for a reaction from Shen Yiren, but she never budged, prompting him to query, “Miss Shen, why have you still not declared the commencement of the operation? Luo Ming has been gone for a while now. From his wobbly gait, Empyrean Zha must’ve really pushed him. Should we not take advantage of his poor condition?”

“The plan… is remitted. Luo Ming already knows what our plan is.”

Convincing everyone present to turn on Luo Ming was predicated on two things, the first being the premise that Luo Ming couldn’t be trusted. Nobody in their right mind would oppose Luo Sword Manor if they weren’t 100% confident Luo Sword Manor plotted against the imperial court. Shen Yiren couldn’t disclose Emperor Yuansheng was in Luo Ming’s hands since there were factions that wouldn’t consider the imperial court a friend. If they found out Emperor Yuansheng was held captive, they could very well take advantage of the chaos, instead.

The second requisite for Shen Yiren’s plan to be plausible was that Luo Ming didn’t expect it. Since he was prepared, Luo Clan could form an effective formation within minutes to quell their riot. The only thing they’d be doing is springing their own trap and falling for it.

“We can’t give up yet.” Shen Yiren gazed at the big cauldron, not forgetting Luo Siming and his bodyguards to their rear. “… Notify the leaders to act on my signal. We will extract His Majesty and prioritise retreat. Whoever dallies on the island will perish… We need to minimise the sacrifices.”

Out of reflex at the word “sacrifices”, Long Zaitian voiced, “Who won’t be able to…”Hearing an unnatural wind blow, he turned to find Shen Yiren already making a beeline to the large cauldron.


“What’s your deal?!” Su Xiao thundered at Tang Ye in a small room neighbouring the ring. “Still fancying silence, are we?”

Tang Ye was supposed to wake up by himself, but Su Xiao’s “agents” spotted Tang Ye and slept the guards, allowing Su Xiao to sneak in.

“Say something. You and Big Brother Ming have been behaving weird ever since then. What happened between you two? Why did you go missing and the suddenly return as part of Luo Clan? As well, why are you their Sun Character Worship or whatever?”

“… I don’t want to answer.”

“… Okay, fine. I only have one question I want answered: do you know Luo Ming kidnapped His Majesty?”


“So you do know.” Su Xiao delivered a sonorous slap across Tang Ye’s face and then pulled the latter in close by the collar. “You’re rotten! You know how many people His Majesty sent out to search for you after you went missing? Do you remember the alias he bestowed you? The aliases he bestowed Big Brother Ming and I are nonsense, yet he gave you Heaven Shocker Holy Hands to show that you have a pair of hands that catches a sovereign’s attention. What do you want?”

Tang Ye’s cheek started to balloon, yet he just let Su Xiao lash out; he probably would’ve let Su Xiao behead him judging from his body language.

Speaking in a low voice, Su Xiao fumed, “You know… I’ve always envied you? You’re strong, collected and able to tackle anything. Vice-Captain Shen gives you priority when handing out jobs. You’re the only one she allows to live outside of the office. I know you and Big Brother Ming have been keeping secrets from me. Do you know how much I envy the fact that you two don’t have any secrets between you?”

Tang Ye clamped down on his teeth and finally erupted, “Do you know who he truly holds in higher regard?” and shunted Su Xiao. “It’s you! He’s always given you priority over me! What do I want? I want martial arts prowess! I want to be invincible! I want strength to have revenge! I want power to defeat Yi Wangyou!”

“… And have you obtained it?”

Tang Ye looked as hopeless as a man at the guillotine.

“What have you obtained since discarding us?”

Even if Tang Ye didn’t voice it, he did learn his lesson in his defeat.

“You don’t know what loyalty to the imperial court is, okay. Do you know what loyalty to brothers is?” Su Xiao drew Ancient Cold, prompting Tang Ye to instinctively move away, but Su Xiao just passed it over. Su Xiao pulled his collar down. First, he pointed to Ancient Cold and said, “That’s a blade.” Next, he pointed to his neck and pointed out, “This is your brother. Make your choice here and now.”


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